District Attorney Prosecutes Vegetable-Asks for Prison Time!! -Reported by Robert A. Williams

District Attorney Prosecutes Vegetable-Asks for Prison Time!!
-Reported by Robert A. Williams

Please re-read the 2008 Citizens For Good Government Article “Kim Newton-Murder or Accident?? A Mother’s Quest for Justice.” For your convenience that article is added to the end of this article. Then come back and read the rest of this article. You will understand what is meant by prosecuting a “vegetable.” You will only begin to know how sorry the Judicial System is and how injustice prevails in Cleveland County.

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Jeff Haynie was the driver of the truck that was struck by the TAAC van in March of 2007. Mr. Haynie received severe head injuries in the collision and has permanent brain damage. Mr. Haynie was the “vegetable” that the High-DA, Richard Leroy Shaffer, Jr. informed Ann Pennington that he “would not prosecute a Vegetable” for the collision and death of Ms. Pennington’s daughter, Kim Newton. The 2008 CGG article must have changed the High-DA’s mind. Less than a month before the time limit (two years) for filing charges, the High-DA charges the “Vegetable” with Driving While License Revoked and Misdemeanor Death By Motor Vehicle for the death of little Kim Newton. On Monday, June 14, 2010, 0ver three years later, the High-DA brings the Vegetable, Jeff Haynie, in for trial.

This was a special trial too. The High-DA came out of his usual hiding place, Domestic Violence Court, and came to the regular District Court where misdemeanors (small criminal charges-not felonies) are tried. The District Court is usually packed on Monday mornings. Usually the regular Assistant DA, Katie Sawyer, gets to do all the DA work in District Court. Other ADAs do the Superior Court stuff. The High-DA, being the High-DA gets to hide out where he pleases. Kind of like Sheriff Raymond Hamrick being missing-in-action for 4 years. For this case though, ADA Sawyer gets to sit down for awhile and watch High-DA Shaffer try this very hard and difficult case. All two minutes of a case.

The “Vegetable” as the High-DA calls him is too tough for the regular Law Enforcement folks to handle. Defendant Jeff Haynie gets brought into the Courtroom by his little gray-haired mother. The Vegetable doesn’t have a clue where he is or why. His female Court Appointed Attorney, reported to be Joni Smith from the Corry and Luptak Law Firm, sits the Vegetable down beside her. The Vegetable never had a clue where he was, what was happening or anything else. The Vegetable never says a word. Lawyer Smith could almost be described as a “Vegetable” too. Lawyer Smith only says ONE word during the whole trial. When Judge Ali Paksoy asks Lawyer Smith how her client pleads, Smith says “Guilty” and that was the last you ever hear from her.

Every trial that I have ever observed, even when you plead guilty, some sort of witness will be sworn it to testify to the circumstances and extent of the crime so the judge will have some information for sentencing. Not this time. The High-DA Leroy Shaffer calls no witnesses. Lawyer Smith says not a word. Not even that the collision happened on the Vegetable’s side of the road and the TACC van had crossed the road hard enough to push the Vegetable’s truck into the field on his side. The High-DA refers to the Vegetable’s record and recommends to Judge Paksoy that Haynie should go to prison for 15 months.

Judge Paksoy, obviously informed of the case while behind closed doors (and who very likely read the 2008 CGG article like every other Judge in Cleveland and Lincoln County), asks Ann Pennington (Mother of the collision victim) if she would like to say something. Ann says “yes.” So Ann Pennington takes the stand as the only witness in the case.

Ann Pennington testifies that Mr. Haynie, who still doesn’t have a clue what is going on, has obviously suffered enough from the collision and recommended that Mr. Haynie NOT be sent to prison. From the 2008 CGG Article that you read, you also realize that Ann Pennington has re-lived many times the collision that killed her daughter and made a vegetable out of Mr. Haynie. Ann knows that fact s are facts and the collision was caused by the TAAC van crossing the centerline and striking the vehicle Mr. Haynie was driving. Everybody else with any sense knows that too. But to protect TACC and set up a “record” that Mr., Haynie, the Vegetable who can’t speak for himself, is the person at fault for the collision-the Judicial System has to show that the Vegetable is guilty. And, by Lawyer Smith saying her one word, “GUILTY,” the mission is accomplished. Judge Paksoy sentences the Vegetable to two years probation and the deed is done. The two TACC “wheels” in attendance get to know that their rear-ends are covered.

