Gay Agenda “Rockets” into School Board Election Debate !!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

The question is simple. Do we want the homosexual agenda folks running our schools? Or, Do we want to eliminate any homosexual agenda program supporters from running our schools? Recent history, in the form of a voter referendum, showed that 80% of Cleveland County citizens do NOT want homosexual (same sex) marriages. That tends to make me believe Cleveland County Citizens do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle and do not want it taught to our children in our schools. Period.

Therefore, a candidates views on the homosexual agenda, often called the gay agenda or gay rights agenda is an important issue to the vast majority of citizens and especially parents of school children Most of us believe gay rights are wrong and don’t want schools to include gay rights indoctrination taught to their children in any way as it, homosexuality, is clearly a great sin, an abomination, according to our Biblical teachings.

Some statements from the internet regarding “should a gay teacher be fired?” has been answered as followed;
1. If you don’t hire them you will not have to fire them. The classroom is an extension of the household, many parents are relying on this extension to provide guidance in all walks of life. Would you fire a pedophile? A rapist? A satanist? Etc NO! Because you won’t hire them. Everybody knows that its an extension of the home, why are you ignoring it? The problem is that people are living in shadows and not in the light and therefore present themselves as being “good” while their not. The process of hiring then is the question not the firing.

Here’s the thing to remember: The teachers are not just employed by the school; they are employed by the parents; the US Taxpayer. If the teacher is doing their job poorly, or putting down an agenda to force on kids, or even discussing their personal lives instead of using the time that children are held to educate them, then they are not doing their job. If someone is not doing their job, they must be reprimanded

That being said:

HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Let’s underline sexual, shall we? There we go. All teachers need to keep their sex lives out of schools and not use it as an example when educating our children.

2. Yes I believe they should. Yes, Yes. I know. “It shouldn’t matter if we have a male or female teacher, or black, white, Asian etc. Why should it matter who he or she likes? How does that effect the kids? Teachers don’t have to share their personal lives. Also, I thought gay meant happy–the correct term is homosexual.”

But you must understand that, children follow the example of adults and older generations. And if you truly believe that you are creating “good moral citizens” by permitting “gays” then you are wrong. Sure, gays mean no “harm” to your children, but the way they act could effect your children morally and physically. You don’t realize that you are taking away their innocence, and slowly twisting it into something that is not right. Disgusting!

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