I Smell a Rat at the Board of Elections– Republican Party Too !!! — Racism ???

Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

By now everybody has heard about the article in the Shelby Daily Liar accusing former Shelby City Counsel Member and Shelby Mayoral Candidate, Andrew Hopper, of communicating threats to an Election Day volunteer at one Cleveland County voting precinct and causing un-described problems at other precincts that same day. According to the Daily Liar a complaint was filed by the Board of Elections and the Republican Party with the District Attorney’s Office.

When I heard about this I immediately came to believe this was much to do about nothing. When I actually read the article on the internet and watched the video clip, I thought this was just a “publicity stunt” by the Board of Elections Chairman, Wayne King, the Republican Party and of course the Daily Liar.

Upon further thought and more information, and especially actually seeing the print edition of the Daily Liar printed November 12, 2014, I have come to believe that something much more sinister is going on. The print edition front page headline was “Election Violation?” had a blurb about “threatening” a poll volunteer and showed a picture of Andrew Hopper and Willie B. McIntosh right under that. A picture of Blond headed Blue eyed Dayna Causby, BOE Director, was in the article below Hopper and McIntosh, although Causby and McIntosh were not even involved in the incident itself in the Daily Liar article.

I immediately recognized that the Liar, Wayne King and Cleveland County Republican Party top officials were clearly playing the “Race Card”!!! Plus Racist intimidation to compel acceptance in the “Black Community” of the Board of Elections changing voting district boundaries and to quiet the opposition to Wayne King’s incendiary diatribe that there is no racial discrimination in Cleveland County. And the Department of Justice was correct to remove Cleveland County from the DOJ’s 50 year watch list for racism in the local elections process.

Let’s look at the facts:
1. Communicating threats is a crime. The procedure is (1) call Law Enforcement (The Sheriff’s Department or the local Police) or (2) for the victim of the crime to go down to the Magistrate’s Office and swear out a criminal warrant. No ordinary citizen such as the volunteer, The Board of Elections Chairman or the Republican Party member, that I am aware of, can just make a complaint to the District Attorney and expect anything will be done about it. Investigating alleged crimes is not the District Attorney’s job, prosecuting crimes is the District Attorney’s job. (Unless a secret Grand Jury is convened. Then the DA can get an indictment against a ham and cheese sandwich if the DA wants to.) Even when citizens do go by the criminal procedures and take out criminal charges, the District Attorney’s Office tends to treat such cases as trivial and make little to no effort to convict. This statement is based on my court watching observations in a recent case against Jeremy Grayson for assault on a female and communicating threats. On the trial date on October 21, 2014, the Assistant District Attorney never talked to the prosecuting witness(s) before the trial and poorly represented the case to the court. Judge Larry “Puddn’head” Wilson, despite hearing direct testimony that Grayson had a knife in his hand and threatened to kill the victim, found Grayson “not-Guilty.” Where was the Daily Liar on this story? Twenty years ago the Liar jumped on Judge George Hamrick for finding a man “Not-Guilty” of assault on a female and the Women’s Commission, the Abuse Prevention Counsel and the Daily Liar pilloried Judge Hamrick for what seemed to be a never ending period of time and which resulted in the resignation of Judge Hamrick. I am not aware of any other assault on a female charges being found not guilty since that time. Until now.

2. In a recent Board on Elections Board Meeting a number of African American citizens legally and respectfully spoke in the meeting’s citizens recognition section of the meeting agenda regarding how minority voting would be negatively impacted and suppressed by some changes to voting locations and identification requirements about to be implemented by the BOE. Republican BOE Chairman Wayne King basically called the African American speakers liars and stated that since his birth in 1980 he had not seen any indication at all of racial discrimination of any kind in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Don’t believe me on this fact! I filed a Freedom of Information Act Request for the audio transcript of this BOE meeting and after threatening legal action I received the audio two months later.

Hear for yourself the official record of that meeting.

Editor’s Note: After I prevailed legally in obtaining this official audio tape of the incendiary statements of Wayne King in the controversial Board of Election’s meeting, Wayne King has ordered that the BOE Meetings will no longer be recorded. This is obviously a cover your behind attempt by Wayne King to block public information from being easily obtained by the press or the public. Especially if there is legal action in Federal Court regarding voter suppression in Cleveland County.

3. Wayne King, as the Chairman of the Board of Elections is in charge of counting the votes and publishing the results of the elections held in Cleveland County. In the Republican Party’s election when Wayne King was first declared chairman from among three candidates, I requested the vote count that declared Wayne King Chairman. At that time I was a duly registered Republican who voted in that election. Wayne King has refused to this day to provide that vote count for his own election. As Russian Communist dictator Joseph Stalin once said “it is not who votes that count, it is who counts the vote that counts.” As a result of this experience I do not trust Wayne King being in charge of counting votes in Cleveland County or making voting rules either for that matter. Anyway, at my convenience, Cleveland County had one less registered Republican on their roles and one more Unaffiliated.