Editor’s Note: Getting the record to show what the “In-crowd” wants the record to show is very important to covering up the actual crime and corruption in Cleveland County. In this case the High-DA wants to put a brain-damaged “Vegetable” in jail to provide the cover-up. In the murder of Jodice Peeler, a sex offender, druggie, admitted child murderer is set free to cover-up for DSS not protecting two year old Jodice. Stay tuned to the Jeremiah Swafford case too. That is the way the system always works. And it works because we, the voters, let it work that way.

Be sure to stay tuned for more on Jeremiah Swafford. For your convenience, we will also re-post the Jodice Peeler story as another article. We apologize for calling Mr. Haynie the “Vegetable.” That was the High-DA’s doing as you will have noted from the original 2008 CGG story that is shown below.

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(FROM 2008 CGG)
Kim Newton–Murder or Accident???
A Mother’s Quest for Justice
As told By Robert A. Williams

Not far up NC 18 from where Asha Degree was last seen flowers and a cross mark the spot where Kim Newton was killed in a head-on collision between a TACC (Transportation Authority Cleveland County) van and a pickup truck on March 19, 2007. Although Kim was as small as a child but older in physical age than the others in this series. her mental age was that of a child. Kim was handicapped but she was the light of her mother’s eye. Her mother only wanted the truth to come out about the cause of the collision that killed KIm. If there was any guilt, she only wanted justice for Kim. Instead, she got lies, threats, cover-up, persecution and prosecution. As you have read this series notice that this is the most recent wrongful death of a child. Also notice that justice is still impossible to get in Cleveland County unless you have connections or a Country Club address. Read On!!!
Ann Pennington, Kim’s mother, is a lifelong resident of Fallston. Like many from farming families of the time, Ann spent many years of her youth and later working in the cotton fields around Fallston. She received a “Fallston” education and never strayed far from home. She did not live a sheltered life by any means. Money was well earned and not to excess. Ann and Kim were not members of the Shelby Country Club. Caring for her handicapped daughter became the centerpiece of Ann’s existence.

Ann Pennington has searched for justice for Kim from the very minute she received the cell phone call from a relative that the TACC van had been involved in a crash. (Notice that I don’t say “accident.” You will soon find out why.). Ann immediately rushed to the scene, arriving even before the State Trooper. What Ann found was her child’s life was ending and a nightmare almost as bad had just begun. The nightmare of finding justice for her dead child. The nightmare shared by the family of Brenda Sue Brown and Asha Degree. Jonathon Scruggs, Justin Grant, the three elderly women whose phone lines were cut and others could be added to this list. (Perhaps they will be in the next issue.)

Ann has called everybody from Jo Boggs to the Whitehouse. DA Rick Leroy Shaffer told Ann he was the highest authority she could go to then hung up on her. A lawyer told Ann that “the value of your child’s life is zero.” Judge Dina Foster ruled that Ann had gone to the hospital to stalk an EMS worker, not because her daughter was dying. Judge Dina ordered Ann to shut up and not to complain anymore to County Officials or else.. (Sort of like Judge Dina wanted to shut me up, ha-ha!) And much more.
Now for some details.

