Debbie Clary vs David Morrow-Part III The Assault that Never Was? –An Assessment by Robert A. Williams

THREE full weeks now and no criminal charges have been brought against David Morrow in his so-called “assault” against Debbie Clary.  An assault that supposedly happened in a room full of people and nobody who saw anything to back-up Debbie Clary’s story has been found by the Star.  “I smelt a rat” the first time I heard this story and if you haven’t smelled a rat by now, you might as well just forget about this story.

And didn’t I tell you so in Part II when I made the prediction that DA Rick Leroy Shaffer would send this case to the Grand Jury?  These folks are pretty predictable when they go into the cover-up mode.  According to the Star (which is predictable too), Leroy now has the information from the Shelby Police Department and he will send the case to the Grand Jury on June 14.  I also predicted that because the DA controls all the information the Grand Jury would see, that the Grand Jury would indict a ham and cheese sandwich if that’s what the DA wanted.  No matter whether David Morrow is innocent or not, Morrow’s only hope now of avoiding a felony charge indictment, an arrest scene like the former North High School teacher and a big lawyer bill depends on just how dumb or dumber the Republicans are and how they will handle the 2010 and 2012 Elections.

This is my prediction on what happens next.

2010-Debbie Clary will be re-elected as the District 46 NC State Senator.  This was easy because Debbie is running without opposition in 2010.  The race between Tim Moore and Mary Accor will be close and Democrat Accor may even win.  This is despite Tim doing a pretty good job and Mary not doing such a good job.  With Debbie not running and the fracture of the Republican Party because of the dirty tricks against David Morrow, many Debbie Republicans will just stay home and ALL anti-Debbie voters will turn out.  Republican candidate for Sheriff, Don Allen, will probably lose by a landslide because of his perceived association with Debbie Clary and all of the free publicity and sympathy for Alan Norman because of the Raymond Hamrick debacle.  Folks, we will say this again, WE TOLD YOU SO!!!.  You should have voted for Don Allen and the other Republican candidates in 2006.  Don Allen was and is a good and qualified candidate for Sheriff.  Bad Republican politics wounded Don Allen for Sheriff in 2006 and has killed him in 2010.

2012-Despite all the mistakes President Obama has made and no matter how big the backlash against Democrats, the Democrats will run a candidate against Debbie Clary in 2012.  Probably from Rutherford County.  The Rutherford County Democrats and Republicans both will vote for the hometown Democrat candidate.  Cleveland County Democrats will vote for the Rutherford County Democrat candidate and so will many Republicans.  This will be because DA Rick Shaffer will finally bring out David Morrow’s case for trial in the election season of 2012, which will re-open all the dissention in the Republican Party.  Of course the Star, if they still exist in 2012, will run down Morrow for a fair-thee-well.  But this time, Morrow will have an out-of-Cleveland County lawyer and beat the pants off Debbie Clary and DA Rick Shaffer in Court.  The DA will blame his loss in court on the Grand Jury and the weak case from Debbie Clary and her nitwit Republican witnesses.  And Debbie Clary will be tied up with the bad publicity too instead of being out on the campaign trail.  Debbie Clary’s “bad blood” against David Morrow will be shown to be her political suicide when Clary gets beat in the 2012 Election.  Cleveland County Republican Party suicide too.  There is liable to be no Republican elected officials from Cleveland County in 2012 because of Debbie Clary’s bad blood and the Republican Party being so dumb as to allow all this to happen.  Hey, maybe the Tea Party will be up and running by then!!

Stay tuned for the latest commentary on Clary v. Morrow that you will never get from Skippy and the Shelby Daily Liar.