Gang Activity at Fallston Elementary School; No Arrests Made By Robert A. Williams

Since I live right on the only entrance to Fallston Elementary School, every vehicle that goes onto the school property goes right by my house. Every weekday morning and every weekday afternoon during the school year, there is a traffic jam at my house. Very often, traffic is backed up all the way to the stoplight in Fallston. Since this traffic blocks my driveway, I’ve learned to always back into my driveway so I can get out easier. After years of this mess, and because these drivers were not too polite about letting me out, I have learned to just pull out and go. If I can’t get through the second line of traffic, I can hold up every incoming vehicle until traffic in the other lane clears up; usually, someone is kind enough to let me get out.

Although this is a hassle, that is not what concerns me. What actually concerns me is all the traffic that goes onto school property after hours and on weekends all through the evening and all through the night. What legitimate purpose does anyone have to be on school property at three o’clock in the morning? None that I can think of! Neither can the Sheriff’s Department who has taken to making an occasional trip through school property after hours. But the all-day and all-night traffic every day and night of the week continues. And NO ARRESTS HAVE BEEN MADE!

Now, something new has popped up. One day I looked up and saw this pair of white tennis shoes with the shoestrings tied together flung over one of the power lines right in front of the school entrance. I didn’t think much about it other than some parents must be mad about having to buy their kid a new pair of sneakers. A closer look at the tennis shoes on the power line indicated the shoes looked too big for elementary school kids. But I figured so what?

Then I start to get the picture from some younger folks. Every single young person that happens to come visit immediately notices the tennis shoes on the power line at the school property entrance. They make comments like “how long have those been there” or something similar. Again, I don’t think much about it. It is when a young mother with middle school-age children sees the shoes and makes a comment. “That is a sign of gang activity,” she says. “Some gang is marking their territory.” Still, with only that one comment, I don’t think much about it. That is until I hear the same comment from another young person.

So, me being me, I take some action. I get this long stick, duct tape a cutting tool to the end, making sure I don’t get shocked in the process and cut the tennis shoes down. They were size 13 Reeboks in mint condition!.

That was Saturday afternoon. This week, I am going to do some talking around to see if the road to the Fallston Elementary School Property can be closed and blocked every night. Hopefully, some of you readers can make calls to Law Enforcement regarding this also.

I wrote articles about Gang Activity at Burns High School and Burns Middle School and now it seems gang activity (usually associated with selling drugs) is right under my nose…no pun intended.

Gangs and the drugs they sell to children need to be run out of Fallston, Fallston Elementary School, Burns Middle and High Schools and Cleveland County too. Right now the problem might be in my back yard. Tomorrow, the problem might be in your back yard and with your school-aged child.

Hey, the gang and drug problems in Cleveland County have gone too far already. I will make sure both candidates for Sheriff, Alan Norman and Don Allen, hear about this and tell me what they will do to fight the drug problems in our County and in our schools.

Then I will tell YOU. And we will have some more information about who to vote for in November. Stay Tuned!!!