Early Voting for School Board has Started–Pay Attention for Traps Set by Tea Party !!! Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The hastily put together School Board Candidate forum held by the Shelby TEA Party and there voting recommendations appear half baked. First of all, The TEA Party only recommends voting for four of the five available positions. Folks, FIVE is the magic number. Out of nine school board members, FIVE is the majority. FIVE like minded new board members would be able to put together a MAJORITY that could immediately resolve most to all of the current problems at CCS all by themselves. The only four candidates recommended by the TEA Party are evenly split between conservatives and liberals. This absolutely and positively would bring the CCS Board into a gridlock with FIVE of the wrong old school Board in absolute control for years to come. Who wants that besides the TEA Party and the incumbents.

The points of contention boil down to this: Candidates Yvette Grant, Jo Boggs and the missing candidate on the TEA Party recommendation. We agree with Robert Queen and Hal Hastings on the TEA Party Voter’s guide.

We question Yvette Grant’s ties to the Math Academy, which is funded by CCS and CCS sought after grants. Mark Twain’s character once said show me where a man gets his corn pone and I will tell you what his politics are. In Mrs. Grant’s case the Mark Twain example would be a “her.” Besides the Math Academy being a public relations ploy to divert the poor math scores at CCS away from the schools, Mrs. Grant may be reluctant to take a stand that would impact her own paycheck of standing with the Math Academy community. This is called a conflict of interest in legal terms. This should be avoided.

We question Jo Boggs most of all. Mrs. Boggs was one of the original appointed School Board members when the Merger to Shelby, Kings Mountain and Cleveland County School Systems took place. Mrs. Boggs has a record and it is not pretty. First, Mrs. Boggs and the other original Merged School Board members did not endorse Prayer before their meetings. Neither did they have a Moment of Silence. These folks, including Richard Hooker and Shearra Miller who are also running set the tradition for CCS to be completely void of Christian morality. Only when Danny Blanton was elected in 2013 did the issue of Prayer get brought up by Mr. Blanton. Even then it took until June 9, 2014 to get it into a discussion, where the rest of the CCS Board stuck CCS with the moment of silence. Later Mrs. Boggs resigned from the CCS Board to run for the County Commission. In her terms as a Commissioner, running to 2010, Mrs. Boggs proved herself to be an elitist who didn’t pay much attention to the public except for the Country Club Crowd and the DCC effort to take over the Old Courthouse. Once when it was known that some concerned citizens were coming to a Commissioner’s’ meeting, Mrs. Boggs ordered a K-9 unit from the Sheriff’s Department to park on the raised curb directly in front of the Commissioner’s Chamber in order to intimidate anybody from speaking out against the Commissioners. Intimidation of the people is an old Cleveland County governmental trick that Jo Boggs did not invent. But she sure as heck used it. The inference was the dog would be sic’d on anybody that caused trouble and Jo Boggs would be the judge of “trouble.”

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