Hollywood Calling Citizens For Good Government Satire by Robert A Williams

It is a case of mistaken identity.  Citizens For Good Government bought the rights to both the dot com and dot org website names.  Certain folks involved with the Hollywood, California political arena have used the Citizens For Good Government name to send out flyers, like we used to do before we went paperless.  They have endorsed three incumbent Democrat liberal “good-ole-boys” for City Council.  These Hollywood good-ole-boys are described just like our Cleveland County and North Carolina good-ole-boys.  They promise everything and deliver nothing-except under the table bribe money to themselves and their cronies.  And the whole time in office they won’t pay any attention to the needs of the people.  Only their own greed ever gets paid attention to-behind closed doors of course.

Anybody that knows anything knows THIS Citizens For Good Government has never endorsed a good-ole-boy for any elected office and never will.  However, to our knowledge, we have never endorsed a Log Cabin Republican either.  Log Cabin Republicans being openly homosexual Republicans.

But times have changed.  We have decided to endorse the three Hollywood Log Cabin Republicans, lead by Scott Schmidt.  Not for the Hollywood California City Council, but for the Shelby, NC Mayor and City Council.  Shelby Mayor Ted Alexander has made noises like he will not run again.  Scott Schmidt and his Hollywood crowd advocate synchronizing traffic lights to improve traffic flow and to save gasoline.  Schmidt also wants to improve business development and increase non-government jobs along with lowering taxes and stop using traffic tickets as a source of city revenue.

Hey Shelby, wake up and smell the roses like Grover did.  Elect a Mayor and City Council who won’t be out chasing women, coddling DCC and raising taxes.  Send the Hollywood boys a one way ticket to Shelby.  Send all the clients (elected officials too) of the alleged “high-end prostitute” to Hollywood and call it an even swap.

Politics do get strange sometimes don’t it???

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