Letter of Inquiry to DSS Investigation by Robert A. Williams

The following text is contained in a letter to the Cleveland County DSS and Commissioners that I am writing due to an anonymous letter sent to me regarding T.T. drunk driving and cover-up.

If you are the author of the anonymous letter or have knowledge about this, please provide me with as much information as possible. The Citizens For Good Government intends on getting to the bottom of this story.

Letter Text:

Re: Alleged Cover-up–Cleveland County DSS
Illegal Activity, Corruption, Favoritism, Improper use of County Owned Vehicle


On or about April 30, 2010 I received the attached anonymous letter delivered through the US Postal Service that contains allegations of very serious criminal and inappropriate on the job behavior at the Cleveland County Department of Social Services. According to the letter it was previously sent to the DSS and Commissioners prior to being sent to myself and allegedly to the Star.

Please confirm and/or provide the following to me:

1. That you have previously received the attached letter.
2. That the named individuals are or were actually employed at the Cleveland County Department of Social Services.
3. That the named individuals hold the job titles at CCDSS as noted or provide their actual job titles, pay grade and qualifications for that position.
4. The personnel policies at DSS or State/County policies that would apply to such allegations that were made.
5. Any public records that were or have been generated or the lack thereof in regard to the allegations made in the attached letter.

This request for information is made under the laws of North Carolina and the United States of America.

Thank you.