4. The Daily Liar stated that Andrew Hopper was campaigning for Democrat and African American candidate for the County Commission–Willie McIntosh. White Democrat candidate for the County Commission, Eddie Holbrook, reportedly had his own campaign volunteer(s) at the precinct and all precincts. The Liar did not state who the un-named white female volunteer was campaigning for. Upon information and belief, the volunteer was campaigning for Republican and white candidate Jason Falls and perhaps other Republicans. Upon information and belief, the white female volunteer is Katie Alden (Not her real name), a high official of the Republican Women’s branch of the Republican Party. None of this is confidential information and Ms. Alden should know that she will have to be publicly identified as a witness in any criminal action against Andrew Hopper in this matter. There appears to be no indication that Ms. Alden feared for her personal safety at any time during this incident as described in the Daily Liar article and that after turning over her tape to the Republican Party and BOE Chairman Wayne King that those officials took it upon themselves to make a complaint to the District Attorney in order to justify the “publicity stunt” story to an apparently willing Shelby Daily Liar reporter and editor.

5. The Shelby Daily Liar, to my knowledge, has never had an African American Editor or Publisher in the history of the publication. Also, to my knowledge, the Daily Liar never covered the story of the controversial and incendiary comments by BOE Chairman Wayne King at the Board of Elections meeting that may have been the start of this controversy in the first place. For your convenience, the audio of that entire meeting is also available in this article. Decide for yourself if Wayne King was out of order and whether or not his comments were incendiary.

Background Information about Race Relations in Cleveland County and North Carolina that Wayne King and the Republican Party must have forgotten all about. Since I was born in 1947, I personally remember a good part of what is listed below.

• The Union Army occupied North Carolina in 1865 and freed slaves under President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment which was ratified on December 18, 1865.
• The Ku Klux Klan was founded December 24, 1865 as a social club for Confederate Veterans, but soon became known for the severe voter suppression that took away the black leadership, controlled by Carpet Baggers, in North Carolina Government that was threatening to ruin the state financially. Historians who will talk about such things identify Cleveland and Gaston Counties in North Carolina and York and Cherokee Counties in South Carolina as being very active KKK bastions.
• The Reverend Thomas Dixon, Jr. from Shelby, North Carolina published “The Clansman” in 1905. The book is a fiction where the virtue of a white woman is defended by the KKK against blacks who intend to defile her. The accounts in the book were from memories of Thomas Dixon of events and stories that happened in Cleveland and Gaston Counties where Dixon just changed the names around. Historians believe they can identify the actual persons Dixon’s book describes.
• The very first epic movie “The Birth of a Nation” was made in 1915 from the story in The Clansman and was reviewed and approved by the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson. The story line of the book and movie appear to parallel the story printed in the Shelby Daily Liar November 12, 2014 where the “safety and honor” of a white woman election volunteer is being “protected” by Wayne King, the Republican Party and the Cleveland County District Attorney from “Election Violation?”–an apparent attack according to Wayne King, Republican officials and the Liar by two black men, Andrew Hopper and Willie McIntosh.
• In 1896 the US Supreme Court ruled that the Separate but Equal laws of that time were constitutional. (Google Plessy v. Ferguson) This gave constitutional sanction to laws designed to achieve racial segregation by means of separate and supposedly equal public facilities and services for African Americans and whites. It served as a controlling judicial precedent until it was overturned by the Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka (1954).
• Although Segregation was outlawed by the US Supreme Court Case Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, Cleveland County did not integrate Cleveland County System schools until 1968. Fourteen years later. During this time the Governor on North Carolina, Democrat Terry Sanford, threatened to shut down all schools, white and black, rather than comply with the Supreme Court Order.
• I remember all the water fountains marked “White Only” and I graduated at the segregated Burns at Fallston High School in 1965. Unlike Wayne King, I have seen and can recognize segregation and racism when I see it or hear it or read it.
• In 1968 I turned 21 and was first eligible to vote. In November on Election Day I went to the polls in Fallston to vote and a young black man that I knew was in line in front of me. (In Fallston at that time everybody knows everybody, black or white.) The black man was a product of Cleveland County’s segregated “black” schools and I graduated from segregated “white” Burns at Fallston in 1965. I was attending NC State University and the black man could not read. The black man asked one of the poll workers for help reading and marking his ballot. The poll worker said “Right here is where you mark Straight Democrat.” The black man asked for the names of the candidates. The male poll worker cocked back his head to look down his nose at the black man and again said in a much louder and condescending voice, “Right here is where you mark Straight Democrat.” The young black man slinked away with his ballot to the voting booth not knowing anything about the ballot except where to mark “Straight Democrat.” George Wallace carried the vote for President in Fallston as well as in Cleveland County during that 1968 election. I wonder if Wayne King has ever heard of George Wallace.