Kim Newton’s disability qualified her for programs that included TACC rides to various places for training. This particular trip was to the Life Enrichment Center, where Kim liked to open the door for people and welcome them with a smiling face. Kim was very short and small in stature. The TACC van seatbelts had to be fastened just so for Kim. Ann figured out how to “do” the seatbelts and attempted to show the TACC van driver on multiple occasions how to fasten Kim in securely, but the driver was too often paying attention to the cell phone she had stuck to her ear. Ann would always make sure Kim’s seatbelt was properly fastened on the front end of each trip, but Kim would often return with the seatbelt not properly fastened. (Remember that Kim was the only person in the TACC van killed in this collision. The driver and a woman in a wheelchair, also suspected to have been improperly fastened in, were injured and transported to Charlotte. The driver of the pickup truck was brain damaged and never has had the opportunity to tell his side of the story. A perfect situation for a cover-up?)
The TACC van and pickup truck collision that took Kim’s life on that fateful day occurred on a return trip. The TACC van was travelling north from the Life Enrichment Center on NC 18 and the pickup truck was heading south. The speed limit was 55 MPH where the collision took place. Therefore the vehicles would have been approaching each other at a combined speed of up to 110 MPH. That breaks down to every second the vehicles are closing the distance between them by161.3 feet. The point of collision is about a mile North of the NC 18 and NC 180 intersection and stoplight. The last stoplight before Fallston. The exact spot of the collision is marked by the Cross at the Duke Power pole at Ris’e Turner’s driveway. The road is straight for a mile in each direction and the weather was not a factor. It is broad daylight.

You might be asking about the speeds, weather, distances and lighting. Williams, why are you telling us all this? I will say right now that you should not believe a word of how I developed MY conclusion on this collision. YOU open up the Sherlock Holmes inside of your own mind and reach your conclusions yourself about who is to blame for this collision. Then drive up NC 18 to follow the path of the TACC van and down NC 18 to follow the path of the pickup and see for yourself where they collided and whose story you believe.
Like I said before, NC 18 is straight as an arrow in both directions from the point of impact. Straight, but NOT flat. You can see for yourself what I am going to describe next.

Take NC18 in Fallston and travel South toward Shelby. The road South of Wright’s Grocery goes straight as an arrow. Make sure you are travelling at 55 MPH. When you reach the intersection of Wallace Grove Road (Shelby Sale Barn) to the right, the road goes into a gentle dip. You can NOT see what is coming past the crest of the little hill in front of you. You can however see the top of the power pole where the Cross marks the spot where Kim Newton was killed. Get ready!!!
When you can see the bottom of the pole (ground level) start counting the seconds. One thousand, two thousand, three thousand takes you past the spot. The time is about two and a half seconds. That is the maximum time the pickup truck driver had before the collision to see the approaching TACC van and for the TACC van driver to see the pickup. It was daylight remember, no lights were shining.
Now, turn around and head North on NC 18. The road narrows to two lanes past the Zion Church Road intersection. NC 18 straightens out right about the Asha Degree billboard on the left and starts downhill from there. Make sure your speed does not exceed 55 MPH going down the hill. If you haven’t noticed, this is the biggest swag in the road, not counting the swags on both sides of Beam’s Mill hill, in the entire 10 miles between Shelby and Fallston. This “hole” is where most cell phone calls that are dropped (lost) due to a loss of signal occur. You reach the bottom of the swag right about the “Turner’s Upholstery” sign on the right side. As you are climbing the hill the slope at first is more steep, then the angle changes to a gentle rise giving you plenty of time to pick up any speed you might have lost coming out of the swag. You can see for a long way, you can see the ground level at the Cross marked power pole. But you can NOT see past the crest of the hill in front of you.

Even as you approach the crest of the hill heading North, you cannot see what is coming until it pops over the crest of that hill. AND any driver approaching from the other direction cannot see you. So, travelling at 55 MPH for two and a half seconds you would be 201 feet from the point of impact and an approaching driver would be 201 feet from the point of impact. The distance is closing at 110 MPH in order to match the conditions of the collision on March 19, 2007. Any such crash would be horrific.
This experiment, hopefully minus the collision, can easily be repeated by anyone that doubts what has been said. I have repeated it many times since Ann Pennington first knocked on my door.
Since each driver had 2.5 seconds of reaction time, the question of WHO was at fault becomes, what side of the road did the collision occur on? Ann Pennington herself was one of the first to arrive at the scene. The collision occurred on the WEST side of NC 18, the side toward the mountains. That was the pickup driver’s side of the road. If fact, the force of the collision knocked the pickup into the field on the WEST side of NC 18 and demolished it, leaving the driver a vegetable forever. Skid marks confirmed the TACC van had crossed the centerline and impacted with the pickup head-on on the West side of the road.

