Jesus was a Witch!!!– According to Wicca Propaganda– Witches use Bible to “Prove” Jesus Would be a Witch if He were Here Today!!– Collected By Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note 1: If you didn’t catch it in the title and in the paragraphs below, all of Christianity is based on the fact that Jesus was resurrected and is indeed alive today. I thought I would remind you just in case you forgot. Like the 50,000 voters in Cleveland County who forgot to show up on Election Day 2015.

Editor’s Note 2: This is a reprint from eight years ago when a Wicca High Priest, Rev. Tony Brown, ran for elected office in Cleveland County, NC. Nowadays the Devil’s wiccans and gay rights agenda crew don’t need to run for elections or ask for the vote of the people. Judges, the CCS School Board and the Mayor of Charlotte give them what they want, no matter what the people say.

The Original Article: (I’ve been paying attention for a long time-what about you???)

If you thought things like Wicca, Witchcraft and/or Satanism were somewhere else, not in Cleveland County, you had better wake up and smell the incense. They’re here and running for elected office. There are claims that the Shelby Star Internet Bulletin board is the Wicca Campaign Headquarters.

This is what the Wicca crowd wants to teach our children. Anybody that had been to Sunday School at all can pick out the incorrect logic and down right falsehood in the malarkey below. Notice how they quote the Bible and try to turn it around. Just like the great deceiver (deluder), Satan.

Thirteen reasons why Jesus, if he were here today, would be a Witch
By Carl McColman, author

Okay, so here are my thirteen reasons why, if Jesus were here today, I believe the “something new” he would embrace would be the “old religion” of Wicca. I’ve even included a Bible reference or two with each reason. You can use the Bible to prove anything — even that Jesus was (or would be) a Witch. No single one of these reasons prove the Witchiness of Jesus; but taken as a whole, I think they make for a compelling case.

1. Jesus criticized the hypocrisy and legalism of the religious status quo, and chose to embrace an alternative spiritual path. Matthew 23:1-36 In Jesus’ day, the religious establishment included the Pharisees and Sadducees, dominant factions in first century Judaism. Jesus’ alternative path followed the radical teachings of his mentor, John the Baptist. Nowadays, in Europe and the Americas the status quo is mainly Christianity; the path of the Goddess — Wicca — is one of the most compelling of available spiritual alternatives. Many people who embrace Wicca have the exact same criticisms of Christianity that Jesus is said to have had about the religious establishment in his day. Hypocrisy, legalism, blind obedience of the rules to the point of ignoring spiritual values like love, trust, and freedom — these are the problems Jesus attacked in the official religion in his day, and that many Wiccans today see in the religious status quo of our time. Perhaps Jesus, were he here today, would join Wiccans in criticizing mainstream religion and trying to find an alternative way.

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