Justice for Jennifer, Pt II Negative Comments from Phony Sources Not Approved!!!–Yet– Report By Robert A. Williams

When I received the message regarding the “Justice for Jennifer” Facebook Page two things piqued my interest in this matter:

1. I know for a fact regarding other individuals (note the plural) that law enforcement in Cleveland County, the DA’s Office, the Magistrate’s Office, Judges and the nitwit Abuse Prevention Council (and the Guardian Ad Litem and DSS too) do give preferential treatment to some over others in similar circumstances. The MO I read from the Justice for Jennifer Facebook page is real, whether or not Jennifer’s facts are true.

2. When I called the number from my original contact, the person who sent me the email answered the phone and we discussed the situation in great detail. When I asked a question I got a full answer with plenty of believable detail, a nothing to hide attitude and no excuses.

Now I have received multiple comments from unidentified sources, apparently phony email addresses and no valid contact information. The comments are very similar, calling Jennifer a liar and worse, and then calling me a fool for believing such information. The comments also seem to be from the same person using different phony identification. The only comment that I actually was able to track down used the identity of a female real estate agent in New York. A classic ad hominem attack like they used to use on the Shelby Star blog, which is easily recognizable.

So, who would you believe, a person you can contact who gives you believable information regarding people at the Courthouse who you know for a fact have done similar things to others. Or a bunch of phonies who give false names and most likely false information in their comments. My answer is simple. I don’t go for this phony stuff and do not approve such comments to be posted unless and until verified.

But, I want to be fair about this. All you folks with the phony names, send me your comments again, only this time provide your real name and real contact information that can be verified. Also, send me the documents you say you have as well as actual names instead of “he” or “she.” Otherwise, your comments will just be deleted and will never see the light of day.

For everybody else, if Jennifer is trying to file false information with law enforcement, there is already legal remedy for that. Law Enforcement, the DA’s Office, Courts etc. can easily put a stop to false reports and false information using the system of laws that are readily available to them. People working within the justice system who refuse to take reports, refuse to issue restraining orders for illegal reasons and generally think that they can do what they want instead of what the law says must be accountable for their actions. That is the bottom line for me and I hope it is the bottom line for the rest of the citizens of Cleveland County.

Stay tuned for the rest of this story.

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