Gang Activity at Burns Middle School 20 Students Subject to Disciplinary Action Protests and Demonstrations Promised By Robert A. Williams

Regrettable “or what” is the correct answer. The gang situation, red shirts, black shirts, etc. at Burns Middle School is not silly. It is drop dead serious. Read on for more information that I received from knowledgeable sources with just a few questions asked.

First of all, RED shirts do mean something. Red is the preferred color for the gang that calls themselves “the Bloods”. Blue shirts are associated with “the Crips” and Yellow shirts are associated with Mexican or Latino gangs. So, for the Bloods to protest by wearing shirts of a different color, this leaves Black shirts as their best option. Tomorrow and the days after will tell the tale on how big this situation gets. But sources were quick to add there is more to this story than just what color shirts these nice little misguided children are wearing. Much more.

First thing is the “gang” itself. Cleveland County is usually the last place these kinds of things show up at. Especially Upper Cleveland. So, if it is here, it is everywhere. Of course the Sheriff’s Department, Shelby Police and the Star has been lying about this for years. Remember the “Chopper Boys,” the gang members with machine guns? Now it is at Burns Middle School. These are children by the way.

Why gangs come about is talked about all the time by the Social Engineers of our society. Those nitwits who never seem to truly understand the ways of the real world. But the clear fact is that when gangs come about the first thing they do is get into drugs and then fund their own drug habit by selling drugs to others. Gangs control their “turf” and want to keep other gangs who want to sell drugs out. Right now it seems there are more “Red Shirts” than anybody else at Burns Middle School. That probably won’t last long. It never does.

Also, consider this is happening right under the noses of Law Enforcement and County Government. Both Sheriff candidates Danny Gordon and Alan Norman live almost a stones throw from Burns Middle School. Commissioner Chairperson and former School Board Member Jo Boggs lives closer. But, Hey, Some say I live close to drug dealing myself. I personally have not seen it, but I don’t like that thought.

I also didn’t like what else my sources were telling me about Burns Middle School and the School System altogether. Things like the teachers either don’t care or are afraid themselves. And some are afraid of the system that will punish them if they speak up. Anyway, whether the teachers don’t care or are afraid themselves, the gang kids are running wild and all the punishment they get is having to cover up their red shirts for a day or two. The kids that want to learn are disrupted by all the Red Shirts running around disrupting classes and trying to sell them drugs between class. The whole thing is a mess and our so-called leadership on School Boards, County Commissioners and Law Enforcement aren’t doing anything about it. Many parents aren’t either. The ones that care can’t keep their kids out of school and the ones that don’t care send their kids to school to be baby-sat.

Then the beginnings of the problem came to me. What went wrong started about 50 years ago when we started consolidating schools and integrating schools for political purposes under the guise of saving money. Right down to a few years ago when we merged all county and city school systems. Hey, we haven’t saved a dime. Test scores and overall education has trended right along. The more we consolidated and integrated, the more test scores and overall education dropped. Some will call me names for stating those facts. But facts are facts and these facts have come back to haunt us right where it hurts-in educating our children. Our children are our future and our generation has raised the first generation of children in America whose standard of living will actually be lower than their parents.

Well, most of this is old news and we haven’t done anything about it. Maybe it is too late. Right now the breaking news is there are gangs at Burns Middle School. Right under the noses of our political and Law Enforcement leaders. The answer is kind of easy though. We start with getting rid of the old time do nothing leaders and get a new crowd. Starting at the next election, which is next Tuesday. See ya at the voting booth!!!