Just Say NO to Election Board By Robert A. Williams

Just Say NO to Election Board

By Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland County Board of Elections wants to WASTE taxpayer dollars on an expanded Early Voting boondoggle and to pave three parking lots.  WE urge every taxpayer to call your County Commissioners and urge them to vote NO to any additional funds for the Elections Board.

     This is why:

Early voting means your ballot is laying in a ballot box for weeks and days before your vote is counted.  This allows an unscrupulous person or persons to recover your ballot and switch it with their own marked up ballot.  These folks would be insiders and remember, Election Board members are appointed by the Republicans and Democrats only.  There are no politically unaffiliated or independent persons on any Elections Board in North Carolina.  Much less Cleveland County.  As for me, I would never trust Cleveland County Board Chairman Steve Wells, a Democrat, to hold my early voting ballot for days or weeks before it is counted.  The only person that I would trust less counting ballots than Democrat Steve Wells is Republican Election Board Member Kathy Livsie.  I have watched her first hand pulling shady vote counts for Wayne King when she was the Chairman of the Cleveland County Republican Party.  Perhaps when I get more time I will write up that story too.

It is a simple thing to print up ballots.  There is nothing special about the printed ballots that are used in Cleveland County.  Any printer anywhere can print them with ease.  All you have to do is hand mark them and there is no way to tell a real ballot from a stuffed ballot.

Early voting presents a great opportunity to stuff the ballot box.  Even the Shelby Star published an article several years ago where “over 10,000” ballots were printed by the Cleveland County Democrat Party, hand marked by teams of Democrat volunteers and supposedly sent to local black churches to show the black community how to vote.  I am certain that many of these ballots actually went to black churches. Only thing is there were many less than 10,000 total black voters eligible to vote in that election year.  Wonder where the additional ballots went to?  Stay tuned for the details on this.

Voting on Election days means several things.  When your ballot hits the ballot box on Election Days, it is only a few hours before it is counted.  There is no chance for a thief to have overnight access to your ballot.  This does not totally exclude voter fraud.  If the vote is close enough for a runoff, every ballot that is cast has the chance of being stolen.  But the opportunity for mischief is much less.

Voting on Election Day means more eyes are on the counting process.  The ballots in the box get counted with more eyes watching.  Still this is not foolproof when two of the three Cleveland County Election Board Members may not be trustworthy and the elections are critical as they are in 2012.

Next thing to consider is, Why is the Elections Board wanting to pave three parking lots?  Election times only come around once a year and every few years at that.  They say it is to make the polling place compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.  I say HOKUM.  Let the property owners pave their own parking lots.  Besides, they can do what they did at the Fallston Polling Place.  Have a rubber tube in the handicapped parking place that rings a bell inside when a car pulls up.  Then a poll worker can bring the ballot out to the handicapped person.  That was the plan at Fallston and to my knowledge did NOT cost a dime.  And to my knowledge has not been used in the first place.

So, you folks that do not have extra money to waste on Board of Elections boondoggles, or any other county wasteful spending, call your Commissioners and tell them to say NO to any additional funding for the Cleveland County Board of Elections.

Call Johnny Hutchins, Ronnie Hawkins, Eddie Holbrook, Jason Falls and Mary Accor on the County Managers phone.  Call 704-484-4900 during working hours and tell them what you think.  Better yet, come to the next Commissioners Meeting August 21, 2012 at 6 pm and tell them yourselves.

Stay Tuned for 2012 Election News.  We cover all elected offices and research every candidate thoroughly.  Nobody else does that.. And be sure to vote on Election Day.  Meet all your neighbors in your own home precinct.

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