Former County Attorney Speaks Out!!!– All Commissioners Liars, Crooks and Back Stabbers!!!– What Other Secret Shenanigans are the Commissioners up to???– Eye Witness Report by Robert A. Williams

When I saw the Agenda for the Commissioner’s meeting on July 7, 2015 I smelled a rat. A new County Attorney was going to be selected and sworn in at this very same meeting. This turned out to be Tim Moore. Commissioner Chairman Jason Falls’s first cousin.

But, what had happened to the County Attorney of over 32 years, Bob Yelton? No commissioners Public discussion about a change of County Attorneys. No public notice of anything. No retirement party for Yelton, in the event that he had resigned. No gold watch. No nothing. The Commissioners had even hired lawyer Andrea Leslie-Fite as a “Staff” attorney (what ever that is that is different than the County Attorney) with no public discussion either. Now they have two attorneys on the payroll for what Bob Yelton had done by himself. Jason Falls and his band of commissioners are throwing away money again. That rat I am smelling must be a big one. I decided right then I was going to ask around about this.

And ask around I did. Right to the source. I contacted former county Attorney Bob Yelton, scheduled a meeting and went to see him with pen and paper in hand and lots of questions.

Mr. Yelton gave me a rundown on how he was lied to, illegally fired (as well as Tim Moore was illegally hired) and back stabbed by the whole bunch of commissioners. Mr. Yelton also gave me an email letter that he had sent to every commissioner dated July 28, 2015. Usually, I wait to last to show communications from the source of my information. Not this time. Mr. Yelton’s letter to the commissioners pretty much say it all in his own words.

Former County Attorney of 32 and a half years letter to the commissioners is as follows:
(Nothing is added and nothing is subtracted. The letter is exactly as sent and tells it all.))

July 28, 2015

Dear Commissioners,

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to you and previous Boards of Commissioners for allowing me the privilege of serving as Cleveland County Attorney for the past fourteen and a half years. I would also like to thank previous Boards who allowed me to serve as County Attorney for eighteen years. Of the past forty years, I have served as County Attorney for thirty two and a half years. I was always proud to be County Attorney for Cleveland County. My time as County Attorney was a labor of love, because I love Cleveland County and always will. I am extremely proud of the service I, and my firm, rendered to Cleveland County. We always put the County’s interest first, even though we were being paid less than our normal hourly rate.

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