DCC Steals Courthouse by Robert A. Williams

There was no official public hearing on the matter and two armed deputies were in attendance who maintained a high visibility (but friendly) presence during the entire Commissioners meeting. A marked K-9 Sheriff’s Department was parked directly in front of the front doors the County Commissioners Chambers on Marion Street for ALL to see as meeting attendees arrived. I personally did NOT see the guard trained police dog in the car when I arrived and can only assume the dog(s) was (were) kept behind closed doors, but near the meeting. (Sometime later I asked a Deputy if the K-9 Officers were at the meeting and was told no. No matter, I surely did not know at the time.)
This was the first time in the history of Cleveland County (that I am aware of) that deputies were dispatched to show “the flag of authority” at a county commissioner meeting. Perhaps Sheriff Hamrick will tell us why the Sheriff’s Department sent two armed deputies to patrol Commissioner’s meeting. (With the Sheriff being MIA it is unlikely he would know.) Perhaps the Commissioners will tell us why the armed deputies were requested? But don’t hold your breath waiting for the truth from them when the truth seems pretty obvious. It was easily recognized as a 1960’s style intimidation plot against those “uppity” N-WORDS that were publicly against turning the Historic Courthouse over to the DCC. The Shelby Star did their part in the plot by running a contrived story about a totally legal gathering the Sunday before the meeting. The Star stated the uppity N-word leader, Brendon LeGrand, was leading the rebellion with a bullhorn, camo cloths and wearing combat boots. If you didn’t know any better than to believe the Star you would conjure up thoughts of actually needing police with dogs, blackjacks and fire hoses to maintain “order”. Order, of course, being defined by those dishing it out. The Star even ran a fuzzy picture of five foot-two LeGrand. What you couldn’t see was LeGrand’s boots. (not combat boots) were laced up with pink laces and her cloths, especially her black and white striped shirt were anything but camo. But, the plot was set and the deputies were dispatched. Other than limited speaking during a completely different part of the Commissioner’s Agenda, run by Chairman Jo Boggs, absolutely NO person for or against the Courthouse giveaway had a chance to provide information to the Commissioners when the Courthouse issue was being discussed. They, with the exception of Johnny Hutchins, obviously had their minds already made up. The County Club, blue blooded, good-ole-boys and gals got what they wanted. Like always.
Whether or not you agree with the DCC and the Courthouse/Scruggs Center Project (Notice very little is said and has been said about any project that is on private property and done with private money) the Courthouse belongs to taxpayers and the use of the Courthouse property should be in agreement with the majority of ALL the people of Cleveland County.
The process and methods described in this article represent everything that is WRONG with Cleveland County’s so-called leadership. We sincerely wish the stated purpose of DCC, to jumpstart the economy with tourism, works. I personally believe better roads, more and better paying jobs and lower taxes would work the best to cure the problems with our economy. But, nobody asked me or very few others what they thought. So now I have a story to put together. Hang on!!!
Folks, this is really a complicated story with lots of side issues. This did not start with the newly formed Destination Cleveland County group fronted by well known do-gooder (not a derogatory term) Brownie Plaster. So let’s go back a little into Cleveland County history. Before the DCC apparently morphed from the infamous Executive Round Table, the group that brought us the controversial and very costly school merger. Remember school merger?
Before the DCC apparently morphed from the infamous Executive Round Table, the group that brought us the controversial and very costly school merger. Remember school merger???
Maybe further back than the historic courthouse itself.

Let’s go back.

The Big Boss Man:
The part of the world that now is Cleveland County was inhabited for ages by the Indians. Right up until the American Revolution settlers in this area were frontiersmen like Daniel Boone. But once the war for independence was won, the American government paid off many soldiers by granting them large tracts of land in the unsettled territories. All they had to do was take it, and keep it, from the Indians. Then raise enough food to feed themselves and, of course, pay taxes. Workers were needed and settlers from other areas came in. Slaves from Africa were brought in too. All working for the big boss man who was always white.
The landowners, white MEN, also were the only ones who could vote. They decided among themselves who would hold what elected offices. Just like today. Just like the Judges are picked by the lawyers and voters rarely have a choice at the ballot box. And this was before the Democrat and Republican Political Parties even existed.
Then, as times got better, banks were formed. Bankers became rich and competed with landowners to be the big boss man. Then lawyers came in and mostly displaced the landowners as the Biggest Boss Men. All white of course.

