Donald Trump Demolishes Hillary Clinton in Presidential Debate!!! –Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

History has shown many things about politics.

One thing that has been shown is that if you know where a candidate stands on Gun control, abortion and taxes; you will find that just about every thing else that candidate stands for is also determined. For example; if a candidate is against abortion (Pro-Life), is against gun control (for Second Amendment Rights to own and carry firearms) and wants to cut taxes, that candidate is CONSERVATIVE and also wants Justices on the Supreme Court that will read the Constitution and follow the Constitution as it is written. That candidate will want to curb government waste and corruption, curb regulations and government intrusion in private lives and businesses, promote a good national defense program, promote law and order, promote a thriving economy where everyone is expected to work and pay their own way, and other good common sense approaches to running a country or state or county or even a school system.

If a candidate stands for abortion (Pro-Choice), for gun control and wants to raise taxes on the rich or anybody else; you can be sure that candidate is a LIBERAL and wants to go opposite to everything that has made this country great.

Remember the vote several years ago where 80% of Cleveland County voted AGAINST same sex marriage and North Carolina voted over 60% against same sex marriage? That provides definite proof that Cleveland County and the whole state of North Carolina is conservative and espouse conservative positions on issues.

Therefore, let’s look at the last presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton through the eyes of conservatives in Cleveland County and North Carolina to determine who won the debate. Forget about what the liberal media, including the Shelby Star, said the candidates said. Make your decisions on what the candidates actually said and in the context of how they said it. The whole debate can be replayed by using Google and YouTube.

Let’s go through the issues brought out in the debate and in the order they were brought out.

1. Who do you want to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Trump won the Third Presidential debate on this issue. Trump said he would pick conservative Supreme Court Justices who would enforce the Constitution as the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution. Hillary Clinton said she would appoint justices who would make rulings that THE JUSTICES thought were appropriate. Like the Federal Judges who through out North Carolina’s same sex marriage ban despite the overwhelming will of the people against same sex marriages.

2. Who do you want to insure your second Amendment Rights are not taken away? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Trump won the Third Presidential debate on this issue. Trump is endorsed by the National Rifle Association. Trump says Chicago has the most stringent gun control laws in the nation, yet Chicago has thousands of gun related deaths. Hillary wants more gun control laws with the FBI in control. The same FBI that she has corrupted. Hell no to Clinton in this one.

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