Jesus Is DEAD at CCS !!!!– No Prayer AGAIN at School Board Meeting, July 25, 2016– 5,207 Students Qualify for Free Lunch–18 County Schools have 50% Plus Students in Poverty–Where is the Economic Development Folks When You Need Them??? Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Another similarity between the commissioners and the school board is neither of them, considering the claim that low income is a problem with education, work together to actually try to bring in education and prosperity to Cleveland County. Oh, they say they do and it is an election year for three commissioners so you are bound to hear plenty of phony statements from incumbent politicians. But ask any of them specifically what are they doing to help reduce poverty, improve education, teach ALL students to read and reduce the food stamp line and see what answer you get! About the only truth you would ever get would be if they just walked away without saying a word.

Back to the School Board meeting Title I Presentation. The table below shows 18 Cleveland County schools with 50% or greater of students on a free or reduced cost lunch program. This is not my count, but was actually provided to the school board. You can easily see that there are 18 schools out of 29 total and are spread all around Cleveland County where poverty is rampant. That means high unemployment and underemployment are rampant too. Look at Graham and James Love Schools. They have very high Title I percentages and also have been rated (along with other schools) by the State of North Carolina to be academically low performing schools. So, what is the school board trying to do to raise performance at these two schools, They are trying to cover-up the low performances of these to schools by mixing in the New North Shelby School Project at James Love and the falsely named year around program (gimmick) at Graham to get those two schools off the list that the state will look at in determining low performance schools. It is obvious that something needs to be done and the school board instinctively goes into cover-up mode. Too often cover-up and gimmicks work, so that’s why they do it so often.

Hey, that’s what they do and all I am doing is telling on them. What the voters of Cleveland County do about this is something I have no control over. If history is a example, CC Voters will vote for whomever they see with the biggest billboards and the most yard signs. Just Like Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” And Cleveland County Voters have been “stuck on stupid” for a long time. That’s where we are and that is why.

Title I Presentation Information:
School 2016-2017 % Free and Reduced Lunch
Graham 98%
James Love 95%
Township #3 83%
Marion 80%
Washington 80%
Grover 80%
Shelby Intermediate 76%
North 73%
East 73%
Union 72%
Bethware 67%
Fallston 65%
KM Intermediate 65%
Jefferson 65%
Casar 64%
Springmore 55%
Boiling Springs 54%
West 50 %

Hey, the meeting is not over yet. There is one more item of note. and one item that was not even mentioned at the meeting !!

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