The N-word factor:
Of course the Big Boss Men didn’t do the physical work necessary to run the economy that fed him with food and money-especially money. That was left for the black slaves called “N-words”, derived from the Spanish word “Negro” for the color black. Slaves had to do what they were told or risk the crack of the whip. (The slang word “crackers” is derived from the white men who “cracked” the whip for the Big Boss Man. Not from soda crackers because soda crackers are white.)
The word N-word came to mean other things too. Like the slow; blind, ignorant but obediently doing what the Big Boss Man said-no matter what color of your skin. “WHITE N-WORDS” became the most derogatory term for those white men who did whatever the Big Boss Man said (or even hinted) with the intent of currying favor from the Big Boss Man. A class system developed. The Big Boss Man at the top, then the white N-words and the black N-words on the bottom. 150 plus years of practicing this pecking order and this system still exists. Hey, this system is alive and well right down to this very minute in Cleveland County. And YOU know it. So, let’s move on.

The Civil War and Secret Societies:
The end of the Civil War resulted in slaves being set free and given the right to vote. White men were disenfranchised. Carpetbaggers from the North came in, promised the former slaves 40 acres and a mule, and told them how to vote. The treasury of the State and Cleveland County was raided. Federal Troops were stationed in Cleveland County. Hmmm, kinda like the armed deputies in the Commissioners Chambers??? As usual blacks didn’t get much of anything out of the whole deal. The Big Boss Men were down but not out.
A secret society called the Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan was formed in Tennessee and quickly spread across the South. Cleveland and Rutherford Counties in North Carolina, along with York and Cherokee Counties in South Carolina were hotbeds of Klan activity. The Klan, in closed circles of discussion, is even now crediting re-establishing law and order in Southern states, along with keeping black men from voting at about the same time as white men were again allowed to vote. (Other things attributed to Klan activity are not a part of this story.) The Big Boss Men, now all Democrats, were back on top. They became the “invisible” part of the Invisible Empire, claiming to have gotten out of the Klan when their work was done. When, in fact, all they were doing was re-establishing the same old class structure. Big Boss (white) Men on top, followed by the white N-words, with black N-words right back on the bottom. The Mafia adopted this sort of system, as did the Nazi Party in Germany. One has to wonder-is the Executive Round Table, morphed into the DCC, chips off this same Invisible Empire block???

The Role of the News Media:
Benjamin Franklin was the Founding Father most associated with printing and newspapers. Thomas Paine also put out a newspaper called COMMON SENSE that greatly influenced the popular support for American Independence. It is pretty obvious that newspapers that print facts and the real story can provide a valuable service by educating and informing the population. Early in the history of Cleveland County there was not much newspaper activity because most people could not read. That was what the Big Boss Man wanted. Not much education of the N-words, white or black, was necessary according to them to pick cotton, work in cotton mills and such. That would gradually change.
As more and more people learned how to read, the Big Boss Man realized that his N-words wouldn’t like their situation if they knew any better. So they had to control the news. Censorship would morph into propaganda. Through censorship and propaganda the Big Boss Man could control the opinions of the population. Newspapermen were soon elevated in the Cleveland County class system to right below the Big Boss Men. Newspapermen would become the whitest of the Big Boss Man’s white N-words. The Crackers above most other crackers, in their own mind anyway. Skippy Foster would soon fit right in.
Propaganda and downright government sponsored lies in newspapers was perfected by the Nazis in Germany and the Communists in Russia. Hitler had Josef Goebbels as his Propaganda Minister and Goebbels was good. The “big lie” was perfected and spread rapidly to those with a need or desire to control the news. The Shelby Star would learn the “big lie” lessons well. The Big Boss Man learned he could control the Star by buying big advertisements in the Star. Only the rise of other news sources in Cleveland County would challenge the propaganda, lies and distortions from the Shelby Star and the Big Boss Man. The Clipper was probably the first newspaper to challenge the Star. Then Citizens For Good Government. Then the internet. Then the Shelby Action News. But just wait, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The Big Lie:
The big lie is based on the theory that the bigger the lie the more of the lie will be believed by those hearing the lie. Especially if the lie is in print form. When confronted, the big liar calls those with facts the liar. DA Richard Leroy Shaffer’s 2006 campaign ads in the SHOPPER are good examples of this. Kinda like liar’s poker-where the big lies, in a population conditioned by the Big Boss Man, always outweigh facts.
The big lie, in newspaper reporting, also has variations. Censoring and editing news and letters to the editors are good examples of variations. Flat leaving out news and facts of the news are other examples.
Williams, give me some real examples of the Star and the Big Lie you might ask. Well here hoes. But let’s NOT start with the DCC. Let’s build up to that by proving our point before we get to the DCC.

