DSS ALERT! Do NOT sign ANYTHING!!! NEVER turn over your children to DSS/CPS WITHOUT a Court Order


Do NOT sign ANYTHING!!!  NEVER turn over your children to DSS/CPS WITHOUT a Court Order

Recommendations provided By Robert A. Williams

The Citizens For Good Government have been contacted by many people in North Carolina, South Carolina Florida, California, Massachusetts, Virginia and many other locations by people who have run afoul of the monsters within the Departments of Social Services, often called Child Protective Services (CPS).  We have been working on a set of recommendations-guidelines for citizens to follow when DSS/CPS knocks on your door.  We are still working on that set of recommendations.

Now information has reached us that we cannot wait on providing the complete set of recommendations before publishing.  This alert must inform folks of what they must always do when the first DSS/CPS contact is made.  A First Recommendation.

The first recommendation has to be NEVER SIGN ANYTHING, NEVER STIPULATE TO ANYTHING because DSS/CPS will turn whatever you sign around and use it as an admission of guilt when they take you to Court.  DSS/CPS will almost always threaten you, that if you don’t sign their Safety Assessment Agreement or agree to admit to something just a little wrong, that they will take your children away from you.  If you sign, they say things will go easier on you and your children won’t be taken.  Or if they are already taken, you will get them back soon.  Then they take the document you just signed to court to take your children for a very long time.

If you sign the documents DSS/CPS threatens you with, then you have agreed that there is a problem or that you have committed a crime.  The Courts (Judges) will take DSS/CPS documents you signed as an admission of YOUR GUILT, no matter what you might say later.  But at least you get to have you day in Court.

Now, DSS/CPS in North Carolina has figured out a way of taking your children without even going to Court.  First, DSS/CPS goes through the same process of threatening you and making you sign their documents.  Then, when you sign, they threaten you that they will have to take your children and put them into foster homes for a long time unless you allow DSS/CPS to take your children right then and there.  DSS/CPS promises some sort of kinship custody if you let them take your children.

All of this is under DSS/CPS control and they never even go to Court at all.  And YOU don’t get to go to Court and speak up for yourself either.  DSS has you kids and you have to do whatever DSS/CPS says for as long as DSS/CPS says.  And YOU let all of this happen to YOU.  You have given up all of YOUR (and your children’s) Constitutional rights.


This is what we recommend:

  1.  DO NOT SIGN ANY DSS/CPS DOCUMENTS.  DSS/CPS will always want their documents signed immediately.  But YOU tell DSS/CPS that you want to review the documents thoroughly and let your lawyer or legal advisor also review the documents before you sign or do not sign anything.  This is your legal and Constitutional right.  DSS/CPS cannot take these rights away from you.  But you GIVE your rights away if you sign.
  2. If you are threatened that your children will be taken if you don’t sign, write down on a piece of paper what the DSS/CPS has just threatened you with and ask DSS/CPS to sign YOUR piece of paper.  Be sure that you list the date, time, and the full name of the DSS/CPS worker and anyone else that comes with DSS/CPS (including any law enforcement officer).  Ask for name tags or identification papers to make sure you get the correct names.  If DSS/CPS will not sign what they have threatened you with, Mark the document with the statement that DSS/CPS refused to sign and ask DSS/CPS to leave immediately.
  3. NEVER let your children leave with DSS/CPS or even law enforcement at any time unless there is a Court Order in hand and YOU get to keep a copy.  If you have to, hold your children tight and do not turn loose of them.  ORDER DSS/CPS to leave your property immediately.  This is your Constitutional right but YOU have to enforce it.
  4. Without any signed Court Order, DEMAND DSS/CPS and law enforcement, if they are there, to IMMEDIATELY leave your property.  Remember that DSS/CPS often bring law enforcement with them in order to intimidate, especially when they want YOU to agree to do what they demand.  Do NOT be intimidated.
  5. Write down everything that was said and done and save.  Make a note of any and all conversations with DSS/CPS and save those too.


Please pass this information along to all your friends who have children.  Other recommendations on handling the DSS/CPS will follow. 

Stay Tuned !!!

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