Do You Think You are Safe in Cleveland County? Think Again, A 20 Time Loser is Looking for People to Assault, Places to Rob

Report by Robert A. Williams

Most every day the pages of the Shelby Star are filled with stories of shootings, murders, killings, armed robberies, assaults, sex crimes, hitting a neighbor with a rock, stealing condoms, stealing socks, barefoot armed bandits, stealing a sandwich, resisting arrest, drug busts bootlegging, meth labs, shootouts with police, Breaking and Entering and larcenies of all sorts. The list goes on and on. Almost EVERYDAY. Then the Star says, despite all the bad news, reports show we are more safe than we have ever been. Bull-oney. What is the Star smoking when they are looking at any such reports?

Sheriff Alan Norman says we have a broken judicial system. Of course we have a broken judicial system. The DA and Judges turn the criminals loose faster than deputies and police can lock them up. Even when criminals are sent to prison for long periods of time, they get out way early and commit more crimes and often worse crimes when they get out.

Before we provide a few examples of where the judicial system is broken, let me say this: It is apparent that those that engage in criminal activity; especially young criminals and juveniles, when caught, must be quickly tried and appropriately punished right then. If this is not done and there is a long delay between the crime and the punishment, the young criminals come to believe there will be NO punishment, which reinforces his belief that crime does indeed pay. So, oftentimes more crimes are committed and when a slow justice finally does arrive for the offender, it is too late to make a difference. (I didn’t think that up all by myself. I read it from a Criminal Justice textbook that I happen to pick up and look at.) We see that over and over again in Cleveland County, especially in the almost 30 year regimes of Bill Young, Rick Shaffer and Michael Miller as District Attorneys in Cleveland and Lincoln Counties. Michael Miller says that if he is elected District Attorney he will bring Rick Shaffer back as an Assistant DA. Just like Shaffer did for Bill Young and what good did that do for our broken Judicial System. It could be even worse that bringing back “Daddy” Rick Shaffer; Mike Miller may well bring in Shaffer’s daughter-Whitney Nicole Shaffer, who made such a mess in the DA’s office in Catawba County. Now that is certainly a good reason for voting for John Bridges for DA if there ever was one.

Now for some examples.

1. Schuyler Mark Camp (59) Camps recently allegedly killed Roger Dale Sisk and was wounded during a shootout with police before finally being arrested. Sisk’s family is rightly irate because Camp got out of prison 32 years before the end of his term for the previous murder of Camp’s sister.

Camp’s problems with the law began when he was 13. Camp has been in mental institutes a total of 28 times and spent 18 years of a 50 year sentence in prison for murdering his sister in the Ingles (on 74 at 226 interchange) parking lot in 1990. Camp probably also sat in the Cleveland County Jail the 2 years after the murder of his sister until his trial in 1992. Camp is presently charged with murdering Roger Dale Sisk on June 23, 2014, engaging in as shootout with Police, possession of a firearm by a felon and a few other charges.

These serious crimes happened during the Bill Young Rick Shaffer regime as DA. One has to seriously wonder how Camp got out of prison 32 years early on his 50 year sentence? Where is the DA on this question? Not a peep. We have to consider the murder of Roger Dale Sisk last month to be another example of “Death By DA”. Not a peep from the DA’s office on that issue either. This is the recent case that Sheriff Alan Norman was referring to when Norman said the “judicial system was broken.” We had provided Camp’s Criminal Record with the NC Department of Corrections. See for yourself that the Judicial System is “broken.”

Marty Camp Criminal Record

2. Jimmy Terry (50ish) Jimmy Terry is a one man crime wave. Not necessarily violent, but an unabashed thief, hooked on drugs, who will steal and has stole about everything within his sight. Jimmy Terry was married and had two children before drugs turn him to the dark side. Many of Jimmy Terry’s early crimes were apparently covered up in the Crawford Sheriff’s regime when Terry’s brother was a member. Jimmy Terry was the drug buyer who set up Deputy “Rock” Smith in an FBI sting when Smith was selling drugs out of the Sheriff’s evidence room. Perhaps Jimmy Terry’s helping set up other druggies for arrest helped him avoid being arrested himself for a long time. But Terry was too prolific a thief to cover up forever. Check out Jimmy Terry’s Criminal Record.

