Facing the Facts about Tourism in Cleveland County– Report by Robert A. Williams

Cleveland County Commissioners, the Economic Development Partnership, the Star and who knows who are at it again. The Star’s latest article entitled “Tourism Spending Continues to Surge in County” repeats the same old worn out story about how well tourism is doing in Cleveland County and how great the American League World Series, the LeGrand Center, the Don Gibson Center and the Earl Scruggs are really bringing in the dough for Cleveland County.

Click HERE for the Star article.

It’s all Hokum!!!

Ask yourself one question. If any of these never ending tourism articles and propaganda from the folks noted above were true, why does state tax money, Shelby tax money and mostly Cleveland County tax money have to continue to pay operating costs for these facilities so they can keep their doors open???

My take on all this tourism propaganda is this. If they don’t make enough on their own to pay their power bill, we taxpayers need to spend less on these types of boondoggles, not more.. I would wager that if we got rid of the high dollar overhead expense of this tourism and economic development crowd, our overall cash flow on tourism would probably go positive. I count this as a fact. If we cut the $Millions going to the overhead of these groups we would have much more money left, even when we pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating expenses. Probably enough to lower taxes.

Anyway folks, keep this in mind when you are reading all this hokum from the Shelby Star articles about tourism. It’s all just simple third grade math to really understand that you are being lied to.

Stay Tuned, it is Election Year for the School Board and city offices.

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