FBI to Investigate Representative Tim Moore and Others!!! Silence From Commissioners and the Shelby Star– Report by Robert A. Williams

Alleged problems with political campaign spending and political campaign reporting have been floating around the area for some time now. Cleveland County’s own Representatives Tim Moore, Kelly Hastings and perhaps Senator Warren Daniel (all Republicans) have made corrections to their Campaign reports per State Board of Elections requests and audit reports. Tim Moore apparently bought a property in Raleigh in the name of a company Tim owns and Tim is paying his company $1,200 per month from his campaign cash for Tim’s rent while Tim is in Raleigh. Kelly Hastings has been criticized for using campaign cash to pay expenses for some of his family to come to Raleigh for special political events. Even Lincoln County Representative Jason Saine has been criticized for spending $19,000 from campaign cash to purchase new clothes for himself. Hey, I have myself filed a formal complaint with the Cleveland County and the State Board of Elections against a group (of one) that called themselves “Concerned Citizens of Cleveland County” and “Travis Mangum” for running various expensive political advertisements right before the 2015 General Election without filing the proper, in my opinion, paperwork identifying themselves as a political action committee and not properly reporting the almost $1,000 spent on the advertisements to the Board of Elections. Cleveland County BOE immediately turned this over to the State BOE and, of course, NOTHING has been done.

But now the FBI has entered the picture and it is official, according to WBTV Channel 3 News, that Tim Moore and one of his biggest buddies in Raleigh, Representative David Lewis (R-Harnett), who is one of Speaker of the House Tim Moore’s top lieutenants. Both Moore and Lewis, according to the WBTY report have allegedly been involved with shady deals involving preferential legislative treatment to some who have given them substantial campaign contributions.

Click HERE to see the entire WBTV article as well as related articles. Also, scroll back to my Editorial article ” Speaker Tim Moore, Rep Kelley Hastings, Governor Pat McCrory Attacked, It’s All About Politics!!”

As far as Tim Moore paying himself a reasonable rent on a piece of property his company owns in Raleigh, this is considered a trumped up complaint. Tim could probably make that $1,200 a month renting to someone else and spend more in expenses by staying in a Motel. Every Motel in Raleigh probably charges at least $90 per night. Times 30 days per month equals $2,700 plus tax. It sounds like Tom Moore is saving taxpayer money on this one.

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