Jimmy L Terry Criminal Record

Jimmy Terry also managed to never pay child support. Terry managed to sign up for Disability, saying drugs had “fried” his brain. Incredibly DSS got Jimmy Terry approved for Disability benefits. Not only the Judicial System is broken. DSS is broken too. And that is not the end. When Jimmy Terry is approved for disability Terry then turned his bills over to DSS for DSS to pay his bills for him. I would not have believed this unless I saw it with my own eyes, but Judge Ali Paksoy ruled that one of the bills Jimmy Terry did not have to pay was child support.

How could this be? North Carolina law says a Judge cannot set aside child support arrearages that have accrued. But Judge Paksoy made such a ruling. I saw and heard it myself. Just another example of a Judicial System gone bad? Not by himself did Paksoy cover up for Jimmy Terry. I called DSS about Jimmy Terry getting by without paying court ordered child support and was told that it was a Federal Requirement when someone is on Disability that they don’t have to pay child support. So I called US Representative Patrick McHenry’s office about this and his staff person told me that the Disability claims were turned over to the State for administration and I would have to call the State DSS. A clear runaround. Next thing I do is catch Patrick McHenty at a so called “Town Hall” meeting at CCC in Shelby. Up until that time I was a Patrick McHenry supporter, but when I told McHenry that I wanted to get his staff together along with State Representatives staff and get to the bottom of this issue, McHenry refused. I would certainly like to get rid of such a US Representative as Patrick McHenry but could not fathom replacing him with Ann Fischer, Kathryn Hamrick, Betsy Fonvielle, Mary Accor or the latest liberal candidates from Asheville. Now back to this article.

3. Brandon Beaver (22) Broke in CCSD Deputy car in Casar. Was after guns. Been in prison already at such an early age. Check out Brandon Beaver’s criminal record. Brandon is on the path to more violent crimes. This is the pattern that the Cleveland County Judicial System just does not know how to break.

Brandon Beaver Criminal Record

4. Timmy Beaver (33) In prison right now. Timmy is Brandon Beaver’s older brother Timmy has committed ten infractions while in prison, included 2 infractions related to gang activity. Timmy is already a habitual felon at age 33. No telling the violent crimes that will be committed by Timmy Beaver, starting as soon as he get out of prison most likely.

Timothy Beaver Criminal Record

5. James Wallace “Buck” Carr (72ish) Buck Carr is a 250 pound ex-Marine. A dishonor to the Corps. Buck was charged with and admitted shooting a firearm (a military rifle) into the vehicle of a neighbor as the neighbor and his son were driving down a road near their homes. Shooting into an occupied vehicle is a felony and should have been prosecuted vigorously. But evidently not in Cleveland County under Bill Young and Rick Shaffer. The jury asked to see the Sheriff’s Department Incident Report on this particular crime and the Judge would not let the Jury see the Incident Report because the District Attorney did not enter the Incident Report into evidence. So, the jury did what they were supposed to do. They did not have the evidence to convict without a reasonable doubt, so they returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.. Carr’s military rifle was returned to him and he went on his way.

But later Buck Carr is charged with pointing a weapon at that same neighbor. Carr avoids the Deputies, who are often scarce in upper Cleveland County anyway, and was not immediately arrested. However, many months later Carr’s whereabouts are reported to the Sheriff’s Department and deputies are dispatched. Although the deputies were plenty slow enough for Carr to have moved on, Carr delays until deputies arrive. Then Carr runs with the deputies in hot pursuit. As the younger deputy gets close, Buck Carr reversed and perhaps using Marine training tactics, wrestles the Deputy to the ground and appears to be getting the better of the situation. However, the second deputy arrives and immediately tasered Carr into submission with about 50,000 volts. Carr’s own words later described himself as “flopping like a fish.” Carr is arrested for the original charge of pointing a firearm with the additional charge of resisting arrest.

