Devil Worshiper’s Prayer at School Board Meeting Given Rave Reviews by Shelby Star and CCS Board!!!– Elementary Children Hidden by School Board??? Review, evaluation and Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note:
The words “Devil” and “Satan” are interchangeable in usage in the English Language. Also, the very first law in the North American Continent that established public education in colonial Massachusetts in 1642. The law was called “the Old Deluder Satan Act of 1642.” That law established public education for the purpose of teaching children two things; how to read the Bible and how to read the law of the land for themselves. It was recognized that the Satan of the Adam and Eve story had deluded Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, which caused Adam to also eat the forbidden fruit, which in turn caused God to cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden. This was the original sin.

The Pilgrims who settled the Massachusetts Colony recognized that Satan was the original “deluder” (liar) who had deluded Adam and Eve and had caused so much trouble for mankind. The Pilgrims believed that children should be taught to read the Bible for themselves (arm themselves with the knowledge of the Gospel) so they would be prepared for the tricks and delusions they would find in their earthly existence. The Pilgrim fathers also knew that legal systems involving professional lawyers and judges were also rife with deluders who proclaimed that only lawyers and judges could read and understand the law. The Pilgrims also wanted their children to be able to read the laws for themselves so they would not be cheated in at the courthouses of the colony.

Those Pilgrims were pretty smart people. We need those lessons today as much as they needed them in 1642. Only we in Cleveland County may not be as smart as the Pilgrims.

It is also noted that the Catholic Church over the centuries has accused Pagan and other witchcraft cults that worship the god called Pan as being devil worshipers. A Church of Satan was established in San Francisco by Anton LaVey in 1966, about the time the Church of Wicca was gaining traction in the USA. Anton LaVey, Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner appear to be cut from the same cloth in starting their “New Age” religions. While some proclaim Satin and others deny Satan, it appears getting tax exempt status from the IRS is their biggest concern.

The School Board Meeting of Feb 8, 2016:
The School Board meeting of Feb. 8, 2016 was set to have their Invocation delivered by Rev. Tony Brown, High Priest of the North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca. Wicca being a “New Age” word for witchcraft.

(For those that don’t know, Tony Brown ran for the NC Senate several years ago on the Libertarian ticket against Walter Dalton and John Weatherly. Tony Brown is a Top Commentator on the Shelby Star website. The Rev Tony Brown is politically astute, politically involved and well spoken in his stated religion of Wicca. Tony Brown is also a well known supporter of the Gay Rights Agenda and a founder of the NC Piedmont Church of Wicca coven of witches and publisher of their website Tony Brown denies that Wicca is a group of Devil Worshipers. However, The Church of Wicca website in the past listed a number of references to Satanism, which were removed when I questioned Rev. Brown about this.)

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