Debbie Clary vs David Morrow-Part II The Assault that Never Was? –An Assessment by Robert A. Williams

TWO full weeks now and no criminal charges have been brought against David Morrow in his so called “assault” against Debbie Clary.  An assault that supposedly happened in a room full of people and nobody that saw anything to back-up Debbie Clary’s story has been found by the Star.  “I smelt a rat” the first time I heard about this.  By now don’t you smell a rat too?  Didn’t DA Rick Leroy Shaffer say he was looking at, maybe expecting, a felony charge against David Morrow by last Friday?  And the Friday before that?  Or at least an “assault on a female” charge according to Skippy’s rag in a quote from Leroy.

And now there are plenty of conundrums for all concerned.

First, there is Debbie Clary.  Debbie has alleged, according to the Star, that David Morrow had gone violent on her and threatened her and assaulted her with more than a dozen ink pens.  Two of them hitting her in the face but there were no injuries. And all of this was supposed to have happened in a Cleveland County Republican Party Executive Board Meeting that was closed to David Morrow, me, you and everybody else in Cleveland County who didn’t pay $100 to get in.  Them Republican Executives are a pretty exclusive bunch don’t you know.

Then, Skippy’s cub reporter changed the story a bit.  It was not the Executive Meeting.  It was the regular Republican Party meeting where regular Republicans and the public get to go.  Also, this was a special meeting with a speaker from Raleigh so the Republicans moved this meeting from a telephone booth somewhere to the County Commissioner Chambers.  According to Skippy’s cub, the room was full of people who didn’t see anything and apparently didn’t learn anything from the speaker either.

Am I writing this up a little silly?  I can’t help it because it is silly.  Debbie Clary has stuck her neck out with such a weird allegation that it is hard not to bust out laughing.  Lots of folks ARE busting out laughing and lots of Republicans are mad because they are being laughed at.  And this is all because Debbie Clary has “bad blood” with David Morrow said one of the Republican officials, Neil Hodgges, that the Star did manage to talk to.

Debbie can get by with a lot since nobody is running against her for the NC Senate this year.  This makes Debbie Clary the “Queen Bee” of Cleveland County.  She is the highest ranking elected official from Cleveland County in the whole of government in the USA.  Debbie is the ultimate politician from around here and there are some who believe she is using her power to “screw over” David Morrow.  One way is this silly legal action Debbie has started.  Another way is the silly and unconstitutional law that would “retroactively” go back on previous laws to make it illegal for David Morrow to run for Sheriff in the future.  Debbie is reportedly behind the scenes pushing such a law that violates Article 1,Section 10 of the United States Constitution.  Tim Moore says the law is just common sense.  A similar law passed by the NC General Assembly is now working its way to the Supreme Court.  Will we ever learn that the Constitution means what it says?  Debbie, if David Morrow wants to run for Sheriff, let him run.  Let the citizens of Cleveland County decide if they want David Morrow for Sheriff, not the back room politicians in Raleigh.  Let’s get on with more important issues.

Then there is Don Allen.

Don Allen is the Republican candidate for Sheriff who won out over David Morrow in the 2010 Republican Primary Election.  Don ran for Sheriff against Raymond Hamrick in 2006 and lost.  The Citizens For Good Government recommended Don Allen for Sheriff in 2006 and we can now proudly say to Cleveland County-WE TOLD YOU SO!!!  This time around Don has made what may turn out to be some strategic mistakes.

After the 2006 election loss Don went on the Board of Directors of the Cleveland County Chapter of the NAACP.  This had the appearance to some to be an attempt to curry favor from liberal thinking black voters who almost exclusively vote Democrat.  These folks will most likely continue to vote Democrat and more conservative Democrats and Republicans have wondered about Don’s judgment for getting involved with such a thing in the first place.  Then Don shows up on the last day of filing, right along with Raymond Hamrick to file for election in 2010, with Debbie Clary paying Don’s filing fee.  Many think Debbie Clary put Don Allen up to run for Sheriff to knock David Morrow out of the running.  And Don was at the meeting where the so-called assault happened.  No matter, Don Allen has fallen under the shadow of Debbie Clary.  Since Debbie’s voters don’t have to turn out for Debbie this year, they probably won’t turn out for Don either.  Even if Debbie voters do turn out, they may not vote for Don Allen, as this is what happened in 2006 when the Republicans would not work together.  Will Debbie’s foolishness rub off on Don Allen in his race against Alan Norman?  That is Don Allen’s conundrum.

Skippy Foster has a different problem than Debbie Clary and Don Allen.  The Star, under Skippy, already smells the aroma of bankruptcy.  All Skippy has are cub reporters who are probably all trying to find reporter jobs somewhere else.  The “legacy” of the “Shelby Daily Liar” is lies and Skippy fit right in.  But in the electronic age of the internet, truth can be found by those who choose to look for it.  Skippy is doomed no matter what, although he may survive a little longer in Cleveland County than most places.  In the end, Skippy and the Star will be laughing stocks.  And that end is getting much nearer.  All Skippy can do with the foolish allegation against David Morrow is continue to spew his impotent venom at David and damn David to Hell whenever Debbie Clary and Rick Shaffer throw Skippy a morsel of manure for him to chew on and spit out.

The High District Attorney Richard Leroy Shaffer also has a conundrum, but Leroy mostly don’t care.

DA Leroy Shaffer would love to railroad David Morrow because DA Bill Young railroaded David over 20 years ago and them DA’s like for their Cleveland County style railroading ways to stick for a lifetime.  But, maybe Leroy has learned some lessons along the way.  The pen is mightier than the sword of a railroading DA.  Besides, Leroy is a Democrat and the Republicans are fighting with each other.  So why should Democrats stop them?  Especially a lazy Democrat DA who mainly works misdemeanor rock throwing and littering cases.  Why, Leroy has probably worked more hours on the Morrow allegations than on the murder of Breda Sue Brown over 40 years ago.

My prediction is DA Shaffer will send the Debbie Clary allegations against David Morrow to the Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury only sees what Shaffer sends them, so they would indict a ham and cheese sandwich if Shaffer told them to.  The Grand Jury will bring felony charges against David Morrow and all the TV news and the Star will be at the jail with their cameras when Morrow is brought in.  It will cost David Morrow $25,000 to $50,000 for a lawyer if Morrow fights the phony charges.  But DA Shaffer will offer a plea bargain to Morrow.  Pay a lawyer $5,000, plead guilty to misdemeanor “assault on a female” charges, pay $100 fine and Debbie Clary, Rick Shaffer, Skippy and the Republican Executives won’t look like fools.  Good ole Cleveland County Justice.  Freedom sure ain’t free here in Cleveland County.

The conundrum facing David Morrow is what many of us in Cleveland County have to face in one way or another all our lives.  Bust out laughing out loud at the joke of the Judicial System in Cleveland County, the foolish Republican Executives and the dim witted Democrats who have managed to stay in control of Cleveland County for all these years.  Or keep quiet, tuck your tail between your legs and hope this will all go away without having to hire a Democrat lawyer who will charge you big time then sell you out at the earliest possible moment.

Like I said before, David Morrow surely knows the drill.  He knows dirty politics more than most when he sees it.  Morrow has always claimed that so-called felony conviction was dirty politics too.  Right now we have a story in the making.  That story is the conundrum for us all.  The conundrum that led us to put Raymond Hamrick back in as Sheriff in 2006, instead of electing Don Allen and the rest of the Republican candidates just because the Republican Executives and the Democrat “Good-Ole-Boys” told us what to do.

Anyway, Stay Tuned!!!  There is more to come in this continuing saga and you won’t get the straight story anywhere else.