HELP me Find a Lawyer to Fight the Beast Known as DSS !!! This Message was edited for confidentiality and forwarded by Robert A. Williams

DSS has ruined our lives. I want to sue them for the mental and emotional damage they have caused me and my children.

Basically we have a troubled teen who always threatened us with dss and has done it in the past, but she recanted and it was dropped. Well she decided she wanted to live with her friend and so they planned it out and she claimed she was raped by her father (my husband). She claimed it happened in September 2009, but they didn’t say anything until June 2010.

Dss took her into custody and left our other kids in the home with me and my husband.  No criminal charges we made, but dss wouldn’t drop it. In Oct 2010 we went to court thinking it was the trial, but instead they told us they wanted my husband to move out for 30 days while they interviewed the other children. I got a little upset and asked why they waited 3 months to make him leave. We walked in to the courtroom and before I knew it dss said they wanted to take the other children too

My heart dropped. They took all 3 children and wouldn’t tell me why. When I got the court papers it said they were taken because we were not in agreement to my husband leaving the home (which was a lie). He was moved out the very next day, we went back to court on 10/11 and they didn’t give them back stating the same thing (not in agreement to him leaving).  I said wait, that I had the lease agreement and they all got up and walked out. They were gone for 27 days.

I finally hired an attorney and basically paid $3000 to get my kids back. They came home emotionally traumatized and scared to even sleep in their own beds. Now it has been 5 months and up until yesterday my kids had not got to talk to or see their dad. I have been telling dss and the guardian for months they need to at least be able to talk to him on the phone, they wouldn’t. They have missed thanksgiving, Christmas, new years, Valentine’s Day with their dad. Now they are in therapy once a week for separation anxiety from the sudden loss of their father for 5 months (I have written statement from the therapist) also emotional issues from being taken away for 27 days.

I also have documentation from my son’s school that he is struggling due to emotional issues due to his father being gone. They finally let them have a visitation at dss for 45 mins and at the end our caseworker shut the lights out on us before we even got out of the room (I have on video). I have every documentation needed to prove negligence, and that their actions are fueled out of spite and some sort of power trip. They have not and continue to not work in my children’s best interest. Please help me sue them or refer me to someone that is willing to take on this beast known as dss….

Please Help,

Signed-A mother whose family has been destroyed by DSS.

Editor’s Note:

Unfortunately I have had hundreds of calls from people with similar stories.  Yesterday a call from Caldwell County came in regarding DSS taking a 2 day-old from the hospital.  DSS said the mother was dependant because she didn’t have a job.  My suspicion is someone somewhere wants a healthy baby and is willing to pay some big cash under the table.

Another call from Cumberland County regarding a mother of four who is pregnant and about to deliver.  DSS took her children and was going to take the baby when it was born.  This placed her under stress that caused her blood pressure to go way high.  The previously healthy fetus died at childbirth.

DSS and three Law Enforcement Officers in Avery County show up at 11:30 at night without any paperwork, tasered the father and arrest him for obstruction of justice, and take three children from the home.

Social Workers in Rowan County prowl neighborhoods and tell people they don’t need search warrants or any paperwork at all to search their homes.  We have more authority than the Police they say.

It goes on and on.  And apparently most lawyers are not willing to take cases against DSS.  Or they will take the case, take your money, they tell you to do everything DSS says.

Stay tuned though.  We have a plan to gather up information and put it into the hands of officials that ultimately answer to the people.  Be on the lookout for a new website we are putting up to develop a DSS Hotline to monitor the abuse of authority by DSS and report it to people that we will hold accountable to do something to control the beast that is DSS.  Like I say, this is coming soon!!!

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