So, it appears the TACC van driver was at fault in the collision that killed Kim Newton. But since the pickup driver cannot speak to tell his side somebody else did his talking, like Skippy Foster and Rick Leroy Shaffer. The TACC van and pickup truck were removed from the scene so fast that it would make your head swim. All TACC employees were called into a meeting the very next morning and instructed to cut to the RIGHT, not the left, when collisions were imminent. This is clearly an attempt to sell the TACC side of the story. The TACC driver involved in the collision was still in the Charlotte Hospital with a large knot on her head and other injuries, so whatever story that was cooked up probably didn’t originally come from her. The Star came up with witnesses that said the pickup driver was driving erratically before the collision but it was impossible for them to have seen the collision. The person listed on the police report as a witness was called and she didn’t know which side of the road the collision occurred on much less anything else of value.. In fact, it would be impossible for anyone behind the pickup driver, far enough to have safely avoided the collision themselves to have seen the collision. They would have been in the dip in the road and would not have seen the actual collision. If the TACC van driver had been alert enough to see someone on her side of the road, she would have been alert enough to have avoided the collision altogether. The pickup driver was on his side of the road and had gotten to the West shoulder as far as possible in order to avoid the collision. The actual impact clearly was on the pickup driver’s side of the road. The TACC van was clearly at fault for the collision.
Those are the physical facts of the collision as we have been able to determine them. The following is what we believe happened to cause the collision and require a cover-up in the first place. The TACC driver was distracted by her cell phone on what appeared to be a straight road and the TACC van began to drift to the left. When the approaching pickup suddenly “popped” into view, the TACC van driver panicked, slammed on the brakes while drifting to the left and collided with the pickup. Destroying the pickup and pushing it off the left side of the road in the process.

One person surely not at fault in the whole scenario was Kim Newton. And nothing was going to bring Kim home to her mother. One person who absolutely did NOT care which driver was at fault in the collision that killed Kim Newton was Kim’s mother, Ann Pennington. Ann Pennington DID care that Kim should NOT have died in vain. That whoever was at fault be properly identified and charged properly because of the collision that killed Kim. And that contributing factors, such as improperly securing a person with a seatbelt be determined and the lessons learned be applied in the future to save someone else’s life. I cannot see anything wrong with Ann’s motivation. I can see lots of wrongs in the many mean and vicious and I believe illegal things that happened to Ann as she tried to get some justice for her daughter, Kim Newton. Read on!! And take another blood pressure pill. You are about to get angry. Again!

Ann Pennington didn’t realize it then, but when she expected the “system” to do what is right she was about to find out the hard way that the “system” doesn’t work for somebody with a cottonfield upbringing. Unless you have ended up with a Country Club address. The “system” worked for O. Max Gardner III when Max IV was killed in an automobile crash. Max III got justice, such as it was. But Ann was asking for justice that was above her raising. What did she get? The same justice me and most of the other people get in Cleveland County. Which is none.

Ann Pennington had another characteristic shared by many of us with cottonfield backgrounds. She won’t take not one bit of bull-oney dished out by the in-crowd. Especially not when she is looking for justice for her child that was wrongfully killed.
The system however had to “show” Ann Pennington who was boss. After I heard and saw all that happened and what was happening to Ann Pennington, I knew this was a story that I was going to write. I was going to do all that I could do to inform the citizens of Cleveland County about how our “system” operates and how we need to change it. YOU should take heed so that the next story I write won’t be about YOU and how YOU are looking for justice. Read on!!! More details as follows.