So, here we are. A week or so later and not a peep from the District Attorney’s Office. The newly elected District Attorney is the same as the old District Attorney. If either one of them were smart, they would throw the Republican and BOE Complaint in the trash and issue a formal and public apology to Andrew Hopper and Willie McIntosh and demand that the Shelby Daily Liar print it on the first page. Whether or not the DA Office is capable of doing anything smart is questionable in my opinion. Although I am supposing that the DA’s office is wishing they were never involved with such a mess as this in the first place.

Of course there are options for Andrew Hopper, Willie McIntosh and the black community. One option is some sort of legal action. That is questionable as any body doing court watching will surely tell you. Perhaps the best option for the black community is this: Count the numbers !!!

1. Black voters account for 40% of the Democrat Party in Cleveland County.
2. The Republican Party in Cleveland County is much smaller than the Democrat Party.
3. If the black community voters would change registration from Democrat to Republican, they would most likely make up more than 50% of the Republican Party.

Conclusion: If the black community voters would all switch from Democrat to Republican, they could elect new Republican Party Leadership and fire Wayne King from the Board of Elections.

Also, If the black community would switch to Republican, they could disassociate themselves with the :”gay pride” crowd, the gun control crowd, the baby killing crowd, the global warming crowd, the illegal alien amnesty crowd and other such millstones from around their political necks in the Democrat Party. And have a say in local, state and national politics in the process.

Folks, We don’t have a clue how this story will end up. But one thing is sure, something is going to happen and we will make it public just as soon as it does happen.

Editor’s Note: The Shelby Daily Liar is an old time unofficial “slang” name for the Shelby Star. We find the slang name appropriate in many cases.

Additional Information:

The “trouble” and “misbehavior” Andrew Hopper was accused of causing at several precincts on Election Day was allegedly for passing out marked up sample ballot copies at the precincts. This is certainly not violent behavior. The problem with Andrew Hopper’s ballots was there was not any indication on the copies of who actually paid for the copying of the material. This was the un-described stuff in the Shelby Daily Liar’s article that Wayne King was talking about.

Sample Ballot copy

The problem with this is in several areas.
• First, the Liar and all associated rumors flying around Cleveland County indicate that Andrew Hopper was only campaigning for Willie B. McIntosh. We obtained a copy of the sample ballot Andrew Hopper was passing out and there are numerous candidates, black and white, marked on the sample ballot. Names like Alan Norman for Sheriff, Mitzi McGraw for Clerk of Court, Ali Paksoy for Judge and many others. Why would the Daily Liar single out Willie McIntosh for their biased and obviously racist article? See for yourself. This is the sample ballot allegedly passed out by Andrew Hopper.

• The Cleveland County TEA Party was also passing out election materials outside the various election precincts that did not have the identification markings of who was paying for that particular material. A TEA Party official was also caught doing this during early voting and was warned regarding the legally required identification markings. Allegedly the TEA Party officials got a rubber stamp and stamped their materials. However, when I voted in Fallston on Election Day I received one of the TEA Party documents right outside the door to the Fallston Fire Station voting location (less than 50 feet) and without the proper markings. So why are Wayne King and the Republican officials not sending complaints to the District Attorney and the Shelby Daily Liar about the TEA Party Violations? And generating race baiting front page Daily Liar articles. Have I made my point about this whole rotten racist business between BOE Chairman Wayne King, the Republican Party and The Shelby Daily Liar? That crowd is giving all of Cleveland County a bad name!!! As well as setting us up for lawsuits.

At this point some readers may be thinking, Robert A. Williams sends out marked up sample ballots too–on his Citizens For Good Government internet websites. How does he get away with this?

The answer is simple. I mark up sample ballots as guides for use on Election Day, but I also provide information on each candidate, all published legally on the internet under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. That way I don’t have to worry about the crazy election laws and the even crazier antics of the Cleveland County Board of Elections Chairman, Wayne King. I encourage my readers to read the information provided, print off a sample ballot for guidance, take the sample ballot with you to the polls on Election day and vote. My idea is very few voters ever read the stuff handed to them at the voting precinct front doors anyway. And those voters that are influenced by these last minute pamphlets are not the kind of low information voters I want to attract in the first place.

Also, I print on my sample ballots the necessary information about where the marked up ballots came from. Never let a poll worker take away from you my marked up sample ballot that you want to use as a guide to mark your real ballot.

Here is MY marked up sample ballot for the 2014 Cleveland County, NC General Election. I dare BOE Chairman Wayne King, the Republican Party, the TEA Party Folks, the District Attorney (old or new) and the Shelby Daily Liar to file a complaint against me for MY marked up sample ballot.

CCG Marked Ballot

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