Letter to Culver City, California Re: Citizens For Good Government By Robert A. Williams, Editor

Hey Culver City, if you do a WHOIS internet search you will find that I am the owner of record for the internet domain name citizensforgoodgovernment.com and citizensforgoodgovernment.org.  We do not do PO mailings and we do not have any USPS permits.  Too many election rules and laws to fool with.  We use the First Amendment as our protection.  Over our 15 years we have delivered print issues and we have now gone paperless with our internet presence.  Any reference to Citizens For Good Government being a “shady slate mailing company” is in gross error.  Pretty close to a damn lie.

That being said, we are located in Cleveland County, North Carolina and did not pay for, design or send in any way the mailings you have been discussing in California.  Culver City is 3,000 miles away from our major areas of concern.

That is, Until now.  Now, due to my internet presence, several thoughtful Culver City residents have emailed and called me to let me know that the mailers that I did not have any involvement with were delivered days after the election.  So I did some research on this myself regarding the imposters and Culver City.

Never did find the imposters, but what I do find is you folks in Culver City believe a recommendation to vote for a candidate must have that candidate’s approval.  Does that mean the candidate that is not recommended must also get to approve or disapprove?  I do not think so.  We do not ask for approval from any candidate for a recommendation or anything else.  We research candidate’s record if they are an incumbent, we research their position on issues, we research whatever matters in the office they seek and we make our reports and recommendations.  That is how the political process works for the “real” Citizens For Good Government.  Sometimes we make friends.  Sometimes we make enemies.  We are not neutral, Republican, or Democrat.  We were Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.

But, what concerns me the most about what I read regarding Culver City School Board issues is that there is a high school WITHOUT available drinking water.  And that Nancy Goldberg should be elected because she brought cases of bottled water so her students could have water.  What about the other students?  I can assure you that nobody wants to move to Culver City and send their children to the Culver City Schools without drinking water.  And what about sanitary facilities?  And where are your other elected officials and building inspectors that let such things happen in the first place.

Perhaps the “real” Citizens For Good Government should become the “outside agitator” as some of you in Culver City already think we are.  Maybe you need some outside agitation.  We could work to eliminate all your wasteful economic development spending.  Like we said before, nobody wants to send their kids to school without drinking water and sanitary facilities.  We would work to fire all your building inspectors and other elected officials that allow schools to be built and occupied without water.  And we would be sure to expose all your other political corruption that occurs while you good “facebook” folks are all in a wad about how nice your political process should be.  Wake up Culver City!!!

We will stay in touch.  Or maybe we won’t  There is still too much work to do in North Carolina to worry much about Culver City, California when Culver City doesn’t worry too much about itself.

Editor’s Note:  Somebody sent out post cards in Culver City, California under the name Citizens For Good Government.  The cards had no person’s name or identification on it.  All you folks around here know I put my name on everything I write.  Just ask former Sheriff Candidate Willie McIntosh about the anonymous letter saying Mrs. McIntosh was teaching racial hate at Fallston Elementary School.  Willie was told that perhaps Robert A. Williams had written the anonymous letter.  Willie knew better.  His reply was “Robert Williams” signs his name to everything he writes.  To my knowledge the person who wrote the letter was never discovered.  And Cleveland County is still trying to live down the Sheriff that defeated Candidate Willie McIntosh-perhaps, in part, because of that anonymous letter.

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