Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Cleveland County DSS and DSS Director Karen Ellis by DSS Employee!!!–Commissioners Not Allowed to Comment per County Attorney Tim Moore!! Eye Witness Report by Robert A. Williams

As soon as Rev. Clark finished his three minute exhortation to the commissioners to get on the ball and do their job, the County Attorney Tim Moore advised the commissioners that this was a personnel matter (the resignation) and that they should not reply or comment to what was just said. Of course a Federal Lawsuit is a public record and the very next day I obtained a copy of the lawsuit from the Federal Clerk of Court in Asheville, NC. For your convenience that lawsuit is attached at the end of this article.

My advice to the county commissioners is to get their act together and do something about the Cleveland County DSS. If you read the lawsuit you will find that there are certain indications, although not specified (yet), that Rev. Murphy may also have been discriminated against by a network of “girl crushers” (lesbians) who have well established themselves in the upper management hierarchy at DDS for years. It is virtually impossible that Commissioner’s Jason Falls and Susan Allen, who have served terms on the DSS Board, are not aware of this nest of lesbians, although they will probably never admit it. But, if the commissioners do nothing after having been notified of a problem, they might find themselves a big part of this (or others) Federal lawsuit themselves. Especially now that people are learning that they have the option of seeking legal remedies when government officials refuse to do their jobs. Of course taxpayers will pay the price when a big award for damages is awarded by a judge and a jury. But so what? These are mostly the taxpayers and registered voters that stay home on election day. They deserve what they get. But I don’t deserve having to pay just because the election no-shows aren’t paying attention to what is going on right under their noses.

Also folks, there are other major things that came out at the June 21, 2016 Commissioner’s meeting. Things like the Fair being broke and asking commissioners for $250,000 of taxpayer dollars, commissioners refusing to fund auditoriums and swimming pools at Burns and Crest High Schools while Shelby and Kings Mountain High Schools have them, a 2016-2017 Budget Public Hearing and shenanigans which throw more taxpayer money at economic development (but only a select few get the benefits of that development) and other such budgetary injustices. These items will be described in separate articles for your convenience.

Also, stay tuned for more regarding this Federal Lawsuit. The Federal Lawsuit (Complaint) has been filed with the Federal Court in Asheville, NC. Unlike complaints filed with the County Commissioners, a Federal Lawsuit cannot just be ignored. The DSS and DSS Director Karen Ellis have a certain time to “Answer” (respond) to the lawsuit and file their “answer” in Federal Court. That will be a public record too and I will get a copy and publish it for all to see. The days of secret wheeling and dealing are over for DSS and Cleveland County Commissioners. Stay tunes as this has not ended with a three minute session at the County Commissioner’s Meeting. This has just started. And may end up including the Commissioners themselves. Especially since Rev. Murphy, after announcing his resignation at the June 21, 2016 Commissioner’s meeting, has also filed a grievance with the Cleveland County Manager alleging retaliation. Perhaps this will get included in the original lawsuit or be the basis for another lawsuit that includes the Cleveland County Commissioners this time. When will these “dumkoffs” (Nit Wits) ever learn. My bet is it won’t be long.

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