Jason Falls Wins Cleveland County Pinocchio Award!!! Biggest Lies on Political Advertisements

Report and analysis by Robert A. Williams, Judged by YOU

Cleveland County Commissioner Chairman bought the whole back page of the Shelby Shopper for the Thursday before Election Day issue. And filled it with Tall Tales. As Kay Hagan is the biggest teller of tall tales by far with her $50 to $60 Million spent in this election cycle, we had to make a special local award for Jason Falls when we saw his advertisement. The “Pinocchio Award.” liar We can just see Jason’s nose growing from here in Fallston.

Jason is not shy about his lies either. He starts right from the top.

The very first line says “Jason has kept his promises.” What promises Jason??? Promises you made behind closed doors to the good-ole-boys or some promise you made to someone with your fingers crossed and your hands behind your back? All I know was you swore to uphold the laws of North Carolina and the Constitution of the USA. How many “Sunshine Laws” did you and the other Commissioners break when y’all sold the hospital in secret at pawnshop prices and kept the money for yourself to spend? Not one penny of that money went to the citizens of Cleveland County, the people that property rightly belonged to. That’s just a “For Instance” example of Jason Falls lying about representing the people.

The Second Line in Jason’s Ad stated “He needs your VOTE to keep up the fight!” What “fight” are you talking about Jason? Your fight to keep the citizens of Cleveland County in the dark about what you commissioners are doing? The fight keep secret the fact that you commissioners have spent Cleveland County broke? The fight to make money for the secret stakeholders set to make $millions if the casino you and the other commissioners supported and made all kinds of promises to the Catawba Indians without telling anyone? Are these the secret promises you were talking about in your first line?

Jason’s next part of his advertisement has seven bulleted items. We will discuss each one for what the truth of the matter actually is.

The items start like this; “As your commissioner, Jason has:”

• “Voted against EVERY tax increase” What tax increase did you vote against Jason? I have attended almost every commissioner’s meeting and I do not ever recall there ever being a county tax increase to vote on. The only thing you ever did was vote in secret against an increase in the “fire” tax for a selected area. Remember that Jason? I always sit up front and watch closely. And beside the fact that you were the chairman and probably could have kept the vote from happening, you allowed the motion to raise the fire tax to be made and when you called for a vote you said “All in favor, raise your hand,” Then you said “All opposed raise your hand” as you raised your hand as a show of how to make the vote. Remember Jason, how after the meeting I asked you if you were actually voting no or whatever. You said you were voting no but nobody could tell that YOU voted no as you were trying to deceive your firemen friends. If they check the meeting minutes they will find you were recorded as voting no. The county clerk had to have known what you were doing beforehand as the actual vote was not obvious. Anyway, if you actually meant you were against any tax increases, you sure didn’t say a peep to try to keep the fire tax from going into effect. This is the way you are Jason, a deceiver. You will say and do anything to get elected.
• “Found budget items to cut, saving taxpayers over $500,000 this year alone.” What budget items did you cut Jason? And where did that $500,000 go? That money surely never went into any tax decrease for the taxpayers. The only thing I saw that amounted to about $500,000 in cuts for the Cleveland County Schools. Since the number of students at CCS has decreased, you and the other commissioners cut the school funding by about $500,000 this past year and about that much the year before. The whole time you commissioners kept the school tax on the people the same. Jason, are you bragging about cheating the school children in Cleveland County out of about a million dollars? Shame on you Jason Falls!!!
• “Worked with Economic Development to bring jobs and businesses here.” First of all Jason, don’t even try to take credit for Duke Power, Southern Power and NTE Energy from building power plants here. Duke added on to the Cliffside Plant because they already had the property from 75 years ago. Southern and NTE are building next to the Transcontinental Gas Pipeline and Duke’s transmission lines. All were where they are probably from before you were even born. And before the Economic Development folks ever existed. I watched you and the other commissioners drool over NTE Energy’s presentation, trying to take some credit for NTE coming here. I also heard NTE tell you commissioners, twice, that they selected the site because of the proximity of the pipeline, the transmission lines a road and a water supply. NTE didn’t say a word about the Scruggs Center, Don Gibson, Barbecue, Livermush, Cleveland Community College, The Arts Council or anything else that you commissioners had any thing to do with, although you fed the story to the Star that you helped bring in those projects. As far as other projects, how many minimum wage jobs did you commissioners bring in and why are there so many houses in foreclosure? Answer that please.
• “Built relationships with Raleigh and DC to lobby for our county residents.” Yeah, right!!! Like Kay Hagan has brought a dimes worth of benefit to Cleveland County. And what about the Scruggs Center and Don Gibson grants? Are we on the hook to have to pay any of that back? Why don’t you be specific Jason? You can’t name a thing positive and provable about this statement can you.
• “Supported law enforcement and emergency services.” Jason, everybody supports law enforcement and emergency services as well as motherhood and apple pie. You already voted against giving a fire department or two any extra funding, cut school funds and don’t say a word about giving law enforcement any support that can be measured or even described. Another fake and phony political statement trying to get votes from low information voters that don’t know any better.
• “Worked to get the GAS CHAMBER removed from Animal Control and improve rescue rates.” Jason, don’t you even remember that you are a Cleveland County Commissioner and Chairman at that? All you and the other commissioners have to do is tell Animal Control (a part of the Health Department) to get rid of the gas chamber. How hard was that? And besides, Don’t you remember all the angry people coming to commissioner’s meetings with complaints. They were not complaining so much about the gas chambers but about who you had running the place. You ignored them all as you ignore everyone with a complaint and I suspect you won’t get them back with such a phony brag as this.
• “Found funds to build a public playground for children with mental or physical challenges.” Jason, YOU FOUND F’UNDS? Are you admitting that you had LOST those funds in the first place.??? The problem here Jason is that you “find funds” for anybody who comes through the door with their hands out asking for funds. Don’t you remember my satire about you hiring Spanky to dispense the funds that you find? We will add it here to remind you.


Also, Don’t you remember your county manager telling you that there was not any money to unfreeze employee pay? You commissioners have been finding too many funds, dipped into County reserve funds, froze county employee pay, sold the hospital at pawnshop prices to just keep the county in spending cash. Jason, When are you and the rest of the commissioners going to realize any fiscal responsibility? Or are you going to keep on lying?

Folks, there is a solution to political hack candidates like Jason Falls, Kay Hagan and Mike Miller. Fire them on Election Day. Pull up and print out my sample ballot with recommended candidates already marked for your convenience. Take the sample ballot to the ballot box and use it as a guide for marking your real ballot. Please vote as shown and by all means vote. Take someone with you.

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