How to Cut the North Carolina Budget By Robert A. Williams

The 2011 North Carolina Budget is about $19,000,000,000.  That is 19 Billion dollars.  Enough money stacked up to reach the Moon and back , go around the world several times or something thereabout.  About $4 Billion of that is more than we are going to take in as income taxes, sales taxes, license plate fees, etc.  Since Cleveland County and North Carolina we can’t print money like President Obama can, some cuts will have to be made.

Representative Tim “Kingfish” Moore was totally correct when he stated that the Department of Health and Human Resources (DSS) and the Department of Public Instruction (Schools) would have to be first in line for cuts.  The Kingfish must have looked at the budget ant saw that the DHR and DPI are number one and number two in spending.  Combined they are 75% of the budget.  About $15 Billion.  And both of these agencies are notorious for waste and fraud.  A blind man could figure that you look for belt-tightening where the most fat is. And the Kingfish ain’t blind.

But Senator Debbie Clary must be blind.  The Republican “Queen Bee” says “we can’t cripple schools and DHR.”  We have to go after the trust funds says Debbie Clary.  The Democrats we just threw out have always raided trust funds like the Highway Trust Fund.  We smell a rat in the Queen Bee’s thinking. are looking closely into Debbie’s obvious departure from sanity.  Stay tuned tor that story.  It might be time to kick the Queen Bee out of the bee hive.

Otherwise, Hey Cleveland County and North Carolina, help is on the way.  Forget all the phony talk and tall tales.  Where to start cutting spending will be given out right here and for free. Read on !!!

But, before we get around to saying cut all spending where “conflicts of interest” and the inherent fraud is obvious and such action would cut our budget probably in half.  (Imagine that-giving taxes paid back to those who paid them rather than to people that didn’t pay them.  That is also a story for another day.)  The following spending cut recommendations come in $1 million to $1 Billion doses.

Dump Smart Start-Save $1 Billion

I was on the Cleveland County DSS Board when Alma Watson presented the Smart Start proposal.  Cleveland County DSS always seemed to be the guinea pig when the DHR/DSS in Raleigh wanted a new high dollar program to waste taxpayer money on.

Alma came in with this slick presentation about how Head Start was doing such a good job but more was needed to help our children.  All these children in single parent families needed help to be more ready when it was time to start school. DSS was always saying that they could cure all that ailed our society, including poverty, if they only had just a little more money and hired a few more people.  All these years later and all that extra money and what ails our society is worse than ever,  Hey, back to the Smart Start story.

Alma says her group had plans.  Long term plans and short term plans to fix everything that was wrong in Cleveland County  if we would only vote for the County DSS to accept the $1.2 million start-up grant  that was available.  DSS chiefs said there were between 200 and 300 children on the waiting list for help.  I asked, if these mothers aren’t working, why can’t they help their own children?  Oh, said DSS, these mothers are not the best influence for their children.  A new program would give these children at least some time away from these bad mothers so they would be better able to learn.  And these mothers would find a job and everybody would be better off.  Everybody on the DSS Board was so thrilled with the story they were told.

That is everybody but me.  I had a few questions for Alma and DSS.  I asked, what are the  long term plans you were talking about?  Alma said, “well, we haven’t fully developed our long term plans yet.”  OK says I, what are your short term plans?   Alma replies,”to develop long term plans.”  Then Alma suddenly remembers she has another appointment.  Click, click, click, click went the clicking of Alma Watson’s high heels as Alma was cutting a trail out the back door.  Looking back not one time.

Joyce Cashion and Dean Westmoreland scolded me for embarrassing Alma.  I shrugged my shoulders and replied that she embarrassed herself with such tall tales and getting caught in lies so easily.

No matter, the DSS Board voted 4-1 to accept the “grant” of “free money” from Smart Start.  Later I asked a DSS Supervisor  how many children actually ended up on the Smart Start program.  I was told TEN.   Hey, you said there were 200-300 on the waiting list.  “The applications had some duplications and some moved away” was the reply.  What about the mothers getting jobs.  “Oh, they weren’t qualified for a lot of jobs.  I think they all went to work at Day Care centers that received Smart Start money”  Those same mothers who were not fit to look after their own children are now looking after everybodies children, says I?  The DSS Supervisor shrugged his shoulders and walked off.

Close to 15 years later and Smart Start, Head Start and now More at Four are everywhere in North Carolina spending tons of money with no shread of valid evidence (that will pass the smell test like Alma Watson failed.) that any of this money provides overall  benefits  to the children that go through those programs.

From the $1.2 million original grant to Cleveland County for Smart Start, times 100 counties equals $120 Million fifteen years ago.  That would be at least $350 million dollars today for Smart Start per year.  Throw equal amounts for Head Start and More at Four and you get $1 Billion and $50 million wasted.  Dump Smart Start, dump Head Start and dump More at Four and you have a third of the way covered in getting the NC Budget on track.

Not bad Williams, what else ya got?  Hey, there is more.  READ ON !!!

Dump Computers for every High School Student-Save $1Dump DOT  million.

The top heavy, top paid merged school system apparently had to figure ways to spend tons of taxpayer money to justify their top pay jobs.  Hey, let’s buy every high school senior a laptop computer.  So then they go out and pay around $1,200 for about the same computer you can buy at WalMart or Best-Buy for around $450 for all thousands of computers.

Forget for a minute those who profited mightily for overpaying for these computers.  My suggestion will cure all of that.  Don’t forget our classrooms got rid of textbooks.  Instead, spend $200 per student for textbooks and save the $1000 per computer times 1,000 students.

Do the math. 1,000 students times $1,000 is $1 Million Saved.  That is not as big as the $1Billion saved from dumping Smart Start, Head Start and More at Four, but this is Cleveland County savings.  Wouldn’t that be nice too?  And besides, our boys and girls would NOT be lured into sexual acts by the perverts that lurk on the internet.  That is also a story that will soon be told.  I am sure the School Board and Crest High School wish that story would stay covered-up.  Stay Tuned for that too!!!

Dump Department Of Transportation Paying Inflated Prices for Land-Save $100 Million

Remember how Cleveland County, Gardner-Webb and a politically connected middleman conspired to defraud Cleveland County taxpayers $500,000 on some land adjacent to the land fill.  Nothing was said except for my story.  I will reprint it for those that didn’t read it the first time around.

Remember the $1.4 Million dollars Cleveland County spent on the first industrial park that was supposed to bring in all the development and all those jobs.  The $1.4 million that went to an unknown investor.

Remember the $1.2 million that DOT paid an unknown investor for some land along the Broad River Greenway in exchange for some land on the route of the 74-Bypass.  Yea, the 74-Bypass.  The road that will never be built in this lifetime.

The one thing in common is when government buys land, there seems to be a middleman that makes a ton.  Isn’t that one of the things former Governor Mike Easley pleaded guilty too.

Anyway, don’t worry right now about who is guilty and whether or not it can be proved.  Stop all purchases of land for roads for two years.  Figuring the least amount above, $500,000, times 100 counties times 2 years.  That is a cool $100 million saved.

So, here in one article I have showed the Queen Bee and the Kingfish how to save $1,151,000,000.00.  And I have plenty of articles to come.  Tell Senator Debbie “Queen Bee” Clary and Representative Tim “Kingfish” Moore to come read and heed this article and the ones that are coming.  North Carolina will save a ton of money.  Businesses and jobs will pour into Cleveland County.  Ain’t that what they got elected to do.


Editor’s Note:  The numbers and dollar amounts given are best estimates.  The actual cash savings might be a little less or they might be a LOT MORE than stated.

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