Debbie Clary vs David Morrow-Pt I The Assault that Never Was? A Story only the Star would Love Assessment by Robert A. Williams

It has been one full week now and no charges have been brought against David Morrow on this so called “assault” that happened  in a room full of people and nobody that saw anything to back-up Debbie Clary’s story has been found.  “I smell a rat” in this story.  Don’t you smell a rat too?  Didn’t DA Rick Leroy Shaffer (a laughing matter all by himself) say he was looking at, maybe expecting a felony charge against David Morrow by Friday.  Last Friday that is.  And now here it is Wednesday and finally a peep from Shaffer and Skippy.  But still, NO statement from Leroy Shaffer or the police that there was any merit to the alleged charges in the first place.  The story that just keeps on keeping on.

Folks, like most in Cleveland County, I did not personally hear or witness anything involved with this story.  And so far, nobody the Star has talked to and quoted in their phony news reports have either.  And a room full of people claimed to be there.  So, for myself and the other 99,272 residents of Cleveland County, well, we have to figure this all out for ourselves.  After the first two articles of the Star damning David Morrow to Hell, the Star reporter, Skippy Foster, Shelby Police, DA Rick Shaffer and just about everybody else in the Good-Ole-Girl Republican Party have gone to hiding under Debbi Clary’s dress tails.  Everybody but David Morrow.  Just like the picture in the Star, David is just standing there smiling.  It’s like Morrow is laughing at the Republicans, Skippy Foster and the Star like everybody else.

Only thing is, David Morrow is probably not laughing.  Really laughing.  He knows the drill.  He knows dirty politics when he sees it.  He has always claimed that so-called felony conviction was dirty politics too.  We tend to believe David Morrow.  Why?  Hey, I’ve looked at the Courthouse records.  I have come to know BS when I smell it.  But that will be a story for another day.

Right now we have a story in the making.  Today Skippy and Leroy Shaffer have come out with another story.  The investigation that was supposed to be finished last Friday will finally be finished soon.  Yeah, Right Shaffer.  Just like the Brenda Sue Brown Murder Trial.  40 plus years in the making.  If ever.

But that is OK.  We the People have plenty of “sign” to go by in figuring this one out.  So, let’s go figuring and run one of Skippy Foster’s tall tales to ground.  So, maybe, we can laugh at the mess in Cleveland County just like David Morrow would like to do if he wasn’t the victim of the Republican Party’s smear campaign of dirty politics.

The first “Piece” of this puzzle.  The park benches on the old Courthouse Square, (Before it became the Scruggs Center).  Remember them?  They are not there anymore.  Why?  Because the Winos and Homeless were sleeping on the park benches and people were complaining to the Shelby Police Department about this.  What did the Shelby Police Department do?  NOTHING!!!  It was County property they said and we have no jurisdiction.  Call the Sheriff’s Department.

So, if the Shelby Police Department does NOT have jurisdiction on County Property and the Republican Meeting was held on County Property, why are the Shelby Police investigating this incident instead of the Sheriff’s Department?  If you and I were mugged on the Courthouse Square would the Shelby Police come running like they did for Debbie Clary?  And Debbie had Sheriff’s candidate Don Allen right by her side!  As a retired SBI Agent, isn’t he allowed to carry a gun and make arrests at any time?

Is there an aroma of dirty politics in the air here?  Stay tuned for the next piece of the puzzle.