Leaving out news that the Big Boss Man doesn’t want to get out.
1. The big embezzlement at the First National Bank. The FNB is an old time institution in Shelby and Cleveland County. They advertise heavily in the Shelby Star, do lots of business with the county taxpayers money and generally get what they want. Bank Officer Ronnie Franks pulled off the perfect crime, almost. An elderly and sickly local businessman (now deceased) had a $100,000 line of credit with the First National Bank. Franks ran the paperwork for a $100,000 loan, pocketed the money and was making the payments. If the man had passed away no one would have known that he did not make the loan. What happened was the bank sent the man a notice by mail that slipped by Ronnie Franks. The man shows up at the bank wanting to know what this phony loan was all about. Franks confesses. Federal charges are brought and Ronnie goes to the Federal Courthouse in Asheville assured that his cooperation would result in some major probation, but no prison time. Franks is whisked off immediately to Federal Prison without a peep from the Shelby Star.
I checked this story out myself at the Federal Courthouse in Asheville and have previously run the story. You can check it out too if you think this is a lie on my part. Also note that in the case of the First National Bank, the Big Boss Man is a woman. A woman who just happens to be associated with the DCC.
2. The Gardner Webb-County landfill swindle. Every part of this story is a public record recorded at the Register of Deeds office. If I have room in this issue I will re-run the complete article that I previously printed. The story goes like this.
Gardner Webb has some land adjoining the county landfill. Robert Morgan gets an option from Gardner Webb to buy the land. Then the County Commissioners are going to buy the land from Robert Morgan at double the price. Which they did. Robert Morgan pockets about $500,000. Lawyer Jim Morgan (now Superior Court Judge Jim Morgan), former law partner with Skippy Foster’s wife (now District Court Judge Dina Foster), did the deed paperwork for Robert Morgan. Again, not a peep from the Star.

3. The death of Virgil Daniel in the County Jail. Virgil Daniel had diabetes and Sheriff Crawford’s jailers would not give Daniel his medicine. Daniel died and his family sued Sheriff Crawford and Cleveland County. The County paid off Daniel’s family.
Not a peep from the Star. Less than a peep. The Star actually fabricated a lie about this. They reported that Crawford had been sued, details undisclosed, but the suit had been dismissed for lack of merit. Citizens For Good Government broke the story about both Crawford’s lawsuit being paid off by the county and the Star lying about it. Shortly thereafter Tyreze Odums died from neglect in Crawford’s jail. With the CGG on the trail Crawford and the Star were both forced to disclose the news. Crawford was defeated in the next election. Again the county paid off Odums family. Again, it is business as usual at the Star.
4. The Star didn’t report a real estate agent losing her license for selling property near Moss Lake as having lake access when there was no lake access. Real Estate folks advertise heavily in the Shelby Star. Marlene Peeler was the Agent and is association with DCC. The license was reinstated. All this was recorded on the Real Estate licensing website (http://www.ncrec.state.nc.us/bulletin/May2003Vol34-1/Disciplinary.htm) which reads:
MARLENE G. PEELER (Shelby) – By Consent, the Commission suspended the broker license of Ms. Peeler for a period of eight months effective January 1, 2002. The Commission then stayed the suspension for a probationary period of 11 months on certain conditions. The Commission found that Ms. Peeler listed a subdivision for sale and continued to advertise it as having lakefront lots with direct access to the lake, state maintained streets and a common area with boat access for interior lots after she knew the developer would not be able to provide the amenities.”
5. Star reporter turned into a hoppy-toad by DCC: I had to make this a funny story but I bet it was not funny to Star reporter Pete DeLea when he was turned into a hoppy-toad (fired) from the Star by Skippy Foster after a call from DCC.
In the movie “OH Brother, Where Art Though” starring George Cluney, the character of Pete was thought to have been turned into a hoppy-toad by the female sirens who sang him a song-and got him and George Cluney drunk. The siren in this instance (as was related to me) was Marta Holden or one of the other DCC wheels who was offended by Pete’s coverage of Earl Scruggs performance at the Malcolm Brown Auditorium. Allegedly Holden calls the Star and within 24 hours Pete Delea was fired by Skippy. No questions asked by Skippy and no second chance for Pete. (An internet search shows Pete Delea is now working for a Harrisburg, VA newspaper writing stories about cockfighting.)
Oh yeah, not a peep from the Star when reporter Christine Brubaker gets caught for DWI. Judge Charley Horn sentences her to pick up trash from the side of the road. My guess was the sentence was given because I was court watching that day. I never saw or heard of her actually picking up trash off the side of the road. I don’t know if Brubaker got fired over this but she was soon gone from the Star. No association to the DCC in this case that I am aware of.

