Killer of 23 Year Old Mother at Kingstown Party Protected by “Code of Silence.” No “Snitching” on Killer Despite 100+ Witnesses!!! –NC Crime Lab backed up for Two years!!–Sheriff Sends Evidence to Private SC Crime Lab. –Report and suggestions by Robert A. Williams

A 23 year old mother of two boys is shot and killed at 2:00AM Sunday morning October 9, 2016 at a Kingstown party in front of over 100 witnesses. Nobody is talking and the Sheriff’s Department has asked for public assistance in at least three articles in the Shelby Star and other media to no avail.

Enough is enough!!! Where are the Black Lives Matter folks now? Where is the black community? It must be gang related since nobody is talking, right??? What law enforcement agency would want to send an officer, black or white, into Kingstown; knowing a killer is on the loose and the residents don’t care enough about their own, much less a cop, to speak out? Why bother with building a fence at the Mexican border? Build a fence around Kingstown!! These are the thoughts that crop up, one way or the other, in just about everybody’s mind when such a thing as this happens in Cleveland County’s own back yard.

Well, let’s look at the facts that we know and offer some suggestions to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department.

Most of Cleveland County, so far, only know what they have read in the Shelby Star. Other news, like WSOC-TV have also made reports on the killing and offer additional information beyond what the Star has reported. Nothing is new about that.

First, let’s look at the Star’s reports and pick out some information about the killing itself. We have skimmed through the Star’s articles, left out responses from FaceBook, and condensed the facts down to this:

Quotes from the October 21, 2016 Shelby Star say:

“(Deasia) Washington, 23, was at a party at 137 Fox Hill Drive, Kingstown, around 2 a.m. Oct. 9 when shots were fired and she was hit. She died at Carolinas HealthCare System – Cleveland in Shelby. The Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate her death, but they have very few leads, Capt. Joel Shores said.”

The investigators uncovered some evidence at the scene, and it will be sent to the private lab of Richland County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina. “Our state lab is too far backed up. They said it would be an 18-month to two-year turn around,” Shores said.

(Editor: Maybe Cleveland Community College or Gardner Webb should be getting into the Crime Lab business.)

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