DSS is Really D$$! It’s ALL about Money-Drugs, Lawyers, On and On!!! Forwarded and Edited by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note:  Stories like this regarding the abuses by D$$ upon our families, children and all of our Constitutional rights have poured in from across North Carolina and the United States.  Our Internet articles about the Cleveland County DSS have gone around the world and the following story is one of many that have come back to us.  The names and locations in this story have been changed to protect the family from retaliation by the D$$.

Although Cleveland County’s D$$ may be the worst of all, there are too many D$$s that are pretty close to being as bad.  Read on and Stay Tuned.


I sent this article to a NC Reporter (and now I’m sending it to Citizens For Good Government) asking that something be done to expose the ignorant and abusive tactics of county Departments of Social Services as well as the misnomer of that title.

Please don’t include my name with this true information regarding DSS.

I want to ask you something in regard to your award-winning story about the eugenics program in North Carolina.  (A “History of Eugenics” is located at the end of this article)  In the course of your investigation, did you wonder what difference it might have made had your story been told at the time the abuse was happening? And did you also wonder if we have learned our lesson from this horror so that if something resembling it should ever start to take place again, we’d recognize and report it in time to make a difference?

I am also asking you to investigate a trend, not too different than the one that got the eugenics movement started and is keeping it alive, occurring right now.

You can begin by going to www.psychrights.com and reading some of the stories about how parents are being deemed negligent for refusing to put their kids on Ritalin, and even worse, along with CCHR’s (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) additional documentation of the Ritalin abuse, their exposure of a movement to prescreen children for possible “mental illness” and put them on antipsychotics to supposedly prevent future episodes of psychosis or just to handle other behavioral issues.

Now, I hope you will help me tell my daughter’s story. She’s an adult, but local D$$ is trying to take away her rights to refuse anti-psychotic drugs and is labeling her a schizophrenic, despite a serious head injury followed by two diagnoses of brain injury. And, they are totally dismissing my reports of her adverse reactions to drugs, since the head injury and after a dentist overdosed her with Halcion (one of the most dangerous and potent drugs on the market, banned in the UK, because of its affinity to cause psychosis).

I have taken care of my daughter for over three years, since she fell on her head and broke her jaw and teeth.  On the advice of experts at UNC and from others, we have been following an orthomolecular and homeopathic approach to healing, and she has gradually been coming back to herself after suffering serious effects from the Halcion overdose.

I have learned during this time that she relapses every time she takes any drug that affects the brain–even Dramamine–and these drugs also interfere with the homeopathic healing.  So, I have kept them away from her as much as possible and by June of this year, she was ready to start going out and socializing, ready to start finding a job or returning to college (she had made straight A’s at NC State and transferred to Carolina where she had a minor wreck, that may have started this whole condition).

Just after progressing so well, she found and took some old antidepressants she’d had from 2006 (never used that much then), and relapsed terribly for a few weeks until I could get her cleared and back on track again.  This happened after I had gone to the local agencies to ask them for some social support for her–support that a brain injury advocate like Robert Brown (who worked with brain injured people for years) suggests in the article linked below and like the Brain Injury Association of NC told me all brain injury sufferers were supposed to have access to in our state.  Hogwash.


What I got was the runaround.  Finally the Agency that took over for our defunct Albemarle Mental Health (after some hanky-panky by the former director shut it down) told me there was no available funding to help her.  So my daughter was coming alive, however, she was lonely and there was nothing or no one for her except me, and she was tired of me; understandably so.

During this relapse, she became hostile toward me (like she had been while on the Halcion which is what Halcion does to some people), and she imagined the police were stalking her, so she called D$$ for “protection.”

Though D$$ KNEW she was having a delusion, they took on the role of her “protector,” and apparently HAD to come up with a good reason for doing so, and so they decided I had neglected my daughter.

I found this out the day I met with Mandy Goodnight of D$$ and Dale Hutchins of Hotline, thinking naively, I could explain Jamie’s story, and they’d support me, because by God, after 3 years I needed some support.  Ironically, just as this was happening, we had just finally started getting her disability benefits.