Actual fabricated lies and misrepresentations by the Shelby Star:
This is NOT about the many factual errors in the Star that might be meaningful lies but maybe were just about incompetence. The following were judged to be so egregious that they had to be planned.
1. Go back and read the wrongful death story of Virgil Daniel. No 3 in the last section.
2. “Save the Courthouse” speaker Brendon LeGrand (about 5’2”) was portrayed as a dangerous person in the Star account of her speaking at the Courthouse steps wearing camo cloths and combat boots.
3. This is my personal favorite example. Once at a DSS Board meeting in the County Offices Auditorium on North Post Rd. I was told the sound system was out. It was requested that I speak up so everybody could hear me speak. The front page headlines in the Shelby Star that next day was headlined WILLIAMS RAISES VOICE AT DSS BOARD MEETING. The entire article was about me raising my voice in anger and not a peep about the request for me to speak up. The Star reporter, now long gone too, was sitting right beside the person who asked me to speak up so they could hear. Also, not a peep about the inefficiency and waste I uncovered at the DSS with my questions. Does this sound familiar???
4. Letters to the Editor censored and often banned by Skippy Foster. Most people can remember when Robert A. Williams, Danny Barkley and others submitted hundreds of Letters to the Editor that were printed in the Shelby Star. Almost every day a letter was printed by one of us. Star readership soared. I was often told that my letters had raised the value of the Star to 25 cents. Of course the Star charged 50 cents. But the letters were getting traction and Cleveland County was getting information they were never before getting. The Big Boss Man was being exposed and he didn’t like it. Just like the Pete Delea episode, Skippy had to put a lid on it. Skippy banned all Letters to the Editor by Robert A. Williams and EVERYBODY else for a very long time. Every bit of information from me is still banned to this very day. But so what, I didn’t need Skippy and the Star anyway. I started putting out the Citizens For Good Government and have scooped Skippy many times. As for other letters to the Star, reports say that those that are allowed to be printed are often heavily edited. Most hits the trash can and are never printed.. You can be sure every letter in favor of the Big Boss Man is printed and those not in favor are never allowed to out number those that are for the Boss Ban.

Enough Examples. If you’re not convinced by now that the Shelby Star is part of the propaganda machine for the Big Boss Man, you never will be. So let’s move along with the story.
Whoa, Williams!!! Don’t forget the recent “Camp Lickalotta” episode in the Shelby Star.
Good catch here. A perfect example of Skippy Foster’s lies, phony propaganda and weird perversions. And it started on the Star’s internet message board. Plenty of similarity to how the DCC/Courthouse issue has been handled.

