From Robert A. Williams, Editor

Citizens For Good Government

NOTICE:  There are various “mailers” and Voter’s Guides being distributed in various areas, cities and counties in California that bear the name “Citizens For Good Government.”  These mailers and voters guides do not have names or return addresses so a number of concerned California citizens have looked on the internet and found US.


We are headquartered in Cleveland County, North Carolina and have recommended conservative candidates, revealed government corruption and reported all things political for around 17 years.  We have concentrated in North Carolina and have not yet expanded into California.  We own the rights to citizensforgoodgovernment.org and citizensforgoodgovernment.com.  These California mailers and Voter’s Guides under the name “Citizens For Good Government” are NOT from us.

We understand California primary elections this year are under a new “Open Primary System” that allows cross party voting in the primary elections.  This appears to have offered an unintended consequence of cross party voting expressly for the purpose of weakening the other party and especially conservative candidates.

Please California, do not fall for this trick.  Check out your candidates and vote for conservatives.  Please do this quickly as the California Primary Election is Tuesday.

And, Remember this.  When you see a genuine “Citizens For Good Government” publication, you will find a name, address, telephone number and email address.  When you call our number, we will answer.

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