So you see, now Jamie had some money for D$$ to take over, and that’s what D$$ did. Not only did they not support me, they refused to help me convince Jamie to stay away from the old drugs because they were causing relapses.  Instead, they took her to an uneducated general practitioner, to get refills.  They left me out of this altogether, treating me like a criminal.

They ignored my reports of her serious adverse reactions – reactions that are documented right on the drugs’ labels.  They ignored the diagnosis of brain injury.  And, they decided, with no valid diagnosis other than their own that she was NOT brain injured – she was schizophrenic!

They are apparently too ignorant to know that brain injury psychosis and drug reactions often resemble schizophrenia, and when these symptoms are caused by brain injury and/or drugs, drugs are the last thing you need.

They dismissed me and all the work I’d done to bring her back (given up my job and my retirement), demoralized me, and accused me of neglect.  I am still trying to get them to make that charge in writing so I can confront it, but when I ask them to do so, they say, “oh, we don’t mean you did it willfully.”  I insist there has been no neglect, unless they want to blame the economy and our system that neglects people with brain injury in general, and that my character is in question here, and I want them to clarify what they are saying.  But they refuse.

I was going to start proceedings for guardianship, but my daughter doesn’t want to see anyone else (she did see another psychiatrist in Raleigh in October who said she has brain injury and drugs would likely make her worse – which is typical with brain injury), and I did not want to cause her any more trauma, because she also has a diagnosis of post traumatic disorder.  I wanted instead to get her the kind of support that would help her work on her fears and draw her back into Society.  No one, by the way, contends she is a danger to herself or others, so I see no need to rush this.

And then, also, when I learned that my daughter’s relapse had been prolonged only because D$$ took her to get more drugs – psychoactive drugs, I knew she wasn’t incompetent and if I deemed her so, ANYONE after that could force her to take drugs she didn’t want to take. She had already refused an anti-psychotic D$$ had taken her to get (when all she wanted was a sleeping pill), but D$$ said they’d consider her incompetent if she didn’t take it, so she took a couple of them and relapsed yet again – much, much worse – almost as bad as after the Halcion.

So D$$ evaluates her behavior while she’s agitated and delusional again, withdrawing from this dangerous anti-psychotic (see Greensboro’s Grace E Jackson’s testimony about the brain-damaging effects–as well as testimony from Dr. Peter Breggin), and decides she’s schizo for sure–mentally ill–and they file a petition to deem her incompetent, which is full of distortions and outright lies.

Since D$$ has no diagnosis, or basis for determining her schizo other than their own observation of her while she’s having drug reactions (I have proof these reactions can last weeks and resemble schizo), the court is giving D$$ time to FORCE my daughter to see local practitioners who have no expertise in brain injury, supposedly so they can determine she’s incompetent and apparently so they can get the diagnosis that justifies them coercing her into taking anti-psychotics.  Probably having something to do with my calling to say they were responsible for her continued relapses after they did so–not even telling me (she’s still living with me) they were doing it.  This is a drug that can kill you or cause life- threatening reactions, and no one told me she was given this drug to take!

As a matter of fact, we had just gone to Chapel Hill and were on our way to visit Cooper Riss, a healing community for people with brain disorders near Asheville, when she started acting bizarre. At the time, I had no idea what caused this behavior. She stopped eating and sleeping and said she wanted to go home and die.  We never made it to Cooper Riis, and when I got home and finally got her to sleep with homeopathics, I found the drugs in her purse. She had broken them in pieces and so she had taken only small doses.

When I brought this up in court, D$$ said they did not believe she took the drug – again treating me as if I were a lying criminal.  I was a grad student in public health at UNC–I worked my way through college, grew up in Raleigh, was an Honor Society student and never committed a crime in my life.  I have done nothing but give up everything to help bring my daughter back to health and there is absolutely no excuse for these people to treat me this way.

