DSS Not Involved !!! Millions Mourn Death of Four Year Old Cause of Death Mysterious and Unknown !!! Analysis by Robert A. Williams

One minute the four year old was acting normally.  The next minute the baby is dead.  The baby was well cared for.  It was not SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  It was daylight and people were watching the baby closely.  Yet the baby is dead.  And millions of people from around the world are mourning the death of this seemingly healthy four year old baby.  These mourners are demanding answers from those in charge of the money that was paid to keep and protect this dependent baby.  They want to know what happened, why it happened and heads will roll in the agency charged with caring for this baby if somebody screwed up.  Many suspect a form of mental abuse killed the four year old baby-but DSS was not called.  Phooey on DSS.  DSS doesn’t work and everybody knows it.  However, these millions are demanding that nothing like this ever happens again.

Yet, 100 or so babies with DSS involvement have been murdered in North Carolina in just the past several years and not one DSS worker has been fired or disciplined.  Not one DSS policy or procedure has changed to save babies from being murdered tomorrow just like they were murdered yesterday and today.  You don’t have to go far.  Cleveland County, Catawba County Cumberland County.  All these MURDERED babies under DSS protection and nobody in North Carolina does anything.

So, how does this four year old baby die and so many millions care?  The baby was Knut.  The baby polar bear in the Berlin Germany Zoo.  Knut was rescued by humans when his mother rejected him.  People hand fed Knut with great care and raised him like he was a pet.  That is until Knut starts growing claws and sharp teeth.  Knut is then left alone on exhibit for those millions to see.

Knut died in his Berlin Zoo polar bear pool with 600 people watching.  Millions are now morning for Knut the dead polar bear.  Jeremiah Swafford, Zahra Baker and Shania Davis are brutally murdered human children in our back yard and most everybody has forgotten all about them.  DSS is the same old DSS, maybe even worse.  And NOBODY cares as much for a human baby as they do for a dead polar bear.

Go figure.

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