Devil Worshiper’s Prayer at School Board Meeting Given Rave Reviews by Shelby Star and CCS Board!!!– Elementary Children Hidden by School Board??? Review, evaluation and Report by Robert A. Williams

Note that the first four Commandments are broken in some way by the practice of witchcraft-Wicca. Also note that modern witchcraft and Wicca practitioners believe they can cast “spells” and perform other acts of “magick.” Wicca claims their spells are “White Magick” and not Black Magick. Whatever that means. FYI, Witches call their magic, “magick.”

Also note that the casting of magick spells, before recorded history, over the centuries and now, uses strange ingredients and sometimes animal sacrifices. Blood is often used and babies blood is reported in various Witch publications to be the most powerful ingredient of all for casting spells.

Now, where would you get a supply of baby blood and perhaps baby body parts? Does Planned Parenthood come to mind? They have been caught red-handed selling baby body parts. Is it too much of a stretch to think a live baby could also be obtained? A “trick” partial birth abortion where the baby is not killed while being born-just set aside-would produce a live but undocumented baby for sale to the highest bidder. For whatever use the high bidder wanted. Even for ritualized sacrifice? Bad things happen in this world. I am for stopping such things from ever happening again!!! What about you???

Some have criticized me for “grading” as they say the Prayers that have been delivered at the CCS Board meetings. I say to those that have such criticism that in this day and time everybody needs to know the whole story. If you take just the general words to the Prayer that the Rev. Rit Varriale delivered at the first school board meeting in January, the Prayer that Amia Briscoe delivered at the second School Board meeting and finally the prayer delivered by the Rev. Tony Brown; you will see that, all by themselves, they are not offensive to anybody.

But taking a second read of the Prayers you find that Rev. Varriale Prayed to God and in Jesus’ name. Ms. Briscoe’s prayer did not invoke a deity, but Rev. Brown’s prayer could be said to have called upon the Devil. Each prayer prayed for guidance and direction for the school board. Which guidance and direction do you as a citizen and parent in Cleveland County want for your school board? Guidance and direction from God, through Jesus Christ? Or Guidance and direction from the Devil? I would certainly wish that the school board would get their guidance and Direction totally from God, through Jesus Christ. But sometime it certainly appears that the Devil gets his way too often in Cleveland County. At CCS and surely at the Shelby Star.

An Example of why I say the Devil gets his way with the Cleveland County School Board is this. In the Star article entitled “School Board responded to what the community asked with the prayer policy” the Star article stated “a full list of churches and religious groups that have signed up to deliver prayer won’t be released to the public because it is subject to change.” The facts of the matter are I have requested this list under the Freedom of Information Act, this list is a public document that lawfully the school board has to provide to anyone that asks. And so what if this list is subject to change? All lists are subject to change. Under the law, that is not a valid reason for refusing to produce a document under the Freedom of Information Act at both the Federal and State Level. Maybe the next Prayer would pray that the School Board in Cleveland County will start abiding by the law!!! Perhaps legal action resulting in a court order would teach the school board that fact.

As for the Star’s part in all of this prayer issue news, they have been totally predictable, advocating prostitution, gambling, drug usage and all. The Star never printed one word regarding the first two prayers by Rev, Varriale and Ms. Briscoe, yet they printed two articles (Feb 6th and Feb 9, 2016) regarding the Wicca Prayer that was high favorable to Wicca. The Star even printed favorable information about Wicca that was provided by Tony Brown. The Star never asked any questions about Wicca nor did they do any independent research as I have. Wonder why???

Folks, this article is long enough. Other things happened at this Feb 8, 2016 School Board meeting that I will cover by another article.

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