Ann had some initial hints that the death of her daughter was going to be covered up when the wreckage of the TACC van and the pickup were quickly moved inside locked areas with tarps on them. It was pretty obvious that evidence was to be hidden, not discovered.
Then a call to our shiny new (no pun intended regarding his bald head.) DA, Rick Leroy Shaffer. I could have predicted Ann would get the runaround from Leroy, but I didn’t yet know all the different pieces of the puzzle. Anyway, Leroy told Ann that he was as high as she could go in this matter and that he was not going to prosecute a “vegetable.” Then he hung up on Ann. That’s just like something Leroy would do, thinking he is “above” the people that voted for him. Elitist, like fellow Democrat lawyer Barack Obama.
Then Ann checks into TACC itself. Ann reports her digging indicated TACC was not actually owned by Cleveland County. A guy named Tommy Gunn was paid big bucks by the Cleveland County for TACC services. Hmmm, does this sound like Cleveland County cronyism or what? Then I have heard TACC has been quietly sold or transferred to Cleveland County. Selling anything to the County from a good-ole-boy usually includes a big profit for the good-ole-boy. Sounds like the start of a good article for another day. Maybe that is why Leroy Shaffer didn’t want to mess with TACC and the potential for “political donations?” Like the ones Leroy got at Riverbend Golf Course before he changed his campaign report.

Then there were the lawyers. For the most part lawyers are well known as ambulance chasing vultures looking to make a bundle off somebody else’s misfortune. Dale Costner once said “Lawyers make their living by lying and stealing. They get by because they manipulate the system.” Yet no lawyer in Cleveland County has come forward to help Ann get justice for Kim’s wrongful death. One lawyer actually told Ann that “the value of your child’s life is zero.” I would like to spit some Beech-Nut in that dude’s eye. One lawyer actually took the case but won’t do anything or return Ann’s telephone calls. That’s the usual way the lawyers kill and cover-up cases in Cleveland County. I hear that lots of times.

Another twist came when a relative of EMS worker Dwayne Dawson, calls Ann and tells her about all of Kim’s injuries she allegedly heard about from Dwayne. Dawson worked the collision but, according to Dawson he didn’t actually transport Kim. Others did that and they talked about it amongst themselves. Dwayne talked about it to others outside the EMS world and it was all over Upper Cleveland County now. Ann (and myself) believe disclosing confidential medical information is a Federal crime. (Actually there is no doubt about it. The unauthorized disclosure of confidential medical information is in fact a violation of Federal law.) But this is Cleveland County remember. When Ann sees Mr. and Mrs. Dawson at the Dollar General in Fallston, she tells Dwayne to stop talking about Kim’s medical information. Dawson tells Ann, “I don’t give a fuck if your daughter died or not.” All this was a big deal to Ann. Not only had Dawson disclosed Kim’s medical information, Dawson had previously disclosed medical information about another of Ann’s relatives. Ann finds out that it is common for EMS to get on the medical computer system, look up people and talk about it among the community. Nobody in county government cares enough to do anything about it..

Ann Pennington cared. She called Joe Lord, Director of EMS. She calls the County Manager, She calls lots of people. Ann went to see Cleveland County Commissioner Chairman Jo Boggs. Nobody does anything.
Nobody but Dwayne Dawson and Joe Lord. Dawson goes to the Magistrates and tries to take a criminal warrant out on Ann. Dawson says Ann tried to whip him at the Dollar General when he told Ann “he didn’t give a fuck whether your daughter died or not.” The Magistrate looks at Dawson, well over 6 foot and around 250 pounds, then laughs at Dawson and sends him on his way. (At least somebody does the right thing in this whole mess.)

But Dawson is not through. According to Dawson he gets with Joe Lord and they, , cook up this plan to shut down Ann Pennington, once and for all. Dawson will go over to the Clerk of Court and get a 50(C) restraining order against Ann, claiming that Ann is stalking him and that 6 ft. 3 250 pound Dwayne Dawson is deathly afraid of 5 foot 3, with handicaps and heart problems, Ann Pennington. Dawson even puts in his petition that Ann came to the hospital the day Kim was killed to stalk him.

Ann brought the papers by for me to look at and after we both belly laughed until we hurt, I decided I would help Ann anyway I could.
We looked up the laws on my computer and Ann told me all the details of what had happened. I made notes of all this and since Ann did not have a computer, I would draft up the legal papers for her. When I had it written all down, I called Ann and read it off to her. When she approved it, she gave me permission to sign her name and mail it off for her. I signed it “Annie Mae Pennington/ By RAW.” We did all this because the hearing was in less than 10 days and the clock was ticking. I knew the Courthouse crowd would see “by RAW” and know I was helping Ann. I already knew Ann would be railroaded no matter what. But she still needed to learn how crooked the “system” was. Unfortunately she was destined to learn the hard way. However, I figured only a fool of a Judge would hear such a tall tale of a case. It turns out I was wrong, there were two fools for judges.

