Fourth Teacher Resigns As Sex Scandals Rock Cleveland County Schools

Fourth Teacher Resigns As Sex Scandals Rock Cleveland County Schools
By Robert A. Williams

Sources report that Bethany Miller; Crest Middle School teacher and wife of Edward Miller, Springmore Elementary School music teacher resigned Wednesday April 30, 2014. This is four teachers over the past 30 days that have resigned from Cleveland County Schools related to sex scandals. The Cleveland County Board of Education has not investigated any of these resignations or related actions that have led to multiple criminal investigations, criminal charges, reports and allegations.

Attempts to call Brian Hunnell, Director of Administrative Services at CCS for official confirmation today at 4:15PM or anybody else at CCS Central Offices for confirmation failed to reach anybody. It appears that Superintendent Bruce Boyles left for Raleigh today and everybody else went home early. However, the CCS list of employees no longer has Bethany Miller listed as a CCS Employee although the CCS Board has not accepted the personnel report that would officially accept her resignation. It looks like the CCS Board has also taken off work early. Again!!! Other information from parents concerned that some school buses going to Crest Middle School are overloaded with children having to sit on the floor tried to call the school principal about the bus overloading situation and never were able to get through to anyone. This indicates the higher level officials at the schools are not taking calls from the public. Again, Where is the CCS School Board?

Back to the story at hand. Contrary to what the CCS Board of Education would like citizens to believe, North Carolina State Law gives local Boards of Education great powers of investigation. The School Boards have the right to subpoena witnesses and hold witnesses in contempt if they fail to testify. School system employees can be suspended and fired when such action is appropriate. Yet, the Cleveland County School Board shirks off their lawfully required duties and never tells anyone. No, they refuse to tell anyone. Instead of just being ignorant of what is happening within the CCS system, they have stuck their heads in the sand and refuse to know anything about anything. Go to School Board meetings and listen for anything about all these sex scandals. Not a peep from the Superintendent nor anyone on the Board. Danny Blanton tries to get things brought before the Board, but is ruled out of order by Chairman Jack Hamrick in a very rude, abusive and threatening manner. No other Board member objects. All this is totally different from what Board Member Donnie Thurman, Jr. has inferred in his post on the Shelby Star’s online article regarding the investigation of Edward Miller for sex crimes.

I have personally told Donnie Thurman four things:
1. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
2. I expect results and not excuses.
3. It is NOT what you say, it is what you do. And
4. If you are not part of making the problems public, you are a part of the cover-up.

That goes for all the other Board members too. Except for Danny Blanton. Danny seems to already know this and has been trying to make the CCS and CCS Board transparent, as well as provide the best education possible for the children of Cleveland County. Hopefully the other Board members start to get these concepts. If they don’t get it soon and won’t resign because of dereliction of duty, voters can send five Board members home at the 2015 elections. Then changes can happen immediately. One person making comments on this website has already stated she is thinking about running for the CCS Board. We need a few more and a majority takeover can happen.

The four teachers who have resigned are:

1. Caron Blanton-Burns Middle School teacher. Currently under $150,000 bond and charged with 9 felony counts of indecent liberties with a minor and other charges regarding sending lewd materials to minors. This news has traveled around the world.
2. Edward Miller-Music teacher at Springmore Elementary. Presently under criminal investigation for sexual charges against a minor. A CCS student reported to be his adopted daughter.
3. Bethany Miller-Crest Middle School teacher. No reports of any specific criminal investigation or charges against Bethany Miller. So why did she resign and have her name deleted from the CCS employee list so quickly? More news is expected in this situation.
4. Jane Doe-Teacher at Shelby High School. This name is being withheld because I am trying to make the CCS do some of their own investigations and be transparent about it. Jane Doe allegedly has big breasts, pulled students faces to her breasts and offered, “you can suck on these if you want to.”

Since I have run these series of stories, readers have come forward and reported two former incidents regarding teachers having sex with students that I know are true and were covered up. And three more incidents regarding Shelby High School teachers having sex with students that I was not previously aware of. I will turn over all these incidents to the CCS Board. The names will be provided to the Board in confidence, the general statements without the names will be published. Hopefully this will blast the CCS School Board off their high and mighty attitude and make them finally do some kind of investigation.

Stay tuned, there is more to come as these incidents play out.

In the mean time, Remember that the CCS Board could not do what they are doing unless the Cleveland County Commissioners were also asleep at the wheel. I have officially requested the Commissioners to join in with me to get public information from CCS Board. The Commissioners REFUSED. Jason Falls, Commissioners Chairman wrote the official letter of refusal. Eddie Holbrook is the Commissioners Vice-Chairman. Both are running for re-election in November with Willie McIntosh running against them. I recommend single-shot voting for Willie McIntosh for Commissioner and let Jason Falls and Eddie Holbrook fight for the second seat. It is a shame that another person did not sign up to run. That way we could get rid of both Jason and Eddie. This is why we need at least five good people to sign up and run for the School Board in 2015.

Folks, Cleveland County does not have to keep on putting up with scandals in our government. Stay informed. Run for office. Get out to vote.

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