For years the Shelby Star has run an electronic internet version that included a message board. People from around the world could access the Star “Online” and write their “opinions” in the message board. Overall this was a good thing. But Skippy being Skippy, and the Big Boss Man being the Big Boss Man, lies and distortions of the truth became the norm.
First, Skippy or one of his N-words would “sanitize the electronic online version to leave out local crime news and such. The Big Boss Man didn’t want what the worst of the news in Shelby that the Star did happen to print from going worldwide for everybody to see.
Then Skippy, in his quest to advance his stated interests in legalizing prostitution, gambling, alcohol and drugs, would censor and edit his message board to admit opinions that agreed with this and edit or ban opinions that were against. Organized crime probably would go along with Skippy on this, but the lawyers who make big money representing gambling, drug dealers, drunk drivers and such will make sure these things stay illegal.
Skippy also had a pattern of editing and banning that indicated a more perverse interest. Homosexuals (male and female); Wicca (witchcraft) preachers and practitioners; various Pagan, atheists and all anti-Christian viewpoints were welcomed and never banned. Christian viewpoints were often banned or beaten into submission. Churches and Christian ministers were attacked by Star message board members from all over. (As were the opponents of the DCC taking over the Historic Courthouse.) This is where the Camp Lickalotta episode was born. Way before the Star ran their front-page story trying to run homosexuality down the throats of all Cleveland County residents with the so-called “Lickalotta” camp
The homosexual agenda has pushed their alternative lifestyle as acceptable. A living relationship between two same sex people that love each other. They want to be able to get married and adopt children. They don’t ever mention ripping off the tax system with the marriage deduction or raking in money from DSS associated with children’s benefits.
Something else they don’t mention either. The name Lickalotta comes from two things. Homosexual sex acts include a lot of licking. But the “lotta” part associated with a camp means they want to include a large group in their sexual doings. A homosexual orgy. A long way from the committed family oriented relationship that they claim is their legal “right” to have.
It is all a big lie that has been festering in the Star message board for years under Skippy Foster’s protection. The Camp Lickalotta talk was on the message board way before it hit the Star print issue. Skippy must have thought he had controlled the news in Cleveland County long enough that he could run homosexuality down our throats also.
It backfired mostly because of the Christian Conservatives in Upper Cleveland County who don’t visit Skippy’s perverted message board and who wouldn’t have any part of such a camp. Skippy misjudged the response and he certainly misjudged the call to boycott the Star and their advertisers. This hit Skippy and the Big Boss Men where it hurts. You can bet Skippy was scolded for this. To combat the boycott Skippy was selling subscriptions to the Star for $29 per year. Probably less than the printing cost. But Skippy has to keep the Star and it’s propaganda in people’s hands or Skippy will get turned into a toad just like Pete Delea.
All this might have worked if Skippy would have put his homo-camp in Grover where they had just re-elected their homosexual mayor.

The internet news media defeats Skippy Foster and his print media propaganda tool-The Shelby Star.

Skippy Foster’s attempt to control the printed news failed when I came out with Citizens For Good Government. Skippy’s attempt to control the internet news failed too when I came out with the CGG online. But hackers continually attacked the CGG online and most recently I have had to deal with some health issues that caused me to put the CGG Online on the back burner. Then a hard drive crash resulted in the CGG Online having to start all over; all during the Camp Lickalotta and DCC controversy.
Neither myself nor the CGG print or online have, until now, made one single public comment on the homo camp or DCC/Courthouse issues. Skippy had total control of the news media-print or electronic. The Big Boss Man was happy about all this too. The Star was fully behind the DCC and all their doings. They had every thing going their way. The Star was running story after story after story praising the DCC. They were if full control. Those that were against turning over the Courthouse to the DCC for whatever purpose the DCC, without citizen consent, wanted had no outlet. No rallying point. The Invisible Empire had won.

Well, ALMOST!!!