The day of the (first) hearing Dwayne Dawson had received his papers (including a countersuit) from Ann and panicked. He wanted a continuance so he could get a lawyer. Meredith Shuford, a new “Judge” from Lincolnton was on the bench. Ann told Shuford that she protested a continuance and asked for a dismissal because Dawson had filed false allegations for the purpose of intimidating her. Incredibly Shuford said that was not enough to dismiss a case in her Court. Shuford granted Dawson a continuance.

Notice that I didn’t identify Shuford as “Judge” Shuford. That is because when Meredith Shuford said making false allegations (i.e. “telling lies”) was not enough for her to dismiss a case that indicated to me she had joined Anna F. (Dina) Foster at the top of the list for the worst judges in the history of the world. Pontius Pilot for 2,000 years was the worst judge in history because he set Barabbas free and crucified Jesus. But even Pontius Pilot asked “What is Truth?”. Hey, that’s in the Bible. John 18:38 (Everyone should look up this verse and also read the rest of the verse regarding guilt or innocence.) Now Shuford and Foster both have rulings that they don’t care about truth, guilt or innocence in their cases. It is all based on green (money) and who has the most of it.

If you are wondering, my list of the Top 5 Worst Judges in the History of the World goes like this:

Worst Judges In History of World
1. Anna F. (Dina) Foster-Absolutely the worst, except maybe for those on the Judicail Standard Commission who allow her to continue her “reign of terror” by keeping her in office.
2. Meredith Shuford
3. F. Fetzer Mills
4. Pontius Pilot
5. Larry “Pudd’nhead” Wilson

So, when the case comes back up, guess who is sitting on the bench? Yep, “Judge (HaHa)” Anna F. (Dina) Foster. And she is red hot. Not caring about the truth, guilt, innocence or the law either for that matter. Flipping her hair! Swing her arms. Ranting and raving! (Folks, If you want to see a show, go do some “Court Watching” when Dina Foster is the HaHa.

First thing HaHa Foster asks “is Ann Pennington in Court?” Yes. After a few administrative actions it’s “Who drew up these papers for you?” Foster asks Pennington. “Robert A. Williams, he is a friend of mine” replies Pennington. “They are all wrong” bellows Foster, although I modeled the papers after Dina Foster’s own court papers. Foster dismisses all Pennington’s paperwork even though Dawson’s lawyer had not even asked for them to be dismissed, maybe because HaHa Foster was just “going off.” All before the case even started. Totally against North Carolina law and more was to come.

A copy of the Court recording of the case was requested from the Clerk of Court the next day. The request was refused. The next day after another trip to the courthouse the tape was provided but all the references to Robert A. Williams were edited out. Along with a few other things. Same old Cleveland County Courthouse crowd. Some new faces but the same old mentality. Fix the record to make it read what you want it to read.

When Ann testifies that Dawson had disclosed confidential medical information in violation of Federal law, Foster rules that it was OK (protected even according to the HaHa) for him to have told his wife, who then spread the information. Totally in disregard of Federal Law and common sense. State law or Federal law, HaHa Foster apparently ignores them all. The Cleveland County Judicial System-What a Joke!!!
When Dawson said he was afraid of Ann because he told her “he didn’t give a fuck if her daughter died or not” Foster ruled in Dawson’s favor. Dawson also said that his supervision, Joe Lord, had instructed him to take out the stalking restraining order in order to shut Ann up and prevent her from complaining about the EMS. Foster agreed.
When Ann and her witnesses were testifying, Foster was not listening but writing out her order. She had already made up her mind and didn’t care to hear anything Ann had to say. On and on. Foster ordered Ann to stay away from Dawson for a year and not to complain to authorities about Dawson’s violation of Federal law. HaHa Foster even ordered Ann Pennington to stay away from Dawson’s wife even though Mrs. Dawson never asked for any such thing. More jokes and dirty tricks HaHa Foster is playing on Justice and the Judicial System.
In a phone interview with Joe Lord I was given a slightly different story. According to Joe Lord, at the Hospital Ann Pennington was met by two “victims advocates” as part of the Hospitals services to assist family members of patients that have been critically injured. (At least the Hospital recognized Ann was there because of her daughter’s fatal injuries and NOT to stalk Dwayne Dawson. Wonder why “HaHa” Dina Foster couldn’t have figured that out?) Joe said that in his interview with the two “victim advocates” they denied hearing any abusive or threatening words from Ann Pennington as alleged by Dwayne Dawson in his 50 (C) petition. (More information that HaHa Foster refused to hear?)

