Justice For Jennifer !!!!!– A Sad Tale of Corruption in Cleveland County Law Enforcement, DA’s Office, the Courts, etc.!!– Evaluation and Report by Robert A. Williams

Folks, Watch the TV News, especially Channel 3 TV for a coming feature that will expose some ugly truths about Cleveland County that have been covered up for years. Those truths are there are certain social “pecking orders” amongst residents that determine the justice that they get. Usually the size of a resident’s bank accounts and property values are a deciding factor. Of course family status, political power and that sort of thing comes into play. For years blacks have always been at the bottom of this social pecking order, but nowadays there are exceptions when a black resident carries water for influential whites in order to keep the other blacks in their places. Then, there are other pecking orders too, parallel to the social pecking order. Law and order, justice and injustice, etc. that revolve around the Cleveland County Courthouse. Judges, District Attorneys, Sheriff’s Department employees, Deputies, Magistrates, influential people tend to always look after one another, but then plain folks like you and me, who just want to exercise our rights and receive our fair share of justice within the law come along and upset the applecart.

Citizens usually know where they are in this pecking order and try to protect their own status. So when someone challenges the “system” they go to the bottom of the list. Below the Poor whites and even below the blacks. And everybody else moves up a notch and alienates the dissenter to protect their own status. There is nothing new about any of this. All of us with their eyes open know plenty of example about what isa going on regarding such matters.

Now, for the story!

It is Wednesday morning, July 20, 2016 when an email comes to me regarding a new Facebook account titled “Justice for Jennifer.” (This Facebook account will follow at the end of this introductory article.) You are urged to review this Facebook page as I did. The page includes allegations that Jennifer was the victim of domestic violence perpetuated by a NC Highway Patrol Trooper and her attempts to get justice in the matter. It alleges corruption, misconduct and cover-up at the Highway Patrol, the Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney’s Office, by the magistrate (Courts), by the Abuse Prevention Council and others, high and low.

So, I called the sender of the email to get additional information. There are tapes of court testimony and hearings that allege admission of corruption and guilt. There are emails and other documents to back up the allegations. And on and on. Of course I want to get my hands on this evidence, but don’t have the time before the TV News program is scheduled for broadcast; Assuming of course that influential people can not dissuade the TV news from running this story, as has happened before.

The reason I say this is the Cleveland County Commissioners and their economic development propaganda want to picture Cleveland County as a prosperous little place where everybody is happy and care free, no crime problems and certainly no corruption. Nothing can get out to the public to indicate otherwise. The Star has bought into this, or I should say have been paid off, painting a pretty picture like a good little newspaper. Law enforcement has bought into this too ever since I broke the story several years ago that Shelby was the number one town of its size in NC for rapes, murders and other crime categories, according to FBI statistics. Law Enforcement agencies in Cleveland County resolved this crime problem simply by cutting back on their incident reports, crime reports and arrests. The whole time the criminals were just keeping on keeping on.

So, folks: review the Facebook Page below, watch for the coming TV exposé and watch for my follow up articles on this subject. You will be glad you did. Also remember, Knowledge is power. Know what is going on around you. Run for political office and by all means vote in the upcoming election.

“Justice for Jennifer”

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