Kay Hagan Supporters Making Phony Phone Calls–

Report, analysis and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The call came in at 5:47PM Halloween Night. The Caller ID read NORTH CAROLINA. The callers number was 1-919-424-4558. I figured this was another pollster asking questions about the election and since I had already come to the phone I answered the call. The caller, a woman and not a recording, asked me if I was to vote for the US Senator for North Carolina today, would I vote for Thom Tillis, Kay Hagan or Sean Haugh? Yep, another poll I thought. So I answered that I intended to vote for Thom Tillis on Tuesday-Election Day. Then the conversation turned completely away from just being another Poll.

The caller then began stating that “Thom Tillis has claimed he made changes to the tax code in North Carolina, but the changes Tillis made actually made things worse.” “WHAT?” said I. Who said the changes to the North Carolina Tax Code made things worse? Define WORSE? Who is defining Worse?” I knew immediately that this was NOT another Poll like the polls that I have been receiving all day. This was a phony campaign call by Kay Hagan supporters trying to inflame voters in North Carolina against the good work Thom Tillis has done in lowering taxes in North Carolina. More lies probably paid for by all the millions of dollars from out of state who want Kay Hagan to keep on voting for things that benefit Wall Street and do not benefit the citizens of North Carolina. Her own family members excluded.

As I started to ask the caller more questions about who was calling, the woman stated that “The Survey is over, thank you for participating.” And then she hung up. I knew this was phony as the woman had at first wanted to move on to other questions before she could get away from answering my questions.

So, after about a minute of thought, I called the Caller ID number, 1-919-424-4558, and received a recorded message that stated “We are experiencing a call volume that is higher than normal. Please leave a message and we will get back to you promptly.” This was about ten minutes till 6PM. I called again at 7PM and 8PM and 9PM and 10PM and 11PM. I left a message each time and nobody ever called back.

Next, I did a reverse lookup on 919-424-4558. What I found was the phone was listed as a land line in Raleigh, NC that was owned by Intermedia Communications, Inc. who operates what they call an “integrated communications services” provider. In other words, a phone bank that is hired to put out Kay Hagan “bull-ony” and will be gone by Election Day.

Folks, don’t be fooled by Senator Kay Hagan’s desperate attempt to get re-elected. If Kay Hagan had actually done a good job represented the interests of citizens of North Carolina instead of her own personal agenda, she would not have to resort to such negative campaigning and plain old lies as she is now dishing out. “I approved this message” says Kay Hagan. Kay Hagan must be very proud of her lies by her tone of voice.

The truth about Kay Hagan is this:
• Kay Hagan supports gun control and has supported Federal and Supreme Court Judges who support gun control.
• Kay Hagan supports the gay marriage agenda despite overwhelming numbers of North Carolina citizens who are against gay marriage. Kay Hagan supported the Federal and Supreme Court Judges who have rammed gay marriages down our throats in NC and the rest of the USA.
• Kay Hagan supports abortion and even “partial birth abortion.” Partial Birth Abortion is a procedure that was invented by lawyers and is not medically necessary to save the life of the woman. This procedure kills the baby once its head clears the birth canal and before the baby’s entire body is clear by piercing the back of the skull and suctioning the brain out. The baby was one breath away from life.
• Kay Hagan falsely accuses Thom Tillis of taking money away form educating children, when the facts are clear that Kay Hagan and her friends at the Federal level have reduced spending on education in North Carolina by about a quarter BILLION dollars.
• Kay Hagan says she supports the Keystone Pipeline, all the jobs that would bring as well as bringing even more drops in gas prices and energy independence from the Arab states, but Hagan has not made any attempt to buck Obama to get the pipeline approved.
• Kay Hagan was totally missing in action for her first five years and six months in Washington. Only now when she is up for re-election do we hear anything from Kay Hagan, and what we do hear is racist stuff like if Tillis gets elected North Carolina would be like Ferguson, MO.
• Kay Hagan’s husband, son, daughter, son-in-law and two brothers in law seem to have benefited greatly by creating a company to get tax credits, grants, etc. from a federal give away program that Kay Hagan voted for, while the rest of North Carolina citizens have each inherited $10,000 in additional debt that even our grandchildren will never be able to pay off.
• Kay Hagan has never passed any legislature of her own to benefit citizens of North Carolina or anywhere else for that matter. All she does is vote for other legislation that benefits somewhere else or somebody else. Except for her own family as noted above.
• Under Kay Hagan, Obama and Harry Reid the economic recovery never recovered in North Carolina. Look at the home foreclosures in local newspapers if you don’t believe me.
• And don’t forget Kay Hagan missing all those meetings in Washington where ISIS warnings were coming out, ObamaCare raising Medicare supplements by 354%, Ebola in the USA, trillions of dollars in bailouts to banks and bonus’s to bankers, millions of illegal immigrants that Kay Hagan wants to vote for her and her friends, all the illegal children spread out amongst all of the USA bringing in diseases and extra costs to schools, cover-ups at the IRS, VA, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, selling out Israel and Egypt and Syria and the list goes on and on. Where was Kay Hagan during all of this? Answer-helping Obama, Harry Reid and Eric Holder with the cover-ups and going to fundraisers, soirees and other parties in Washington, DC and numerous Country Clubs around NC and the USA instead of being on the job representing NC in DC.

Only attack ads against Thom Tillis by Kay Hagan and her $millions from out of state have kept the real Kay Hagan from the real news reaching North Carolina voters.

But now you have it. A vote for Kay Hagan is a vote for sin, corruption, boondoggles, waste, taking away our Constitutional rights and other such bad things. Remember all this when you mark your ballot on Election Day. Vote for Kay Hagan and get more of the same. Vote for Thom Tillis and turn this Country around.

Vote Thom Tillis on Election Day!!! Take someone with you. Take a carload.

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