Last School Board Candidate Forum Thursday Evening at 7pm 1851 East Dixon Blvd-Southside Customs Report by Robert A. Williams

A School Board candidate’s forum will be he held Thursday, October 29, 2015 at 7:00 PM at Southside Customs located at 1851 East Dixon Blvd, Shelby. The Forum is sponsored by the Guardians of the Children group who have become regular attendees and speakers at CCS School Board meetings for the past year. The purpose of this forum is to provide another opportunity for the public to be able to ask questions to the school board candidates.

There are seventeen candidates running for five open positions on the School Board. The School Board consists of nine members and five seats represents a majority, that if the right five candidates get elected, the existing School Board and all the associated scandals and cover-ups can be changed such that problems and issues can be resolved immediately.

Top Ten Problems and issues that most observers list as important are:
• Financial impropriety involving school credit cards and other procurement processes.
• Common Core teaching methods that when examined closely are counterproductive and are agenda based to include “gender fluidity,” gay rights acceptance, and other immoral practices.
• Sex scandals where teachers prey on students.
• Failing academically to provide a good basic education to our students while spending and wasting huge sums of money.
• Criminal activity involving pornographic use of cell phones to take and distribute pictures of underage girls. It is called “sexting.”
• Favoritism in hiring.
• Teachers are afraid to speak up about problems for fear or retaliation and firing.
• Unfair student transfer policies.
• Unethical acts and abuse of position by School Board members.
• School Board refusing to answer questions brought forth by the public.

There are four incumbents running for re-election and from their performance at other forums, it is expected that these incumbents will not seriously or truthfully address these problems and issues.

From our analysis of the candidates positions on the issues we recommend the following:

We recommend voting for these FIVE Candidates on November 3, 2015.
CCS School Board — Vote these Five:
► Robert Queen
► Bill Gray
► Nikki Ledford
► Hal Hastings
► George Falls

Also, Early voting is going on right now. We don’t recommend Early Voting, but if that is what you do, please vote the slate shown above. You and your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will be glad you did.

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