Former District Attorney Richard Leroy Shaffer, Jr. hired back in the DA’s office as an Assistant District Attorney!!!– Expect to see Shaffer’s daughter hired soon in DA’s Office???– Report by Robert A. Williams

It’s one scandal after another in the “Shelby Triangle.” The Shelby Triangle points being the Law Enforcement Center (Courthouse and Jail), the County Offices Building on Marion Street and the County Schools Central Offices further West on Marion Street. This scandal being former DA Rick Shaffer is back in the DA’s Office-officially and on the payroll.

We wrote about the a secret plan at the DA’s Office that was speculated in our article “Dirty Tricks in the District Attorney Race…” that was posted last October, 2014. The text regarding bringing Shaffer as well as his daughter is noted at the end of this article in italics.

Of course if voters had followed our recommendation regarding the DA’s race in 2014, this scandal would have been eliminated.

Also, If Commissioner Jason Falls had been voted out of office in 2014, the scandal regarding Falls illegally firing of longtime County Attorney Bob Yelton and the illegal hiring of first cousin Tim Moore as County Attorney would have been eliminated too. More news is coming on that scandal and the truth is told regarding all the lies that have been told regarding Falls, Tim Moore and the other commissioners. Stay tuned for that in a day or two.

Right now the scandals regarding the CCS School Board Elections are heating up. All the old scandals; credit card fraud, hiring irregularities, sex between teachers and students, board members refusing to answer questions, etc. are flaring back up because they were never resolved. Big problems were covered up. And a few new scandals that have recently been discovered that have not hit the news yet. Five new School Board Members on Election Day WILL fix those problems if the right five candidates are chosen by the voters.

Folks, once you hear about the new scandals about CCS, you will have to be “stuck on stupid” to vote the five school board incumbents back into office. Stay tuned to this “channel” to get the news you will NOT get anywhere else.

Now, read about my October, 2014 excerpt predictions regarding the DA’s race and remember, I told you so. Scroll on Down to read the whole article if you please. You will never know what is going on in Cleveland County Government if you don’t read my articles. Tell your friends and neighbors. Print off articles and show them to your friends and neighbors that do not have internet connections. Pass them around. You will be glad you did.

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