Happy 2011!!!….Ruminations from Miss Hollywood

Well, another New Year is upon us.  Time to start with a clean slate.  Time for change.  Many of us resolve to do things differently when the New Year rolls in.  We’re gonna lose weight, change our diet, get more exercise, clean our closets both mental and physical, get our finances in order and straighten out our spiritual lives.  Yup, we pretty much resolve every year to start over, start a new life.  Cuz after all, today is the first day of the rest of our lives, right?

We’ll be seeing changes in our Government also.  The lame duck Congress will ride off into the sunset, the people we elected in November to take their place will be sworn in, ObamaCare will also start making its impact felt in our lives.  Insurance is going to change in a big way for most of us.  Premiums will go up, Medicare and Medicaid are being impacted in ways we haven’t even yet begun to imagine.  Hospice benefits are also changing and those changes may have some heart-rending effects on those that least need this added stress and change in their lives.

Personally, I hate change; especially change that’s forced on me by events totally out of my control.  I know, I know…change is growth.  If we didn’t change, we’d become stagnant.  But getting there?  Well, growing is not always such a fun thing; growth hurts.  Guess that’s why they call it “growing pains”, huh?

Back in 2008, I wrote a poem about change that I would like to share with y’all now.  As I re-read the words I wrote so long ago, I find I still am scared by change, still fight it tooth and nail even when I’m the one who instigates that change.  Because let’s face it, the real reason our lives change is because of loss…loss of a loved one to death, loss of a love relationship, loss of a way of life we were so comfortable with and that we so enjoyed, loss of our health, loss of our ability to do the things we once could so easily do, loss of a job.  Loss brings pain.  Devastating, crippling pain; pain that leaves us reeling and crying out in fear and frustration, in anger and in denial.  Loss and pain equal change.  And change brings new challenges, new growth.  Change can show us we’re stronger than we thought we ever were; after all, we survived, right?  In time, somehow we will survive loss.  We’ll never get over that loss, but we’ll learn to survive in spite of it.

I know that for myself, if it wasn’t for God, for Him guiding me and sending His Holy Spirit to strengthen me when I feel too devastated and too weak to go on, I’d be done for.  So although none of us knows what the future has in store for us, what changes we’re going to be forced to endure…whether of our own making or someone else’s, cling to one thought:  with God’s help and the help of friends and family, we will survive change.  We’ll survive in spite of ourselves.

What changes are going on in your lives?  Whatever they are, I hope and pray to God you’re given the strength to deal with the many changes you and I are going to be forced to face in our daily lives and that things will work out for each and every one of us so that we can face the future with hope, strength, courage, and love.  Happy New Year, Everybody!


To most of us, change is sort of a scary thing.
The mere sound of the word has an unsettling ring.
We go along for days, sometimes months, on end
Falsely believing what’s familiar will never end.
But then, something unexpected suddenly arrives
Bringing doubt to our hearts and tears to our eyes.
Why do we so love to cling to the past?
When will we learn the present is not meant to last?
The familiar is a source of comfort to us that’s for sure;
But, upheaval is part and parcel of what we are meant to endure.
Change, tho necessary, can be painful; that’s a truth we all know…
And that must be the reason why we don’t willing go
Into a future where things are unfamiliar and new,
Where we’ll have to adapt to doing things differently than we currently do.
We need to remember that if a flower stayed only a seed,
Of bees and butterflies, we’d have no need.
And, if we had never, screaming and wailing, emerged from the womb,
We’d never get to experience the joys of life on the way to the tomb.
So, if change; i.e. growth, is truly the only constant
Tell me again…why it is we don’t want it?
We must embrace change every single day.
If we’re to grow and survive, it’s the only way.
So let us thank God for His Wonderful Plan
Even when we’re uneasy and don’t understand.
If we ever hope to have our minds at rest,
We have to acknowledge His Way is best.

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