In Court Judge Dean Black incredibly finds Buck Carr not guilty of pointing a weapon, but does find Buck Carr guilty of resisting arrest. Judge Black slaps a very small fine with non supervised probation on Buck Carr and Buck Carr leaves the Courthouse with a smile on his face.

But that was not the end of Buck Carr’s influence on this article. The guilty verdict for resisting arrest should put Buck Carr on the list of criminal records with the NC Department of Corrections. When I checked there were no records for James Wallace Carr on the records with the NC DOC.

Buck Carr

So, no wonder the Star is saying the records show crime is less now than in the past. The records are not complete or are manipulated. But it gets worse. Read on.

6. James Gettys, (37) Another one man crime wave. Drugs, in prison several times. Reportedly his family has spent a lot of money trying to keep James out of trouble. But too many drug involvements made that impossible.

James Gettys !! Criminal Record

7. Jimmy Gettys (63) James Gettys’ father. Many drugs involvements here also. Reportedly involved in Auto accident that killed woman, Drugs found in car lots of cash-prison time. several prison times. Note that the NC DOC record does not show the charges involved with killing a woman.

Jimmy W Gettys Criminal Record

Stay tuned, You ain’t seen nothing yet.

8. Morgan Whitaker (24) Morgan Whitaker (female) is a trouble maker who likes to stir up trouble in the trailer park and fight her neighbors, especially women and children. When I first learned about Morgan Whitaker, she had graduated to fighting men too. To help her hoodlum man get out of a tight spot when he is caught at 4:30am trying to break into their neighbors vehicles. Morgan Whitaker is known to her last two landlords as the rentor, where she lives with her children and Jeremy Adam Grayson. Almost immediately the Whitaker and Grayson team pick fights with their neighbors and get kicked out of the trailer park; owing money, leaving trash everywhere and damaging the property. They know their rights though. They know they have 31 days after the landlord files eviction notices before they have to leave. They take all 31 days and consider it rent free. I interviewed their past two landlords who didn’t mind the 31 days as long as this crowd was gone. Whitaker is known for recklessly driving around the trailer park with her kids hanging out the car windows and swerving toward neighbors as they try to get into their parking places.

Morgan Whitaker presently has two outstanding criminal charges of assaulting her neighbors in both the trailer parks where she last resided before getting evicted. In the first assault (first that is recorded in Cleveland County) Morgan Whitaker is charged with assaulting her neighbor and her sidekick in crime, Jeremy Grayson, is charged with three counts of assault. One charge of assault on a female regarding the mother of the woman Morgan Whitaker is beating up on. One charge of assault in regard to assaulting the 12 year old son of the woman Morgan Whitaker is beating up on. And one count of assaulting the 15 year old daughter of the woman Morgan Whitaker is beating up on.

When Morgan Whitaker makes her first appearance in Court on these first assault charges, she asks for a Court appointed lawyer and fills out the paperwork showing her income and monthly expenses. Whitaker lists herself as a stay at home mom, unemployed and with Zero earned income. She lists $725 in Food Stamps from DSS as her only source of income and says her monthly household expenses are $1,435.00. A lawyer is assigned to Morgan Whitaker at Cleveland County taxpayer expense.

While under the first set of assault charges and now living in a second trailer park, Morgan Whitaker gets into trouble again helping Jeremy Grayson fight off their neighbors when Grayson is caught in the act (with crowbar in hand) attempting to break into their neighbors vehicles at 4:30am on a Sunday morning. It seems Whitaker, Grayson and other friends were partying loudly on that Saturday night and the neighbor lady asked them , at around 1am, to quieten it down. When the neighbor lady got up and was about to leave for work at 4:30 am she observed a figure (Grayson it turned out) around the household vehicles. The neighbor lady woke up her man, he immediately put on his pants and ran outside where he was confronted with Jeremy Grayson swinging his crowbar. The man was hit once with the crowbar but managed to wrestle Grayson to the ground when Whitaker joined in the fray, jumped on top of the man and trying to gouge the man’s eyes out. The neighbor lady joined in to help her man-after first calling 911. Several Deputies from the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department arrived but refused to press charges against either Jeremy Grayson or Morgan Whitaker. I suppose this is how Law Enforcement in Cleveland County can show records that crime has decreased in Cleveland County. (I consider that a scam on county citizens. What do you think?) Anyway, Grayson and Whitaker’s friends who were partying all night were hooting at the police “We hate Cops!!!” So much for police protection. The neighbors were required to go to the magistrate’s office and file assault charges themselves against Grayson and Whitaker, which they did.