The court, did not listen to my concerns.  Instead, they made D$$, the one trying to take her rights away, her guardian ad litem–ordering evaluations and dismiss-ing the brain injury diagnoses.  I don’t even have the power to get an attorney on her behalf and my daughter is still not recovered enough from the drug reaction to even know what they are trying to do to her.  And the court-appointed so-called advocate is a joke!  Her idea of explaining my daughter’s rights in this scenario is to say she agrees with D$$–the ones trying to take away her rights.

D$$ has taken away my right as her SS benefit representative payee, and I’m telling you, I was about to lose my house before the benefits kicked in–now I don’t know what’s going to happen.  My daughter is chemically sensitive and she can’t just live anywhere without making her condition worse, and yet I am put in a position where I could lose the roof over our–our home of 20 years. A safe, non-toxic place to live is HARD to find.

If you look at D$$’s mission on the link below, they claim to “value and respect the individual’s right to determination” and they state on their site that they work to “strengthen families” I can’t see how our local D$$ is in line with those claims.



I have a copy of new documentary put out by CCHR (and yes if you research you will find a connection to the Church of Scientology – but so what – doesn’t change the facts), with testimonies by a slew of experts about how drugs are taking over our mental health treatment and why this is happening – it’s all about money. And there’s many people who’ll tell you what D$$ is doing to us is all about money also.

If D$$ labels my daughter schizophrenic, then she’s “mentally ill,” and they can just put her in a psyche ward and drug her or force her to take drugs, and withhold her benefits if she refuses. Now that’s really honoring her rights!  But if they accept the two diagnoses of brain injury, then it’s developmental disability, and that’s a whole different ball game, as I understand it.

Ironically they and their lawyers insist brain damage can’t exist if it doesn’t show on a scan, and yet they fail to acknowledge that there is no empirical evidence for schizophrenia–the diagnosis is controversial and based on opinion, and it certainly doesn’t show on a scan.

Really, all I want from them (D$$) now is to leave us alone and stop interfering with my daughter’s treatment, since they are obviously not going to support it.  They need to understand what a drug reaction is–that it can last a long time– what benzodiazepine withdrawal is–that it can involve psychosis and can last for years, what a brain injury is –that ist DOESN’T HAVE TO SHOW ON A GD SCAN.

I sent her scan to Dr. Mandingo in Cleveland County–I talked to him, I talked to people at his rehab center, and all said a brain injury doesn’t have to show on a scan.  If our county just had neuropsychological testing, I could give D$$ more proof.  But why in the hell should I have to?  They had their lawyer at the hearing (again continued–going to force her to get more evaluation–already had a psychologist come see her while she was having a Dramamine reaction.  I’m sure they got their diagnosis).  I said I did not want my daughter forced to do anything or have police coming to traumatize her. The lawyer said flippantly – “we’re not going to traumatize her.”  I asked if he was a doctor.  He asked if I was.  When I said I knew a lot about brain injury, he responded that she could not be brain injured because nothing showed on the scan.  So they are still sticking to their lies, and because I don’t have a lawyer, because I am poor, powerless, and accused of negligence, I have to sit there and take it.

Apparently the only crime I’ve committed is being the mother of a brain-damaged daughter who has hostile delusions about those close to her when she’s adversely affected by drugs, and I have, nevertheless, because of the facts and my extensive research, refused to force her to take more drugs, but have chosen instead the more intelligent, less toxic, and healing approach to her recovery.  And perhaps I open my mouth too wide when I feel someone is harming her.

I don’t see how that makes me a negligent parent or should in any way justify what D$$ is doing right now.

My daughter is slowly getting over the reaction to the Risperdal she took in October. She is not yet eating normally, but she is starting to sleep better, and she is not hostile toward me anymore.  The homeopathic remedy that was working to gradually bring her back before seems to be working again.  The right remedy turns off the “crazies” as well or better than any drug, and it causes no side effects other than a possible aggravation now and then if the dose is too strong–an aggravation that lasts up to 24 hours and causes NO brain damage or other damage whatsoever.