This is 2008, not 1968. Hal Trammel, owner of BESTEC Computers and host of many affordable business and political campaign websites, was following all the Lickalotta/DCC propaganda on the Star website and decided to do something. Hal came up with a website called SHELBY ACTION NEWS in January calling for independent comments about what all was gong on in and around Shelby. Hal’s website exploded with activity regarding the Courthouse. Skippy didn’t have total control of the electronic news media after all. A group called “Save the Courthouse” was formed and meetings at the library were scheduled.
The first meeting was attended by 84 people. Sandra Stroud, Brendon LeGrand and others were said to have spoken at this meeting. Several Commissioners were said to have attended. A second meeting was scheduled. SHELBY ACTION NEWS was the hit of the internet. People were tired of the same-ole-same-ole from the Shelby Star, Skippy Foster and the Big Boss Man. The “N-words” were having a rebellion over injustice from their government being rammed down their throats. A second meeting was planned.
I happened along to Bestec Computers to have my laptop computer looked at the afternoon of the second meeting. Up till now I had not followed the DCC/Courthouse controversy and when Hal told me about the meeting, I decided to go see what was going on. So I did.
At the second meeting Brendon LeGrand was the speaker and made a detailed report regarding the Historic Courthouse, the embezzlement from the museum funds, DCC reactions, etc. Commissioners Mary Accor and Johnny Hutchins also spoke. Commissioner Eddie Holbrook came in later but did not speak. I heard reports from various attendees who wished to remain anonymous that people were called by DCC “N-words” (my quotation marks) and advised not to attend the meeting. I picked up a package of info the “Save our Courthouse” folks had put together regarding the inbreeding at DCC, Commissioners, etc. I heard reports of Star censorship and the editing of letters to the editor. I heard reports of misrepresentations and lies for the Shelby Star and others. I could not attend the rally at the Courthouse that Sunday but I decided to attend the Commissioners meeting the next Tuesday-March 18,2008. I smelled a rat.
All this springing out from SHELBY ACTION NEWS, the brainchild of Hal Trammel. One person had derailed Skippy Foster and the Big Boss Man’s plans to do their stuff unquestioned by the citizens of Cleveland County. No matter what happens from now on, the taxpayers money used at the Courthouse will be reported.

M ore Information:
The Commissioner’s Meeting went as Brendon LeGrand predicted. It was a done deal. The Big Boss Man ruled and the N-word uprising was crushed. The only thing NOT predicted, but was not unexpected, was the presence of armed deputies and probably a canine officer hidden from view-and cameras. Commissioner Chairwoman Jo Boggs, closely associated with the DCC herself, controlled the meeting agenda that allowed NO public hearing.
The DCC has projected the Courthouse, soon to be “Scruggs Center,” 5-year budget at $4.5 million. Taxpayers will pay $1.5 million to “construction/renovation” of the Courthouse. That is probably fair. The remaining $3 million and another $2.2 million for the Rogers/Don Gibson Theater, totaling $5.2 million is insinuated to be money that will be raised by private contributions and grants. The Big Boss Man coughing up $5.2 million out of his own pocket? Yeah right!!! My prediction is the DCC will soon be coming back to the Commissioners (taxpayers) for that and probably more. Skippy won’t be able to cover that up with the CGG and SHELBY ACTION NEWS watching.
I have another prediction based on what happened when the old Post Office, now the Arts Council Building (right across from the Courthouse) passed from public to private control-with many undisclosed details. The first undisclosed detail is alcohol sales at the Arts Council Building adjoining property at the Alive After Five festivals. Alcohol is sold and consumed in plain view of families and children at the festival. A church building adjoins the “Beer Garden” area. Would Commissioners, including E.T. VanHoy have approved the Old Post Office giveaway to the Arts Council if they were informed that alcohol would flow in great quantity and in public??? I think NOT!!! Now that Commissioners have given away the Courthouse to the DCC, what provision of the lease will prevent alcohol sales and consumption all over the Court Square. In short-NOTHING. I will bet on this happening. Just think. Banjo picking, and Honky-Tonks go together. Moonshining is also a part of Cleveland County Heritage. Whose to say the whole Square won’t turn into a gathering place for a drunken Camp Lickalotta crowd? One thing for sure, it won’t be the citizens of Cleveland County having a say in what their tax money has paid for.

More Information Part II:
The DCC:
Where did this group come from and how will Commissioners hold them accountable for the Courthouse property? And taxpayer funds they receive?
Hmmm, Remember YAP and the Museum embezzlement? DSS waste and inefficiency??? Mental Health-the missing $1 million (another story the Star didn’t tell)??? Hey, Cleveland County oversight boards are notorious for allowing waste, inefficiency and downright criminal activity. But this is a good question that deserves an answer from both DCC and the Commissars. We will ask those questions and report back on what if anything we get in response. But don’t expect much of anything except “no response was received.”