I was doing some Court-watch duty When Morgan Whitaker and Jeremy Grayson make their first appearance in Court on these second assault charges. Judge Larry Wilson asked Grayson and Whitaker if they wanted Court appointed lawyers and both Grayson and Whitaker said they did. Judge Wilson asked them if they had any outstanding cases against them where they were already represented by Court appointed lawyers. Both Grayson and Whitaker said they did. What were the charges? asked Judge Wilson. Both said “assault”-the same charges that they were now again being charged with while the first set of charges were still pending. Whitaker and Grayson again had filed identical income and monthly expense reports showing they both were unemployed with Zero earned income, were receiving $725 in Food Stamps and had $1,435 in monthly expenses-the same as before. Nobody can live like that, however, the forms Grayson and Whitaker filled out didn’t have a blank for “Income from Theft or Robbery.” Judge Wilson visibly hesitated a bit at that answer. He had seen me in court with my clipboard and just knew he would be getting another “Nit Wit” award or another “Puddn’head” award. Wilson went ahead and allowed Grayson and Whitaker another round of Court appointed lawyers at taxpayer expense and went on to the next cases. Grayson and Whitaker were allowed to go and do whatever they pleased.

My thoughts on watching Chief District Court Judge Larry J. Wilson in the action, or inaction, of trying to fix a “broken” judicial system was this. No more “Nit Wit Awards” or calling Judge Wilson a “Puddn’head” or depicting judges as clowns. No, the Cleveland County Judges apparently don’t pay any attention to that. The only way to get the attention of the Judges and Lawyers in Cleveland County is for taxpayers to take up a collection and rent a place near Judge Wilson’s residence for people like Jeremy Grayson, Morgan Whitaker and their hoodlum friends to stay for awhile. I would bet the “Broken” judicial system would be fixed before the sun went down on the first day.

9. Jeremy Adam Grayson (35) See the write-up on Morgan Whitaker for the description of Whitaker’s and Grayson’s two assault charge episodes that they had together. There is no need to repeat that here. Besides the very recent assault charges, Mr. Jeremy Adam Grayson has plenty of problems all by himself and starting at an early age.

If you count the charges filed in only Cleveland County you will see that Jeremy Grayson is a 20 time loser. The lady at the Clerk of Court office checked Grayson’s court file and found about twenty charges, including six felonies. Grayson’s record started when he was 16 and involved cocaine. Lots of larcenies, breaking and entering, etc. since then. With a record like Grayson has and the statements from his last two landlords, whenever Jeremy Grayson is in the vicinity, things get stolen and places near get broken into. And what about Jeremy Grayson’s future? Who would hire such a person knowing that as soon as their back was turned, his property would be carried off and sold at the first opportunity? Not only has the “broken” Judicial system failed to protect the citizens of Cleveland County, it has also served to break Jeremy Grayson’s of his criminal ways.

And how can anyone unemployed survive with $1,435 in monthly bills with only $725 in Food Stamps as an income? The difference can be made up in only one way. Stealing, fraud and perhaps other forms of crime. Reports on Jeremy Grayson indicate he is not ashamed of his criminal ways and even states he has been involved with counterfeiting money.

There is another problem with Jeremy Grayson and Morgan Whitaker surviving on $725 in Food Stamps. Whitaker’s children are the source of the eligibility to draw on government food assistance. So, the two or three children who the food assistance is meant to feed is actually feeding the children as well as two adults. As well as somehow supplying the adults with beer and liquor and perhaps drugs too. Where is DSS in all of this? Where are Commissioners Jason Falls and Susan Allen? Both of them have served or are serving on the DSS Board and are always bragging on what a good job DSS does. Both Jason Falls and Susan Allen must be asleep at the wheel regarding DSS.

