How To Make Contact with the School Board About the Issues that are Important to YOU!!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: The following information is provided regarding Prayer at School Board meetings, but the process can be used for any other subject or issue.

There are several ways to contact Cleveland County School Board members:

1. By Phone. I do not recommend calling each school board member as it would be difficult to actually reach them all. And if you do reach them, you have to depend on them remembering what you said to them.

2. By US Mail. Writing a letter to each School Board Member means you have to write down the information you wish to provide to each member, making eleven copies and sending them out individually through the US Mail. You would have to sent the letters to each board member, one copy to the superintendent and keep one copy for yourself.

3. Coming to School Board meetings and signing up for citizens recognition. You will have only three minutes and you will be cut off if you go too long. You are also almost guaranteed that the school board will not listen to you or pay any attention to your information.

4. Send the School Board and superintendent an email providing your information. This allows you to ask for a reply and have a record of all discussions. This is my recommended method of providing information to the CCS School Board.

This is an example of my input to the CCS Board using the email process: Cut and paste as necessary into your email to the school board.

To:;Cleveland County Board of Education;Phillip Glover;

CC: To whomever you please to receive a copy.

Subject: Comments on Prayer Policy


I have attached a marked up copy of your new Prayer/Invocation Policy for your review. The mark-ups are very minor.

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