Justice For Jennifer-Pt III– Today’s TV Report-July 25, 2016 Report by Robert A. Williams

My original article regarding the Facebook Page titled “Justice for Jennifer” has generated many comments that were negative to Jennifer Fredell, calling her vindictive and manipulative. I have not printed the comments because the comments were sent from phony or suspicious email addresses or IPs. Today, I received face to face information from a reliable source that Jennifer is indeed vindictive, manipulative and worse. The reason for the phony contact information was that the persons making the comments were afraid that Jennifer would retaliate against them in some way.

I typically take the Benjamin Franklin approach to “scaredy cats” who want their liberties (like freedom of speech) and security from being bothered without fighting for them. Old Ben says such folks deserve neither their liberty nor their security. However, in this case I have withheld the comments since I don’t know the facts for myself, yet, but I will soon. And when the truth comes out, you will be the first to know.

The face to face information I received today also acknowledged that a TV News Report was indeed forthcoming today and it was. That report will be shown at the end of this article. Further information indicated that the alleged abuse perpetrator as well as the Highway Patrol have Cease and Desist Orders against Jennifer to make Jennifer stop making any further allegations about this matter that was settled in court. I will check this out and report back to you on this too. If Jennifer is indeed a “bitter ex-wife” who is vindictive and manipulative, she needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. As for me, I don’t have much faith in the law and the courts doing anything to a white woman with some standing, but we will soon see about that.

Folks, this story ain’t over by a long shot. Be sure to stay tuned when I do get my hands on any court orders, documents or concrete testimony in this matter. For your convenience, click on the link below to watch and read the WBTV report. Note that the Cleveland County District Court Chief Judge Larry “Puddn’head” Wilson and the magistrates he supervises appear to have violated State Law. That reinforces Jennifer’s allegations whether they are true or not. And that would be typical for ole Puddn’head. In my opinion his time on the bench should have ended long ago.

Be sure to stay tuned to this story.

Click here to read the report from WBTV.

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