So what in the hell is wrong with this choice over anti-psychotics?

When I read that some children as young as three are being put on anti=psychotic (including Ritalin) drugs, I want to weep for this world.

Eugenics in America: A Brief History

(A Brave New World for D$$)

America’s experimentation with genetics as a tool for social change (Eugenics) is not new. In the 1920s, the United States became the world center of eugenic activity and social policy. From 1907-1960 more than 100,000 innocent Americans were sterilized in more than 30 states. In the 1930s and 1940s, Hitler’s scientists took eugenics to the extreme – establishing human breeding farms for “Aryans,” large-scale sterilization and euthanasia programs for the mentally and physically disabled, and death camps for the races they deemed “genetically inferior” or “unworthy life.”

Both the American and German eugenics movements of the 1920s and 30s identified human beings as either hereditarily valuable or inferior. They established programs to purify the “race” of “lower grade” and “degenerate” groups, thus extending racism to include a new generic classification – the “genetically inferior.” Not surprisingly, the targets always turned out to be the traditional victims of racism – Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, Indians, and other minorities.

After Hitler’s defeat, the American eugenics movement fell into disfavor, appealing primarily to the KKK, neo-Nazis, and small groups of old-line scientists steeped in the racist theories of the pre-war period. In the 1960s, their key spokesman was Stanford physicist William Shockley, who was the first to suggest offering cash incentives to people with low IQ scores who would agree to sterilization. He called his proposal the “voluntary sterilization bonus plan.” Despite his status as a Noble laureate, Professor Shockley was widely regarded as a racist and a kook within the academic community. Nevertheless, he laid the foundation upon which the new eugenics movement would eventually be resurrected.

In 1974, Federal District Court Judge Gerhard Gesell estimated that “over the last few years” between 100,000 and 150,000 low-income persons were sterilized under federally funded programs. Ruling on behalf of plaintiffs in a class action suit, Judge Gesell stated that “an indefinite number” of those sterilized were “improperly coerced” into accepting sterilization. Judge Gesell observed that “the dividing line between family planning and eugenics was murky” (Relf v. Weinberger et. al. U.S. District Court of D.C., March 15, 1974). In many cases, welfare patients were told (by DSS) that they could lose their benefits if they did not submit to the sterilization procedure. On September 21, 1975 The New York Times Magazine reported that doctors in major cities were routinely performing hysterectomies on mostly black welfare recipients as a form of sterilization, a practice that came to be known euphemistically among medical insiders as the “Mississippi appendectomy.”

Today those who advocate eugenics have access to far more sophisticated technologies than those of their pre-war predecessors. For example, Norplant, a drug approved by the FDA in 1990, provides an alternative to permanent sterilization for women by preventing pregnancy for up to five years. A popular proposal to reduce the birthrate among welfare recipients and unwed teens is to induce them, through monetary incentives of the threat of a loss of benefits, to have Norplant surgically implanted in their upper arm. In 1991, Kansas representative Kerry Patrick defended a proposal to offer $500 to any welfare mother who accepted Norplant, saying the program “has the potential to save the taxpayers millions of their hard-earned dollars. Something must be done to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies…” (The New York Times, Feb. 9, 1991).

In 1994, legislators in Connecticut and Florida introduced bills that would provide cash bonuses for welfare recipients who accepted Norplant. Florida and Colorado have introduced incentive programs for men to accept sterilization. The Florida bill would offer $400 to men living below the poverty line for undergoing a vasectomy; the Colorado bill would allow criminals early release. While none of these bills has yet become law, the momentum for eugenic solutions is growing. If current trends continue, we can expect to see such sterilization programs gain legal sanction across America.

Editor’s Note:  Folks, this ain’t about to happen in Cleveland County and North Carolina.  Remember D$$, it’s all about the money.  There is no money in sterilizing welfare recipients.  It’s the other way around.  More kids means more D$$ workers whose job is spending more tax money.  It’s been that way since the 60’s.

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