Great Biggest Lie Ever Told !!!– “County Prepared for Ebola”– Shelby Star Headline October 15, 2014

Conclusion By Robert A. Williams

I walked into the Community Mart in Fallston and saw the Headlines of the Shelby Star. “County Prepared for Ebola” was on the front page main article. I was immediately incensed at this obvious whopper of a lie. My first thought was this has to be the greatest lie ever told by the Star in Cleveland County and perhaps the world. I still think so. Only the village idiot could believe such a thing.

I didn’t even try to read the article. I refused to read such a lie. Ebola is a killer disease, perhaps next to the “Black Death” (the Plague) of the Middle Ages that killed 25 to 50 percent of the entire population of Europe. Whole population centers were wiped out. Dead bodies were everywhere. Nothing nor nobody in Cleveland County is prepared for such a thing as what Ebola has the potential of causing. Whatever the Star said in the article, do not believe it!!! Do not believe anybody in the USA is safe from this disease.

My reasons for saying this are obvious. Ebola is on the loose in the United States. The Director of the Center For Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta is being called upon to resign or for President Obama to fire him because of the botched handling of an Ebola case and then trying to say the problem is under control. Ebola is NOT under control.

The United States Government allowed a person infected to come into the United States, in Texas. The man exposed hundreds to Ebola on his flight into the country, at the airport and in other places unknown as of yet before he was quarantined in a hospital in Houston where he later died. Not before infecting two nurses who were totally clad in protective clothing while taking care of the man..

Then the CDC the second person known to have contracted Ebola to take a plane trip exposing hundreds more. Now the CDC says no other Ebola cases will be allowed to fly on commercial airlines in the US. But now the cat is out of the bag. Ebola, the disease, is being contracted in the United States by health care professionals under the control of what used to be considered the best Health Care professionals in the world, the CDC. And the Shelby Daily Liar says Cleveland County is prepared for Ebola. Folks, NOBODY IS PREPARED FOR EBOLA !!!

The CDC, the White House and the Shelby Star are about as “stuck on stupid” as the Cleveland County School Board. It appears that government at the federal and local levels just can’t be trusted to act in the best interest of it’s citizens. The federal government won’t protect our borders from illegal entry into the country, neither bad people or bad diseases are being kept out. Ebola is not the only bad diseases coming into the country. Diseases affecting children have also come in to the USA and causing problems. The federal level scandals include the IRS, the Secret Service, the State Department, the Veterans Administration and even the Pentagon kept secret for over ten years that thousands of poison gas bombs, shells and missiles; “weapons of mass destruction” were found in Iraq. Of course media like the Shelby Star have reported that those weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq, basically saying that we had no business being there in the first place. Now the Islamic Terrorists are scoffing up on those weapons and guess where they will be aimed at now? Perhaps Cleveland County is better prepared for Ebola than it is for Mustard Gas and Sarin.

Then there are local cover-ups like the SBI investigation of the Cleveland County School’s fraudulent use of school credit cards that District Attorney Rick Shaffer and his Assistant pal Mike Miller refuse to do anything about. As well as the 15 year old female autistic student at Kings Mountain High School who was punched and hospitalized in an incident involving a Resource Officer from the Kings Mountain Police Department. A vote for John Bridges for District Attorney would stop the foolishness at the District Attorney’s Office.

Then there are the County Commissioners who won’t tell us why they secretly bargained to sell our hospitals and healthcare system at pawnshop prices as well as spending all the money from the hospital sale who know where. I say Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook should have to answer to that at the ballot box by single shot voting for Willie B. McIntosh for County Commissioner.

As for the Shelby Star, I stopped taking the Star years ago. They have the reputation as being the “Shelby Daily Liar.” Why should anybody pay for phony news for all these years?

So, here we are. Media at all levels are telling us lies about the functions (or should I say malfunctions?) about our government at every level. Senator Kay Hagan says Thom Tillis cut education spending $500 million when the General Assembly actually increased funding for education by about a $billion. And the media at every level allows Hagan to get away with her whoppers. Fact is Senator Kay Hagan’s whole six years in the senate have been a fiasco. Hagan has not had ANY legislation of her own passed and she votes for the bad legislation that others have passed under pressures from Harry Reid and Obama. Thom Tillis is our only hope of North Carolina citizens being fully represented by our US Senators.

These examples of bad reporting go on and on. Folks, much of our problems in Government can be fixed on Election Day. Fixing the Star is probably only fixable by bankruptcy. But remember this as far as the Ebola crisis goes, every person is protected best by your own good judgment. And your best judgment may very well be doing away with your Shelby Star subscription.

And, if you don’t believe me, go take a look at what is being said on the Star’s own Facebook account. Nobody is believing this story in the Star. I don’t believe any story in the Star.

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