Every Christian Should Read the Star??? One Last Time !!!– Report and Editorial by Robert A. Williams

For years the Shelby Star has done the Devil’s work very well. The Star has always advocated the so called Gay Rights Agenda, same sex marriage, prostitution, drinking, gambling and about any other kind of sin that you can think of. The local Wicca (Witchcraft) High Priest Tony Brown, along with about every variety of gay rights activists, active homosexuals and other misfits have always been top commentors on the Star’s Blog; while anyone with an outspoken Christian opinion usually gets called “Haters” and winds up being banned by the Star’s moderator. (A person I know very well was once banned eight times by the Star using different “handles” for his Christian support for an Ordained Baptist Minister who was running for elected office.) The Star has never been even half way fair to Christians, while publicizing the Wicca “church” schedule along with Christian Church schedules in their Friday editions. Even the Star’s front page picture some time back of the Gay picnic party over at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer (catty corner across the street form the Schools headquarters) did not show gays, but a crowd of Wicca members lead by Tony Brown. The “Reverend” Tony Brown as he is known by the Star. All out supporting the sins of their brothers and sisters that is well condemned in the BIBLE.

So, why is it not surprising that the Star has taken up with the incumbent School Board Candidates who are all against Prayer. Roger Harris, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Jerry Hoyle? A recent editorial in the Star claimed these school board members, along with Phillip Glover, Jack Hamrick and Kathy Falls, made a “correct and cautious call” and were true leaders in voting against Prayer; even while looking into the faces while stabbing in the back the 400-500 Christians at the October 12, 2015 School Board meeting. The Star is also printing Letters to the Editor supporting the incumbent candidates while most likely suppressing or rejecting letters supporting their challengers. That has always been the Star way.

Now, there are some who are fighting back regardi9ng the Star. Rodney Fitch, a member of the Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association wrote a letter of protest to the Star regarding the Star’s coverage of the October 12, 2015 School Board’s rejection of Prayer at school board meetings. Mr. Fitch, correctly, challenged the Star for leaving out news of a substitute motion to begin the process of having a Prayer at school board meeting beginning November 9, 2015. And that two board members, Roger Harris and Richard Hooker, had changed their votes from FOR Prayer to AGAINST Prayer. Mr. Fitch also, and in my opinion correctly, opined that the School Board had “staged” the meeting to avoid the issue of Prayer in the first place.

Everyone should read Mr. Fitch’s Letter to the Star (Click here to read it), as well as my report on the October, 12, 2015 meeting. (Scroll on back and read my article again.) Mr. Fitch did not need to send me such a letter because I did not leave anything out in my report of the meeting. I was there October, 12, 201, and along with Mr. Fitch and eight others spoke to the School Board, which promptly forgot everything we said.

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