Part III
Brownie Plaster, the DCC Chairman.
Whether or not Brownie Plaster is the real power behind the DCC or not is probably something that will never be admitted. Brownie herself may not actually know. But this is what we know about Brownie Plaster.
Brownie Plaster came across our radar scope when she and Kay Archer-Price came to a commissioner’s meeting requesting funds to purchase (for Cleveland County) Broad Riverfront property from a subsidiary of Duke Power. There was no indication of a secret middleman making a pile in the process. It was a good deal and the commissioners approved. The commissioners would advance $100,000 to buy the property (but $200,000 was actually budgeted). The property was purchased and the Broad River Greenway project was on its way. Some time later Brownie and Kay were scheduled to come back to the commissioners requesting $50,000 for some additional Greenway project expense that escapes me at the moment. Commissioner Ralph Gilbert, in the meantime, had come to agree with my suspicions of corruption at the DSS after Gilbert happened across a DSS worker at Ingle’s during working hours and allegations of sexual harassment were leveled against Gilbert as a cover-up. In a conversation with Gilbert about the merit of the $50,000 request from Brownie and Kay and how Gilbert figured Jim Crawley (later of school merger infamy) and cohorts would approve it, I reminded Ralph of the other $100,000 from the original vote that everybody appeared to have forgotten. When Brownie and Kay made their request for $50,000, Ralph made the motion to add the remaining $100,000 of the original amount to the $50,000. Everybody was surprised, especially Brownie and Kay. But a deal was a deal and the Greenway project had an additional $100,000 for a project that turned out to be a great success.
I have no information that Brownie Plaster personally made a dime off the Greenway project or anything else in her public service. However, before things were over with at the Greenway some secret person made a bundle. It seems that some endangered plant was found along the planned path of the 74 Bypass. A secret middleman investor (remember the Gardner Webb-Landfill land swindle) bought acreage adjoining the Greenway property and somehow that property was swapped for the 74 property. The property adjoining the Greenway was given to the county for the purpose of protecting an endangered plant. The secret middleman was paid $3 million by the State. Now, how can a plant that apparently grows in so many places be endangered???
Still there is no direct connection to wrongdoing by Brownie Plaster. But her “do-gooding” was used as a front so SOMEBODY could make a ton of money. A typical morph tactic that I would expect the Executive Round Table to use if the opportunity arose. Remember, the Big Boss Man might be corrupt but he (or she) ain’t stupid.
It is the side deals that will be made at the “Scruggs Center” that will be the problems with this project. With Brownie and her spotless reputation fronting as Chairman of the DCC, and the notorious lack of oversight by boards and commissioners, this is where things need to be watched.

The Courthouse:
The Courthouse has been closed for too long. Some group, preferably under the control of Commissioners, was needed to move things along. Thanks to the Commissioners treating taxpayers like the N-words they consider us to be, that group will be the DCC and the Courthouse will be called “the Scruggs Center”.
I can promise the CGG and figure SHELBY ACTION NEWS will be watching the money flow. But about all we can do is report to the people and make folks mad. Until more people like Johnny Hutchins and Mike Putnam come forward and run for political office the Big Boss Man will always be in command. Also voters have to put the good guys in office. We certainly didn’t learn our lesson in 2006 because that election set up exactly what we have today. I told you so.
Oh well, It gives me plenty to write about. And don’t forget about the “Save our Courthouse Committee.” These uppity N-words got dumped on bad by the Commissioners-who did everything but “sic” the dogs on them and squirt them with fire hoses. The last time the Commissioners tangled with Sandra Stroud (remember the NAACP, appointed black Commissioners and the Federal lawsuit?) it went to the Supreme Court and the Commissioners and the NAACP lost.

Here we go again, scooping the Shelby Star. (This is not about the Fair “Board” botching the Shelby Radio Club “Hamfest” that has gone on for 50 years-drawing thousands. Maybe like the Scrugg’s Center will do in 50 years.) But, have you noticed the construction at Cleveland Community College across from the Fairground? Look for more construction actually on the Fair property, soon to be CCC property in the new future. And the Fair will be somewhere else.
And just where is the Fair going??? What I hear is the Fair will most likely be moved to the Kings Mountain area on a 700 acre tract presently owned by former KM Mayor Scott Neisler and perhaps others. Supposedly the land (or part) will be donated to Cleveland County with the present owners retaining rights to charge for parking. No word of DCC involvement, but if DCC is not involved, then who is???

This sounds like a deal that needs the fine print looked over really well. Hey, Stay Tuned for the rest of this story.