DSS Attacks Traditional Family The Next Family Could be Yours !!! –Forwarded by Robert A. Williams

My call for assistance for the lawsuit against DSS has brought responses from California, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts AND North Carolina.  This message was particularly egregious because a middle-class traditional family was attacked.  DSS has gotten away with “kidnapping” children involved in divorce and custody cases for so long that they are not afraid to go after what many believe to be DSS’s real agenda-to destroy Traditional Families.

One thought to remember.  DSS has already re-defined “family”.  The traditional family, throughout the history of the world, was a biological father-the family leader and bread-winner, a biological mother-the nurturer and one or more biological children.  DSS’s usual tactic is to run off and destroy the family leader, the biological father.  Then re-define the “family” that gets DSS assistance as being a single mother with a child.

As the DSS lawsuit indicates, a strong working mother who won’t go along with DSS (Her ex-husband hires the DSS attorney) gets her children “kidnapped”.  The “traditional family” who sent me this email may also have grounds for a lawsuit against DSS.  Folks, wouldn’t it be better to get rid of the DSS Board and DSS leadership who won’t get rid of the crime and corruption at DSS?


I read your article about Cleveland county.

I have a case for you. My wife and I have lost our children unjustly due to inept and manipulating DSS operations. I do need some level of privacy here, as does my wife.

I can tell you that we have been racially and religiously been discriminated by DSS.
I can tell you that we are a good family with a primary bread winner of over $75k a year with a stay at home mom who cooks and cleans and raises children – a traditional family.

We are multi ethnic and Muslim, intelligent, bright and alive. There are no drugs, crime, alcohol, police reports, abuse, evidence of abuse or anything you would think. Kids are top in the school, state and sometimes the nation for grades. ….on …and on and on…

Kids are out of the home (taken by DSS)  on May 14th on hearsay…manipulated reports…etc…no corroboration was done at all.

My wife, Jane and I are heartbroken and sick in the pits of our stomachs for such a cold and sick system. We are normal, no less normal than the average.

I am telling we are being bullied and pushed around …..

It is a long story but a worthwhile one.

I believe our constitutional rights are being violated, as are our childrens.

Please call and/or email me


Election day is coming soon.  Ask Mary Accor, Jo Boggs and Eddie Holbrook what they are going to do about making changes at DSS.  If you don’t get an answer or don’t like the answer-vote them out.  It can be just that simple.