Jesus Is DEAD at CCS !!!!– No Prayer AGAIN at School Board Meeting, July 25, 2016– 5,207 Students Qualify for Free Lunch–18 County Schools have 50% Plus Students in Poverty–Where is the Economic Development Folks When You Need Them??? Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland County Health Department presented an over $500,000 contract proposal to CCS to provide trained nurses at various schools. Board Member Danny Blanton has stated at several meeting that last year’s contract with the Health Department was not fulfilled as the school nurses very often did not show up for work. Danny Blanton again brought up that there was no refund from last year’s contract and this year’s contract should have provision that would insure the Health Department actually provides the contracted services or otherwise pay up with a refund. Blanton asked “do I need to go to the County Commissioners, Again?? The rest of the CCS Board said that this was the best contract they could get and voted to approve it.

Then the meeting was returned to a closed session to discuss a legal matter with their attorney. I was relatively surprised to see them use the proper protocol this time. My suspicion is they are likely to be involved with a lawsuit soon and are trying to appear to be doing things according to the law. My suspicion on that is they are already too late.

On thing of importance that was not discussed at all in the public part of this meeting was a status report on the $10 million New North Shelby School Project that the school board wants to build on the James Love property. During the meeting it was discussed that several parking lot projects were being done at James Love. That is code words for the parking lots need to be moved on account of the New North Shelby Project and unacceptable (for construction) soil tests in many areas. It is estimated that around a million dollars in soil remediation will be necessary for the planned New North Shelby Project to be built on the selected site. Well over $400,000 has already been spent and apparently much more NNS project expenses are being improperly accounted to the James Love School. Scroll on back to previous articles for more details about that.

The reason they are entering such expenses into the James Love account is the very serious cost over runs because of the New North Shelby Project. More cover-up. And how do I know that? First, if things were going well with the New North Shelby School Project, the school board would have been bragging and then bragging some more, even if most of the bragging was made up. Then no questions were asked about the James Love expenses. I have been to just about every school board meeting for the past three years and I can read the board like a book. The New North Shelby School Project that is to be built at the James Love site is in serious financial trouble and nobody on the school board, except Danny Blanton, wants to talk about it.

Stay tuned folks. School Board Meetings and Commissioner meetings are never dull when you have some knowledge on what is going on. And when you are a taxpayer, these meetings are not much fun either. It is disappointing that so much taxpayer money is wasted at CCS. It is also disappointing too when a few voters put the same old crowd right back into office at election time while 50,000 low information voters stay home. But if I don’t inform the folks about what is going on, the regular news media in Cleveland County never will. When informed, what happens next is up to the voters in Cleveland County. Whether they stay at home or not is up to them. Especially in 2017, the next School Board Election. However, since the Trump-Clinton race for President election will dominate the 2016 election, the turnout should be much higher than the 2015 election year turnout. Hopefully voters will get themselves informed and get out to vote this year. Hopefully there will be a Christian Revival this summer and Prayer will be returned to the schools.

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