Dirty Politics and Blackmail in Shelby Elections??? Reported by: Robert A. Williams

Dirty Politics and Blackmail in Shelby Elections???

Reported by: Robert A. Williams


Shelby-From information provided by a Citizen’s Reporter an Incumbent Shelby City Council Member and the Shelby Star may be implicated in a blackmail scheme to force a challenger into withdrawing from the Shelby City Council race.

The initial report goes like this.  An incumbent Shelby City Council member digs up a little dirt from years ago on the incumbent’s challenger or a family member.  The incumbent goes to the Shelby Star and tells the Star about the dirt.  The Shelby Star calls the challenger, states they have some very old information on him but if he were to withdraw from the Shelby City Council race the Star would not print the dirt that might embarrass the man and his family.

After discussions with his family, the Shelby City Council challenger decides to withdraw from the race, although his name is still on the ballot and he might receive many votes.  The Star prints the story that the man “drops out” of the race due to “personal” reasons and the incumbent is the “only candidate remaining” in the race.

Of course we at the Citizens for Good Government do not like for any candidates for elected office to be blackmailed, so we are looking into the allegations.  One of the first things we do is call the Local Board of Elections Director, Debra Blanton, and report the allegations and ask for her to pass them along to the State Board of Elections.  Debra states that she believes this is between the candidate, the incumbent and the Shelby Star.  Of course, since the Elections Board is charged with enforcing elections laws right along with counting ballots, we disagree and request that the State Board get involved.  Pronto!!!  (However, we don’t expect much from the Board of Elections as they have a history of cover-up themselves.  Like manipulating the transcript of a hearing on a challenge to former Judge Dina Foster’s candidacy for the office of District Court Judge.)

We also learned that, although the candidate has announced that he has withdrawn from the race, if he gathers enough votes he will be allowed to take the office of the City Council member that has blackmailed him.  Along with “thumbing his nose” at the Shelby Star and all the rest of the folks that are involved with the alleged, but not yet confirmed, dirty political blackmail attempt.

Therefore, we have marked up the Shelby City Council Sample Ballot to show how the shenanigans on the City Council can be stopped–By voting for the recommended candidates as shown on the sample ballot.  No matter whether a candidate has announced he is withdrawing, if you vote as shown the dirty politics in Cleveland County and Shelby will be lessened by a significant amount.  Also, the public citizens will be in control instead of the dirty political tricks, with the enablement of the Shelby Star.

Also, learn to know that the Shelby Star has gotten into a lot more shenanigans than just this particular blackmail attempt.  The scandals at the Cleveland County Schools, DCC, First National Bank, The Catawba Casino and miscellaneous other acts of propaganda and possible criminal activity such as what this reported blackmail may be all about.

Shame on you, Shelby Star!!!  Has Skippy not gone yet?


Scroll on down to our recommended candidates that give the best chance of making a change for the better in Shelby and Cleveland County.  More on the particulars of this story will come a little later.  Take heed to our recommendations to clean up Shelby, and:

Vote on Election Day and take someone with you.

Check out the Sample Ballots excerpts that follow.

Click on Link for whole sample ballot.

2013 Sample Ballot


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