Donate to Sheriff’s Department Children’s Christmas Fund– Money Put to a Very Good Use!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

I have mentioned several times earlier this year about how the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department comes into contact with children who most of us will never see. Innocent children whose parents are in trouble with the law who are in great need of the basics of life. Clothes, shoes, winter coats, sox, underwear and the like. Children who will get nothing for Christmas other than what the kindness of the Sheriff’s Department hearts can bring to them.

To my recollection Wal-Mart was the biggest contributor, maybe the only contributor, to the Sheriff’s Department Children’s Christmas Fund with a donation of $1,000. County records show 25% of Cleveland County citizens receive food assistance and there is little to go around to the children who need it the most.

So, this year let’s all that can send a check to:

Sheriff Alan Norman
Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department
100 Justice Place
Shelby, NC 28150

Make your check out to the “Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office” and mark the For line “Children’s Christmas Fund.”

Please be as generous as you can as there is much need and 100% of your donation will go directly for the intended purpose of helping children who basically have nothing.

This will be the best donation that you will ever make and the donation is needed right now as Deputies are making their lists and trying to stretch every dollar. Perhaps you would also like to volunteer to help the Sheriff’s Department make their deliveries. Don’t know about that, but it won’t hurt to ask. But for right now, write that check and put it in the mail today. That is what I am going to do.

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