Jesus Is DEAD at CCS !!!!– No Prayer AGAIN at School Board Meeting, July 25, 2016– 5,207 Students Qualify for Free Lunch–18 County Schools have 50% Plus Students in Poverty–Where is the Economic Development Folks When You Need Them??? Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Apparently Cleveland County Christians do not need five renegade USA Supreme Court Judges to remove Prayer from our schools. We do it all to ourselves. Just by staying home on election day and CCS Board meeting nights too.

The July 25, 2016 CCS Board meeting began with a Moment of Silence and the Pledge of Allegiance, which prompted Board Member Danny Blanton, an early advocate for Christian Prayer at Board Meetings to exclaim, “What happened to our Prayer?” as this was the second meeting straight without the Prayer. Board Chairman Phillip Glover shut down Danny Blanton quickly when he stated “Nobody signed up for the Prayer!”

After all the big Christian turnouts at school board meetings during election time in 2015 the CCS Board was forced to adopt a Prayer Policy that allowed Christian Prayer as well as Prayers by Wicca (Witchcraft) and even a Muslim Prayer, the Cleveland County Christian Ministers surrendered without a fight. Except maybe for Rev. Rit Varriale and just a handful of other Christian Ministers who have already delivered excellent Christian Prayers but are barred from delivering another Prayer until 2017 per the new CCS Prayer Policy. The other 200+ Christian Churches in Cleveland County are just not stepping up to the plate. I wonder what Jesus is thinking about that. As an aside, I bought a movie titled “Left Behind” and played it tonight. It is about Revelations and the Tribulation, where true Christians are “taken” immediately to Heaven and non Christians and backsliders are “Left Behind” to face Armageddon. I suspect Jesus is making his list up right now to identify those few in Cleveland County who will taken and the many who will be left behind. It’s summertime and time for a Christian Revival in my opinion.

Then the Public Participation part of the agenda was skipped also as nobody signed up for that either. If I had known nobody was going to sign up for anything, I would have signed up for the Public Participation and recited the Lord’s Prayer myself. Maybe I will at the next CCS Board Meeting, just to see if I would get myself ruled out of order. I get like that sometimes. Otherwise, I suspect Christian Prayers are DEAD at the Cleveland County School Board Meetings. But I still can’t get over so many Christians surrendering on this issue. Especially after the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer female Pastor, the one who was actively advocating the Gay Agenda and the associated sins recently got run off by her flock, allegedly because of all that gay controversy. That is what I heard just today.

The CCS Financial Director David Lee and others discussed the budget and teacher bonus’s and benefits. It’s like CCS workers are entitled to raises and bonus’s while the rest of Cleveland County workers have pretty much been left behind in such things for many years, even though they are paying most of the taxes. Not a word was said about that.

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