I Smelt a Rat-Part 1 By Robert A. Williams

Lt. Gov. Beverly Purdue was swept into the Governor’s Mansion in 2008 on the Washington, DC Democrat promise of hope and change.  NC voters were apparently too stupid to understand that the Democrats had been in power in NC for over 100 years and there was no hope for a change from our NC Democrats.  Anyway, Gov. Purdue and her large Democrat majority in the 2009 General Assembly went on a spending spree bigger than ever before.  Just like the Democrats in Washington did.  Spending at levels that were going to bankrupt NC and the whole USA.

The Election of 2010 brought in a wave of Tea Party Republicans who vowed to stop the runaway spending and even make cuts.  It is 2011 and Now is the time to make those cuts with a NC Budget deficit of over $3 Billion.  However, there is some word from Purdue that maybe the deficit is not as big as expected.  And the Republicans are busy as the dickens working on passing “side-show” laws like the “Make My Day” law Senator Debbie Clary is pushing real hard and not doing much on the budget and jobs.

But, wait a minute.  I smelt a rat in all this.  Maybe it’s ALL a side-show.  One big act by all the old players, Democrat and republican.  Democrat Gov. Purdue has thrown up a big spending increase that there is not near enough money to pay for.  So even if a big part of that is cut, there will still be more spending than ever before.  The Republicans, too dumb to get a majority elected for over 100 years, May still be dumb enough to fall for the old Democrat trick.  Instead of raising taxes a lot, they may be talked into raising taxes only a little.  All the waste in government just keeps on keeping on being wasted.  And maybe the old Republicans had their beaks in the old corruption the Democrats were dealing out for all these years.  Like video gambling, the lottery and other large cash flow items.

Stay tuned for this series of articles.  We are going to get all this mess figured out and put it out for all to see.  That’s what we do.  We’re Citizens For Good Government.  And as soon as we know, YOU voters will know.

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