Joe said that Ann Pennington did not give any specific medical information that Dawson was alleged to have divulged. (According to my notes of what Ann told me, Ann did have specific medical information that Dawson allegedly divulged.) Joe also said that complaints against employee are not discussed with members of the public. (I suspect that some records of complaints against county employees and the findings are indeed available to county officials and the public. Otherwise everything goes directly to the “cover-up mode.” But remember This Cleveland County and that is how they operate.) I requested that Joe reopen his investigation when Ann Pennington gets out from under any kind of order (which is illegal I think?) from HaHa Foster and Ann provides specific medical information (again?) that Dwayne Dawson or others has divulged and that I would like to follow the process of the investigation. Joe agreed to talk to the County Attorney about that. (Remember County Attorney Les Farfour, the cover-up King, the Pooh-Pooh defense in the Jodice Peeler murder trial, the 5th Amendment to cover-up illegal activity in County agencies and on and on. My guess is cover-up lawyer Les Farfour and Co. will tell Joe Lord NOT to allow any complaints and the review process against county employees from being released. (Hey, Remimber YAP? The county agency that embezzled tax money and DA Leroy Shaffer won’t do anything? I once asked the YAP Board for a copy of the minutes of their meetings and it was referred to their attorney, now HaHa, Ali Paksoy. Paksoy advised the YAP Board to deny my request for meeting records although such meetings are by law open to the public. Kinda like lawyer Farfour advising DSS to take the 5th Amendent. So much criminal stuff going on in county government that EVERYTHING has to be covered-up!!!) What do you think??? Stay tuned to the CGG website for updates on this.)

All in all, Kim Newton, Jodice Peeler, Brenda Sue Brown are killed and probably Asha Degree too and there is no justice. Add Jonathon Scruggs too. Last I heard about his case is the hit and run driver bought 5 alcoholic (hard liquor) drinks at Hamm’s before he got behind the wheel, ran down and killed Jonathon, then went into hiding. The question now is whether he bought 5 drinks of liquor on his credit card for himself only or for him and his girlfriend. And perhaps his girlfriend was driving when Jonathon was run down. Leroy Shaffer is sitting on that I heard. Anyway, that is the legacy of justice in Cleveland County. Justice is so valuable that only the rich can afford it.
Williams, what can we do to bring out justice? you might be asking. Go vote on Election Day would be my reply. With one more suggestion. All Judges are running with no opposition. Write in “Robert A. Williams” under the spot for Anna F. (Dina) Foster. Then watch for the voting results. What you will see is Foster, “so many” votes to 0. You will know your vote against the “system” has not been counted. And YOU are the ZERO. Remember what Dale Costner said, “Lawyers make their living lying and stealing. They get by because they manipulate the system.” To stop this and maybe bring about a measure of justice, I recommend voting for the candidates as shown on the back page of this issue.

Another thing you can do is send a copy of this issue of the “Citizens For Good Government” to the Judicial Standards Commission,(Judicial Standards-what an oxymoron) at PO Box 1122, Raleigh, NC 27602. You can call them at 919-733-2690. Put a little note in the envelope about how you get a chuckle everytime you think about the judges in Cleveland County and Raleigh too. That the “Judicial system” is a joke. That we don’t call Judges “Judge.” We call them HaHa’s. Hey, Put my name on it if you are afraid to put yours.
Anyway, Remember to vote on Election Day!!! for the candidate of your choice.

Now, go back to the top and read the rest of the article !!