Anyway, check out Jeremy Grayson’s criminal record and wonder where all those charges went that are not shown on this NC DOC record. Also, remember there are four or so new assault charges against Jeremy Grayson that have not been adjudicated yet in Court. It appears Jeremy Grayson’s criminal activity has turned violent. YOU could be his next victim.

Jeremy Grayson Criminal Record

Folks, again stay tuned. If you have read the Star’s statements that the record indicate Cleveland County is a safer place today than in the past. Hold on. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

10. Michael Bruce Fitch, Jr. (52) Mike Fitch is a bad man. He was involved with beating his daddy to a pulp. Threatening his mama with a gun many times. All kinds of frauds and theft of other peoples property. From the records shown above, Mike Fitch seems to be a “poster boy” for the average Cleveland County thug. Only thing was Mike Fitch was involved and convicted for the murder of his wife’s brother, whose head was blown off with a shotgun. Then, as a part of Mike’s probation Mike Fitch gets a job as a backhoe operator putting in the sewer system in Grover. Also, while on probation for murder, Mike Fitch is involved with the murder of “Binky” Pederson in a drug deal gone bad. Mike Fitch takes his gun to work and buries it in a trench that he was digging. About a year later the remains of Binky Pederson are found and identified and somehow the gun was recovered. Again, Mike Fitch is convicted of murder and gets more probation. Yes, Mike Fitch is a bad man. Also remember that the Cleveland County Probation folks were in the upper Cleveland County area recently looking for someone on probation. They were armed and wearing bullet proof vests. Do you have a bullet proof vest that you wear when someone knocks at your door?

Mike Fitch is so bad that he gets mad at others in his family and goes to Grover with a gun. Mike Fitch goes to his grandmother’s house with his gun and confronts his aunt, three uncles and his grandmother and threatens to kill them all. Mike tells his grandmother, “Grandmother, I love you but I can’t leave any witnesses.”

Somehow Mike Fitch changes his mind and does not kill his relatives. But they take charges out against Mike Fitch for communicating threats, etc.. A Cleveland County Judge finds Mike Fitch guilty and only gives him probation. A twice convicted murderer gets convicted of communicating threats and only gets probation? Yes, the Judicial system is indeed broken in Cleveland County. And perhaps there have been other murders that Mike Fitch was involved in and no witnesses survived.

But that is not the end of the Mike Fitch story. Check out the NC Department of Corrections record for Mike Fitch. Not one peep about the two murders mentioned above. According to that record, there are NO murder convictions and the only charges against Mike Fitch are those charges related to Mike Fitch communicating threats to his relatives.

Mike Fitch Criminal Record

Folks, I don’t know what you make of the “broken” judicial system and whether or not you would consider believing what the Shelby Star said about records showing Cleveland County is a safer place than before. Mike Fitch is still walking around somewhere. Same as Buck Carr, Jeremy Grayson, Morgan Whitaker and most of those listed above. Who knows but that Marty Camp and Timmy Beaver will be walking the streets in Cleveland County before long. Also remember that all of the criminals listed above are white, but similar or worse Black and Mexican criminals are also walking around in Cleveland County.

If you want to feel secure and actually be secure, I recommend two things:
1. Go to the Sheriff’s Department and pick up a pistol permit. Then go out and buy a firearm and some ammunition for personal protection.
2. Go to the Voting Booth on November 4th, 2014 and Vote for John Bridges for District Attorney.
I would also recommend canceling any subscription for the Shelby Star so you won’t be misled any more about what is going on in Cleveland County.

PS: Sorry for the length of this article. Once I started there were so many criminals to write about. I had to make myself stop at the eleven noted above as this criminal injustice system in Cleveland County is so broken that it is not describable any more. I consider Voting for John Bridges for DA as the most important starting point for turning around the revolving door at the Courthouse.

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