God is Dead at CCS, School Board Caught Red Handed “Falsifying” Records!!! and Other Shenanigans at June 13, 2016 School Board Meeting! — Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Cleveland County Christians have a short memory. And their Church attendance and Bible reading skills are suspect too. All the protests and Praying the Lord’s Prayer at school board meetings late last year that lead to the school board coming up with a prayer policy that allowed Christian Prayers as well as Wicca and Muslim Prayers have gone for naught. The School Board meeting of June 13, 2016 opened with a “Moment of Silence” because NOBODY signed up to deliver an Invocation. Christians surrendered on June 13, 2016 without firing a shot. Isn’t that how the old saying goes? The Devil prevails when good men do nothing. And the Devil really prevailed at the June 13, 2016 school board meeting. That is why this article is so long.

So, Williams, why is this so important? There are over 200 Christian Churches in Cleveland County. There have been nine School Board meetings since the Prayer Policy was approved and adopted. There was one Wicca Prayer, one Muslim Prayer and tonight’s no show no prayer.. So, Christian Ministers have come forward only six times this year to date. That’s right, SIX TIMES out of 200+ Christian Churches. Well, 50,000 voters stayed home on Election Day Nov 3, 2015, so what do you expect?

Well, I expected more than that from all these Christian Churches. Percentage wise, the Wicca Church and the Muslim Church are batting 100%. Christian Churches 3%. I suspect the Lord, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are doing some counting too. And Saint Peter may be turning a lot of complacent Christian Preachers and lazy registered voters from Cleveland County away from the Pearly Gates when their time comes. I reckon all this talk about global warming will probably mean the fires of Hell are getting hotter too.

And that was just the start of this meeting.

Just a few minutes into the regular meeting, in the Citizens Recognition part of the agenda, the school board got a well deserved blast of Hell’s fire for the mistreatment of two students who were obviously unfairly accused and unfairly punished for something they did not do, In the process the school board either ordered or approved of the falsifying CCS records to hide the unfair punishment meted out to the two boys. Probably to avoid a Judges ruling that they were warned about in a secret meeting the school board had with their lawyer on May 20, 2016. There will be a separate article about this secret and illegal school board meeting coming soon..

This is exactly what happened in the Citizens Recognition. You can get the full effect by watching the video on CCS’s own website.

Mrs. Crystal Hamrick was the only speaker during the Citizens Recognition. If you have read my previous articles you will remember that Mrs. Hamrick’s two honor student sons with spotless records were accused of trespassing by Shelby High School Principles and punished with two day suspensions, which spoiled their perfect attendance records since kindergarten. Mrs. Hamrick had appealed the punishment to the Superintendent, who ruled in favor of the Shelby and Crest Principles. Mrs. Hamrick had appealed the Superintendent’s ruling to the full school board who ruled, in closed session without allowing Mrs. Hamrick to speak or even to attend, in favor of the Superintendent. This is what CCS always does and in this case was predicted. But Mrs. Hamrick was not through with the CCS school board. Nope, she was just starting.

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